Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wistful Wednesday: Bill and Gertie

Just on the other side of the section of land where I grew up was a big old white house surrounded by farmland.  There used to be some falling down out buildings…I recall a chicken coop and maybe an old garage or small shed. 

Bill and Gertie lived in the big white house…two story…probably what is called a foursquare house. 

Bill and Gertie McGranes Fiftieth anniversary Oct 23, 1957

This photo was taken on their 50th wedding anniversary on October 23, 1957.   I wondered why I remembered them this way and not any older?  I looked up their gravesites.  Gertie 1885 to 1958, and Bill  or W.T. 1877 to 1969.  They were already in their 70’s and 80’s when I met them.  Gertie died about six months after this photo was taken.

I remember visiting their house and having cookies…cookies were always a big hit with me!

We drive by their old place sometimes on our evening drives.

Bill and Gertie Mc Granes old place

The house has been enlarged, someone else lives there now and it is for sale. 

My parents owned this property at one time…I think they bought it from the Estate after Bills’ death in 1969.  They farmed the land for a number of years.

Bill and Gertie were good neighbors, no one ever spoke badly of them that I can recall.  Salt of the earth kind of people.

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  1. Funny how we always thought people were so old back then. Now I think back and remember, ya they were in their 70's and 80's and that's not That old. I still love those old farm houses.

  2. They do look like they were the salt of the earth. I notice the TV tray in front of them. Remember those? I went looking for one the other day and they don't make them any more. :-)

  3. Sweet, always enjoy the old pictures, Francine.

  4. The old photo is wonderful. Great post!

  5. I noticed the TV tray too, as DJan did! I kept ours for a number of years and then got rid of them.

    Shirley H.

  6. Great American people that made this nation.

  7. Little kids can pick up what people are like. You were a little kid and they must have impressed you. Country people were like that and we remember them because we had real interaction with them.

  8. I was remembering the old folks in our neighborhood when you wrote your story. My parents were young as farmers in comparison to the large proportion of older people back then that were around them. Link Fisher and his wife were one of the oldest, like the American Gothic looking couple. When my parents went to his funeral Link's name was actually Lincoln. No one knew that and smiled when they learned of it.

  9. A great post filled with memories. I'm glad Bill and Gertie celebrated their 50th; Bill must have been a lost soul without her for another 10 years.

  10. very nice post. great sentiments. sweet. cheers!!

  11. It's for sale? I could buy it and then we could be neighbors! What do ya think?
    I never realized when I was young that so many of those people were born in the 1800's...did you? Now I wished I would have asked more questions and showed more of an interest in their childhoods. Although, I do remember asking some of my relatives and that generation was so NOT self-absorbed (as opposed to today) that they couldn't imagine why anyone would be interested. They were a great generation....I wonder if after we're gone if they'll say that about ours?

    1. Good deal, I will bring you cookies when you move in:)

  12. Sweet photo of their anniversary. What a lovely home/land.

  13. They look like a sweet couple, well worn by life. I hope someone who buys their old farmhouse will be happy there.

  14. Nothing better can be said than that nobody had a bad thing to say about them. They do sound like the salt of the earth. :)


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