Sunday, September 18, 2016

Jen’s Birthday

Today is our youngest daughter’s birthday.  She has decided that she will be going backwards instead of forward….so she will be 39.

Jen is a gifted photographer.   Usually the person with the camera is never in the photographs…except if the photographer’s Mother has a camera.

Jen and Noah and Taylor 

jen Noah and Taylor

Prom photo of Maddie and Brent photographer Jen

Ready to get the photo

See… she runs to get photos.

Jen and Adam

IMG_4885 (2)

Looking for something in the water…always on the lookout for the next great photograph.

Dear Jen,  I can hardly believe you are as old as you are!  I remember when you were little and you said “Mommy I am going to live with you and Daddy forever.”  Well…I am thankful that you left the nest and found your wings and soared! You are talented in so many ways, I am very proud of you!   I am glad I was chosen to be your Mom. Happy Birthday!  Love, Mom

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  1. Happy Birthday Jen! Hope your day is special.

  2. A mom recording a mom recording precious moments of her children! Wonderful.
    Happy birthday to your daughter.

  3. Wishing Jen a wonderful, happy birthday!

  4. Mom did a good job. Happy Birthday to Jen. Hug B

  5. Awww! Happy birthday to Jen! :)

  6. A very happy birthday to Jen. I'm glad she chose you as her mom, because I get to know her, too. :-)

  7. It is clear that you love your daughter very much—how wonderful to have a talented child!

  8. Happy Birthday to Jen and to Mom/Dad! I was just peeking at her photography site the other day and you are correct - some awesome photos! My hubby has decided he is going backwards also :)

  9. How nice to get to know a little about your daughter! Happy Birthday to her!

  10. These are perfect informal shots. It tells us even more about her than just having her stand still.

  11. What wonderful birthday wish for Jen from her mom. You have a wonderful family and a beautiful daughter in more way than one! Happy Birthday Jen!


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