Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wood Carving

We try to go to carving once a week.  A bunch of us meet in the basement of the library.  It is a good group, if you have a question someone will have a suggestion for you…we trade wood and stories.  Most of the time I am out numbered…but occasionally a few women show up.


Dave won People’s Choice Award at the Red River Valley Woodcarver’s Association weekend in April with his trio of sunfish.   The Wood Duck won best in it’s division and it was carved by my cousin Chuckie (on the right).  Dave’s flying Canada Goose won a blue ribbon.


Bill serenades us from time to time.  He carved and built this Nyckelharpa, he is one of ten Nyckelhapa players in Minnesota.  He always says “I am one of the top ten Nyckelharpa players in Minnesota, but then there are only ten!” One time he left a Nyckelharpa for me to take to an event…and he gave me a quick lesson!   I could never be a player…too much stuff to remember.  Bill has a primitive mushers cabin over on one of the lakes in the boonies complete with a resident bear, fox and other assorted creatures. He used to keep sled dogs there…now it is just his occasional residence. 

The snow bird carvers are filtering in after their winter in places warmer than Minnesota.  Everyone is working on something different.


These are Chuckie’s Loons, over the winter there was an evening class and they carved this loon.  Far Guy has carved a loon before and I am no good at carving ducks so I am certain that it would be the same with a loon.  Chuckie carved three loons and will give them all away.


This is Rich’s Loon as you can see everyone  is a little different when it comes to painting!

Far Guy and I are still carving the 2014 Christmas Ornaments…every week the other carvers ask what the count is and shake their head like we are nuts…this week the count is 26. We may have to take a break and carve something else for awhile, goodness knows I have enough unfinished carving projects.

I still like carving the little houses out of Cottonwood Bark the best.


Each one is different.  No two are ever alike, I would be hard pressed to carve two alike.

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  1. Morning, wow!!! such talent, love the Loon. I also love your wee house carvings, adore mine, Blessings Francine.

  2. Those are some talented woodcarvers. My hubby plays guitar and the nyckelharpa would fascinate him. Love all your little "houses"; they are very good.

  3. How nice, to sit working on wood with other skilled artists, all while being serenaded!
    Congratulations to Dave - he deserved his award.

  4. What a nice hobby, with really talented people, too. I would love to hear that nyckelharpa. It's pretty, too. :-)

  5. You all are extremely talented. All beautiful carvings!

  6. What a fun post!

    I hope Bill is teaching a youngster how to play the instrument.

  7. They have amazing amounts of talent in those hands. Those are very beautiful pieces, and lovingly made.


  8. Now that's something I would really enjoy learning how to do - woodcarving. Wow, you guys/gals are so talented. I love Loons - especially their singing. Cheers!!

  9. I love woodcarvings, I have two friends that do it and I am so impresses by their work. I love your little houses, they are very cute!

  10. All such beautiful work ! Looks and sounds like a fun time , congrats to the winners . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. My dad would have loved a group to carve with! As long as there was plenty of good coffee as part of the deal.
    I love your little houses and also the second loon with the baby on its back.

  12. The Loons are beautiful! All the carvings are beautiful! It amazes me that you and Far Guy both can carve. That's so neat!

  13. Your carving provides you with goodies to make life interesting. Skills alone stack up to be a big benefit.

  14. You will have to set up a village display for your finished creations. It would be fun to see a village composed of all those individual cottages. Nearly puts me in a Christmasy mood--but I think I need some summer first.

  15. Wood carving is one of those creative art forms that amazes me because I have no idea how I would ever be able to do it.

  16. What amazing group of people and so very talented you ALL are.


  17. What talent! I can't imagine being able to do that. I love loons...especially their calls. I have a tape I listen to with loons on a lake. I listen to tapes of nature sounds...no music...just nature. I love your little houses....so sweet.


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