Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

We visited two cemeteries on Friday.  I have a box in the garage that says “Cemetery Flowers”  it contains silk flowers…pink and red.  We visited the two local cemeteries where we have people planted.

This year I wanted to remove some of the grass overgrowth on a few older graves that no one visits…Veterans…Great Grandma Abbott’s brothers.  We took a few butcher knives and a bucket to cut the overgrowth next to the slab.  Mission accomplished…the markers will look better after a rain.

I wandered around.

Iris at the cemetery

Found some beautiful Iris on a grave…and a lone bullet on the foot marker.  I knew the gentleman years ago.

I was tired after working on one marker…so I sat in the grass and took a photograph.

The sun was shining on my husbands maternal grandparents headstone…

Linnell Cemetery

Of course the photo didn’t turn out as good as I would have liked. 

There were several what I call Striped Gofers running around…I also noticed several holes.

Far Guys Uncle Willard’s headstone is in place.  Often times we would meet Uncle Willard at the cemetery when he was bringing flowers to his parents and grandparents graves…now we are leaving flowers for him…and taking over his flower duties.

My cousin Mark’s grave had no flowers so we left some.  He seems to have a very lonely spot in the cemetery.  Some times I wonder why he chose to be buried at that cemetery…his parents are buried elsewhere…but he made all of his own arrangements.

Far Guy did great helping me with my mission.  Flowers were placed near headstones for the weekend and on Tuesday or Wednesday I will pick them up again and put them back in the box until next year.  It is easier for the people that mow.

I have several other cemeteries that I should have visited, but for a number of reasons it was not possible this Memorial Day Weekend.

I am not certain who will bring flowers after we are dead and gone…no one most likely.

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  1. Happy Memorial Day, Hugs Francine.

  2. I guess I got my like of visiting cemetery's from my mother.
    I am like you after we are gone no one will come. No need now that I have put it all on Ancestry.

  3. Indeed. Both our families back several generations are all buried in St. Paul and Woodbury. Here in Spring Valley the cemetery is across the highway in sight of our home, our eldest son lies, whom we will visit today and someday join.....

  4. How great that you can visit the graves of your family members. Ours are far, far away.

  5. It is a sad business, leaving flowers at the cemetery. I too wonder who will remember our graves when we are gone.

  6. I have flower duty for my family,as my sisters live too far away. I put flowers on five graves and tidy the area around the stones. It's sad to see graves without any flowers year after year. It makes me wonder if anyone will take over my flower duty when I've taken up residence.

  7. You are just the best, Connie. What a good idea to place the flowers and then recycle them so they can be used again. Growing up in one place makes it possible to do what you do. All my dead relatives have been cremated and scattered to the winds, or planted in the ground. No place to visit. Thank you for all that you do for the living and the dead.

  8. Best wishes to you this Memorial Day--and thank you for all you do to remember family members with those thoughtful flowers. Yes, of course there will be someone to remember you and place flowers on your grave! If that family love isn't strong enough to pass from generation to generation, I don't know what is!

  9. I would love to be able to visit the graves of all those I've loved and are gone, but not one is close enough for me to do that. Both sets of grandparents called it Decoration Day and the main event was a trip to the cemetery, me in tow. I suspect it's true for most families today.

  10. When I go home, which isn't often, I visit several cemeteries.Many cemeteries are on line and do a great job in posting who's there and their headstones if there is one.

  11. Memorial Day is every day. And in our hearts. Even if we don't get there with flowers.

  12. Many young people have no clue. And never will. We are so lucky.
    Hubby doesn't go to cemeteries.
    Have a wonderful week. God bless. ♥

  13. aw you just never know. Someone may place some there out of the goodness of their hearts , many years from now

  14. I'm sure your daughters will decorate your headstones when you're gone. A lovely post.

  15. Returning to the graves is a lost art. Maybe it is a loss of caring. We didn't make it to any graves this time but will later in June. It is great to clear the grass away of stones. I saw a girl a few years ago who had been the token family member to hit the Murray Cemetery for the decorating job. She brought a battery powered small grass trimmer.

  16. How good you made the cemetery visits.

  17. I am so far from all my relatives who are all buried in one cemetery from the first ones who arrived from Ireland. My cousin goes and she does it for me but she is 70 now so I said as soon as I get back up there I will take over for her. She's such a sweetie and such a hard worker all her life.
    Your children and grandchildren will....they've had good role models.

  18. My parents didn't decorate graves so I did not learn this custom, but others in the family did it, and now we do it occasionally. I really enjoyed visiting my "people" in Oregon this year.


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