Friday, May 16, 2014

Chance: A Checkup

Hiya it is I the blogging Border Collie!  I went to the Vet and had my yearly checkup!  Far Guy was feeling good enough to come along…we think he has turned the corner now thanks to excellent nursing care by you know who and ME!

I am doing just fine, I have a little arthritis in my left front leg…but my other legs are perfect!  I still have the Stye in my right eye, as long as it doesn’t bother me all the time they are just going to let it be…if it starts bothering me and doesn’t respond to the eye ointment I will have to have surgery…eww. 

To the Vet May 15

Far Side said I needed that expensive 65 smackeroos blood test to make sure I didn’t have Lymes or any of the other tick diseases…or Heartworm.  All my tests were negative.  It hurt a little when they took the blood out of my leg, and my eyes got big and pleading looking.  Far Side wanted to know without a doubt that it really is arthritis in my front leg and not Lymes…so she is happy now.  Well not happy that I have arthritis..just happy I don’t have tick diseases.

I am already taking a bone shaped pill once a day called Cosequin to help old joints.  Barney in Iowa takes the same pill..he is an older Border Collie too.

My teeth look pretty good for an old guy.  They can tell I sometimes play with tennis balls…I have an assortment of soft rubber balls but I do like me a tennis ball!

I am looking good for being almost ten years old.  I am nine years and seven months old.  That means I have caught up with my owners ages…no wonder we all enjoy a nap in the afternoon.

Far Side brushed me real good.  I hope she is happy now.  She said “Cross Chance off the list.”

Chance doing his part for the birds

I am doing my part to help out the birds.



  1. Hi there Chance. My name is Lily and I'm new to this bloggy thing but it's nice to meet you. Glad you to read your all ok according to that Vet person. I visited one of them recently too. He was ok and told my new bosses I'm five years old. I coulda told them that.....
    take care now and see ya around....

  2. Morning Chance, you are a handsome boy. Keep on doing what you have been doing, Hugs Francine.

  3. Hi Chance -
    I sat in my Person's lap to read your blog.I enjoyed it even if you are a dog.
    I'm 17 years old in people years, but I'll let you figure out my real age.
    My person brushes me, too, but she never thought to leave the extra fur in a basket for the birds.
    I'm too old to chase birds now, but it's still kinda funny to think of a nest lined in my fur!

  4. Hi Chance, glad to hear your check up went so well. From looking at your pictures I would never have guessed you were almost 10 years old. You don't look a day over 3. Keep taking good care of Far Guy so he gets completely well.

  5. So glad to hear Far Guy has turned the corner. And you sure are a handsome border collie, Chance. I am glad to know you don't have any awful diseases, just that old age one we all seem to get sooner or later. :-)

  6. No fun, but your people must really love you to take good care of you, Chance. And nice that you are reciprocating by taking care of your Far Guy. It's a cold one today--keep him warm.

  7. Hi Chance:
    Always good to hear from you. I am sure that Far Guy is better largely because of good nursing care from you and Far Side. Thanks to both of you for that. Please now all take good care of each other.


  8. Love to hear good news, Chance, especially when it concerns health. A nap in the afternoon is something to look forward to each day. Enjoy!

  9. Good reports Chance! --- Our little guy, Lenny, he is a couple years younger than you ~ he has stiffness in one of his front legs too ~ getting old... I give him a baby aspirin when it looks bad but you know how it is there isn't much that holds you herding dogs back (just a little slow getting up and then you are off) :)

  10. Chance, I hope those calcium pills help you a lot. Barney is so much better but he does overwork some days and his back legs are tired. He can get up off the floor now without any problems now. I started out with the flea stuff a few weeks ago as the ticks are bad this year. Barney doesn't get brushed enough but we are going to try to stay ahead of his summer skin condition problem. Barney has to have a muzzle when he has serous work done. Being a rescued dog from the street he has a way of showing his teeth to keep people from hurting him. He wouldn't hurt anyone except if he though he was being mistreated. He certainly doesn't get mistreated in this house. Good blogging job today Chance. I hope your tick disease test proves to be negative. Take care.

  11. So glad you got a pretty clean bill of health and that Far Guy is feeling better too!

  12. Hooray for a great check up for Chance. Rozzy's fur/hair is being given to the birds too! !

  13. Awww, birdie nests made of Chance cozy!
    Glad you and Far Guy are both doing well. We love our naps too!

  14. Birds are lucky to get some of that beautiful fur!

    Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Have a wonderful weekend!

  15. Glad to hear the good news for you, Chance! You may be just the same age as my four footed* best friend, Folly. When is your birthday? Hers is on October 15.

    * other four footed best friend--and senior editor!--Luke advised me to insert the word "canine" there...

  16. Praise GOD for the excellent report on Far Guy!!! He had me worried. That was not a good way to start Far Side's retirement - - - but it is good she was there full-time to take care of him or he might have ended up in the hospital.
    Chance - - your report sounds good for a handsome "older" man like yourself. Your visit did not sound too traumatic - - -probably because you were happy about Far Guy, too.

  17. Wow, Chance I always thought that you were just a young pup. Guess Far Side, and I have been blogging buddies for a longer time then I realized.

    Warm up there, OK?


  18. Well, Chance, I hope everybody else has as good a check up as you do.

  19. I'm glad to hear you are doing well, Chance. I can sympathize with the arthritis.
    I'm glad Far guy is improving too.

  20. Glad to hear that you had a good check-up, sorry about the arthritis in your leg though:( Calli says you are just a youngster, and Jake says you are about the same age as him. He is 10 in August, as well as we can guess, but he could be a month or two either way.
    Also good the Far Guy is heading in the right direction:)

  21. That's great news, Chance! I took Oscar to the vet on Friday and he's lost a lot of weight due to his thyroid medicine. I feel bad for not feeding him enough. He has arthritis in all his paws, but the pills help so he just goes on loving life as usual. Hope you do too.

  22. Oh good! You are both doing okay. And Far Side must be doing better have her tick bite. Spring is really looking up now!


  23. Hi there, Chance is so very beautiful-there is just something about Border Collies! So glad he is healthy except for arthritis. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Glad to hear you checked out fit and fine. Love that you help out the birds, too. :)
    And glad that your pal, FarGuy, is feeling better!! :)


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