Sunday, January 25, 2015

Adventures in Foods

I really tried to follow the Doctors advice and eat some yogurt.  Just the thought makes me shiver from head to toe.  Yogurt is not in the same category as cottage cheese…which is in the immediate vomit stage….gag a maggot cannot get it swallowed. 

My other baby brother and she who sees Robins first suggested the Key Lime Yogurt (Chiobani) the one with the crumble off to the side…Far Guy had one spoon full and declared it inedible, I almost finished it off…Chance really liked it.

One day I had some caramel flavored yogurt something or another it wasn’t too bad.  I must have elderly taste buds…at their advanced age they don’t like anything new.

Far Guy eats yogurt just about everyday for lunch.  He likes the plain old store brand Raspberry or Blueberry Yogurt…nothing exotic or Greek for him.

I am not very adventurous with foods…I often think it would be fun to be a food judge on one of those fancy smancy cooking shows.

Our big food adventure this week was Asparagus…I roasted them in the oven with a bit of Olive Oil and Parmesan Cheese…they were really good. But then I like asparagus.

I like mango too and they looked and felt good in the store…not squishy but firmly ripe.   I topped it off with some kiwi and it was our different fruit for the week.

I prepared French Bread to toast under the broiler…filled the whole house with smoke…Jennifer said “Just like old times Mom.”

Bottoms UpThese Mallards Ducks are “dabblers” or “surface feeders”  they can reach up to 16 inches down into the water to get grain or corn.

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  1. I eat my yogurt plain and I really like Greek, but then again, I'm not all that fussy about food. Yesterday I went to a nice party and ended up having quite a bit of a cheese spread. It was tasty and when that happens I eat too much of something. :-)

  2. I like flavored yogurt. I prefer the regular kid as when I tried Greek yogurt I thought it was too thick. Now I don't eat yogurt as it seems to upset my intestines too much. I do love to try new things though.

  3. Some brands of Greek yogurt is tasty, but I keep a watchful eye on the nutrition content for added sugar. I've started roasting more veggies - cabbage, peppers, carrots, turnips, etc. roasting brings out more flavor.

  4. I love vanilla Greek yogurt or I get plain Greek yogurt and add the frozen fruit to it like berries of all kinds or melon of some type or banana YUMMY !. I have two table spoon fulls every morning before anything else hits my tummy the good bacteria in it helps with my IBS ! Miggs has a table spoon of it every day with her breakfast it is good for both man or beast lol ! As for cottage cheese um not thanks it grosses me out just the look of it never mind the taste lol . I steam most of my veggies , carrots , broccoli , cauliflower , etc keeps their nutrition in them and natural flavor , winters it it roasted meats or broiled in the summers we eat a lot of salads and BBQ the meats . We eat pretty plain nothing fancy just the type to eat to live not live to eat lol ! Thanks for sharing always a good idea to try something new though one never knows lol ! Have a good day !

  5. I really like yogurt. I eat cottage cheese but I don't like it. I never had yogurt until I was in my 40's I think the things we were given as kids we like . To try things as adults can sometimes be difficult.

  6. I can choke down yogurt if they call it Strawberry Cheese Cake.

  7. I can't handle yogurt unless it is frozen yogurt and looks and tastes like ice cream. Hey., it's still yogurt isn't it? :0)

  8. I make my own yogurt all the time...and saurkraut, and Kombuka...and even pickled eggs...although the fermented ones were kind of a flop. LOL.

    Yogurt is a acquired taste..and if you are introduced to it later in life, or don't enjoy sour tasting things, it can be a little yuck!! Keep trying until you find one that resonates on your palate...

    I thought you might be a saurkraut kind of's fermented and just a good for your GI track as yogurt....are you?


    1. Hi Jen, Yes I like sauerkraut..homemade is the best! :)

  9. I'm reading this as I'm eating my Safeway brand light blueberry yogurt with fresh blueberries stirred in. Yum. I have it every day for lunch.

  10. My dad always ate cottage cheese on his mashed potatoes. Some thought that odd until I reminded them of sour cream on baked potatoes. I didn't know there was any other way to eat cottage cheese until l saw it in a restaurant on a tomato as a salad.

  11. I eat yogurt every day for breakfast. I'm a Chobani fan. Cute pic of the upturned ducks!

  12. I prefer Yoplait if I eat yogurt. Blueberry is always good. I prefer small containers when I eat yogurt. Hubby likes Yoplait, but prefers that Oikos stuff.
    Hope you all have a great week. Can't believe January is almost over!

  13. I really liked the lemon probiotic yogurt. Used to have it on our porridge every morning. Of course since Jan 1 I haven't had any grains or dairy, Jan 6th for Larry, so no porridge with yogurt. Something that we are not eating now was causing some stiffness that is now gone. Am in no rush to try determine what that is, as I quite enjoy how we are eating at the moment. I think it's funny that you like sauerkraut but have a hard time with yogurt:)

  14. Well, I suppose you won't want to hear that I take my yogurt straight ;)

    Around here, we do unflavored, natural organic, etc. etc. etc...anything that looks healthy. While I don't think this would go over big in Minnesota below-zero ambience right now, we make fruit smoothies in our blender with plain yogurt and whatever frozen or fresh fruit suits our fancy at the moment. It's a different way to choke it down.

  15. I was eating yogurt every day for years and loved it especially Fage Greek yogurt. Greek is healthier and I prefer it but then the doc told me to stay away from milk products and I have and my cholesterol went down. I'm thinking though it was the ice cream I had last summer...not the yogurt but I do neither now and my cholesterol is doing great. I'm making my own granola and using almond milk with it. I don't like "milk" but I love all it's by products like cheese, yogurt, sour cream etc. I just can't buy ice cream or I'll eat the whole thing within a few days!

  16. Noosa Yogurt is the best I've tried and I can get down most that are lemon flavored (Yoplait and the like). Greek isn't my favorite usually as most are too bitter for me. Try adding some honey to it - it does help! :) Your asparagus sounds delightful!!!!! Getting caught up - glad the fridge got fixed as well - $90 isn't bad rather than the 900 for a new one!


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