Monday, September 19, 2016

Measuring Up

The garage sale was good we got rid of lots of “stuff”.   There is still a lot out there so we will have the sale for one more day this next weekend.   Then I will pack it away until spring. Sold three bulky pieces of furniture…so the garage looks emptier.  I also had time to clean out Far Guys vehicle and wash his windows and get rid of half a dog.

We celebrated Jen’s birthday on Sunday and all went out to supper together.

I had the grand boys stand still for a photo.
Adam and Noah
I told Noah that he better wear his hair more poufy on the top because he is about to be passed up.
In this photo is appears that baby brother has passed up older brother by a hair or two. 

Baby brother Adam is a Freshman this year and older brother Noah is a Post Secondary Option Student and will graduate from High School and with his Associate of Arts Degree in the spring.

Adam has his permit to drive now, but for the moment he isn’t real keen on driving.

I hugged both the boys and thanked them for not having earrings hanging out of their noses, stuck through their tongues or eyebrows or for wearing those terrible black circles in their ears.  They both looked at me a bit funny…yes they know nutty grandma is full of opinions….but sometimes you have to let kids know that they are appreciated for something they didn’t do.
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  1. Just as the saying goes, "There is always something to be thankful for"....handsome guys!

  2. Congratulations on your sales - I keep a corner in the basement to put things for tag sales as they occur to me through the year. Otherwise, I'd never remember them.
    Your grandboys not only are handsome, but look like nice young men.

  3. You had a busy weekend! Happy birthday to Jen. Congrats on your sale. And the pix of the boys are just too cute! The Post Secondary Option for students is a very good deal. I keep wishing I could get away for a drive 'up north' but it doesn't look like I will get there for any fall color. Enjoy it for me, okay? Thanks. :-)

  4. I had to puzzle awhile over getting rid of "half a dog" but then I figured it out. Chance sheds that much, eh? Nice pictures of those fine looking young men, and I know exactly what you mean about the weird stuff kids do to themselves these days. :-)

  5. Good to hear your sale was successful.

    I agree that good kids should be told they're appreciated for things they do and don't do. Your grandsons look like nice young men.

  6. for kids it's not only to be appreciated but to be supported when all around them they see the piercings and earrings.

  7. Good for you Grandma! And I bet they don't think you're nutty. :0)

  8. LOL! I tried to talk Dagan into spray dyeing his hair purple or orange back in the 80s. (He was aghast!) I was game for anything but a tattoo. Hair grows and holes can be practically invisible when you take the metal out of them, but tattoos do not go away. Is it any wonder he's so conservative--ROFL!

    Hope you get rid of a lot more this weekend!! Glad to hear the sale went well. :)

  9. It's so much fun to have the grandkids around. I'm glad your garage sale went well. I so need to have one sometimes.


  10. These two guys are like my oldest son as they are too tall to hug. They have really grown these past few years.

  11. Those, to me, are good things to be thankful for. LOL! Those are some good looking grandsons!

  12. Handsome grandsons. Glad you had success with some of the bulky items at the yard sale. We slowly are clearing out the garage from our move in July. It's nice to have a little more room!

  13. Replies
    1. The fur from a least half the size of Chance:)

    2. It's a good thing you explained that one!!! Had me worried...

  14. I had to think about the half a dog thing - dog hair!
    Glad to hear your sale went well. I agree with you about body ornaments.

  15. What handsome and wonderful grandsons! Happy Birthday to Jen too. I bet you remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. I know I remember every one of mine. I missed the City wide garage sale here....duh. Good for you on yours! Thanks also for reminding me I need to do the car/truck too before winter.


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