Saturday, May 31, 2014

My May List and Wildflowers

Ack my May list of things to accomplish is a tad lacking.

My May List:

Clean garage  In process another day or two and I will be done.

Vacuum cars and wash windows.   I got Far Guys vehicle all done.

Sleigh Bells…nope

Spring clean some kitchen cupboards…probably not all of them. Yes some are cleaned!

Trim some grass around some old grave markers. Yes the markers look better.


Visit some graves that I have not been to in a few years. Maybe someday in June when Far Guy is feeling better.

My June list.

Garage sale

Road trip to Buhl Minnesota.  It seems Far Guy was bored in the middle of the night and bought a whole tote of train “stuff” and it has to be picked up. I have no idea where Buhl is..up north someplace in the boonies.

I can finish up “stuff” from previous months.

Wildflower photos!!


Large Flowered Trillium or Trillium grandiflorum

Large flowered Trillium or Trillium grandiflorum

You can see how dusty the foliage is along the roads.

Large Flowered Bellwort or Uvularia grandiflora

Large Flowered Bellwort or Uvularia grandiflora  one of two Bellworts found in Minnesota.

I think the prednisone that Far Guy has been on leaves him sleepless at night.  He discovered how to sinc his Roku to his computer so he can watch his favorites on You Tube on his TV.   I told him I didn’t want to be involved…my tech skills are already at their max. 

It hasn’t rained yet, we are still waiting for a good rain.

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  1. The trillium are so beautiful (even with a bit of dust on them).

  2. It looks to me like you made a pretty good dent in May, after all. Those sleigh bells can wait. :-)

  3. Glad to hear Far Guy is feeling better so that you can get back to your own projects. Hope you get some rain to clean off those dusty wild flowers. They are so lovely and nice for us to be able to see them.

    Shirley H.

  4. Hmmmm, maybe I should make a June list. Scary thought. I won't!
    Love your flowers. Mother Nature is so wonderful in providing such beauty!

  5. I was wondering what that yellow flower was that I've been seeing, but hadn't been able to look it up yet.

  6. Just to to busy! It's Saturday go have some fun.

  7. You have the prettiest wildflowers!

  8. With not having to work this summer, I'll bet you get that to-do list accomplished! Doesn't the cemetery take care of trimming around graves? And...prednisone can make you wired up. He'll probably go back to his old routine once he's well again. (he may get a little 'chubbier' though!)

  9. Yes, steroids don't like you to sleep but if he wasn't sick he could get all that stuff done on your list! LOL! I liken steroids to the "nesting" energy you get in the latter part of a pregnancy. They're wonderful if they weren't so bad for you.
    Road trip! Road trip! And for train stuff? How neat is that? I hope he's feeling better soon. I bet knowing he has train stuff to pick up will help him heal faster. It would me! I love trains; big, little it doesn't matter to me. I even have a cd of train noises from "all aboard" to the click of the rails before they changed them. I read and pretend I'm in a berth on a train instead of my own bed. LOL!

  10. Ah yes, prednisone does cause sleeplessness!

    You did very well on your list.

  11. I hope you are getting some rain today (Sat). We are getting some light rain and it looks so green out there. Love the Minnesota flowers. I know I've been through Buhl, but for the life of me I can't remember where it is up there. ;) Glad FarGuy is feeling better. Well enough to mess with technology, anyways--LOL! ;)

  12. Lists have a tendency to keep people honest. It is also a good way to plan.

  13. Not sure when you wrote this but I certainly hope you got some of the rain that we did last night. To the west of you it rained starting just before dark and we got 1 1/4" along with thunder and lightning. Everything is going to be growing now along with the weeds!

    1. Hi Leah, Yes we got about an inch of rain after dark:)

  14. powerful and good in many ways. THey do make you crabby if you are an infant, and they make your appetite soar. Babies often appear ready to go home and then we take them off steroids and they barely eat….see it all the time.

  15. Beautiful wildflower photos! Dust and all! Hope you get some rain soon :)

  16. Steroids can be wonderful, but I bet there are lots of side effects too. I wish I had some of your energy...I've got an opportunity to go somewhere for a short vacation and I can't even get up the excitement to plan it. I think I'm in a spring slump. LOL!

  17. My powerful antibiotic caused me to hallucinate. The better I became the lest that happened. I was having great dreams and stranger things could not have happened. The Far Guy needs to get this beat. I am still dragging but I didn't have it as long as he has had. I went out and stood in hot sun to warm my bones. Take care, both of you and Chance too.

  18. You made a good dent in your list!
    Take care and have a wonderful Sunday. God bless. ♥

  19. Be careful what you wish for. Seems to me in your neck of the woods, when it rains, it pours!


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