Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rainy and Cold

Time outside was limited yesterday.  It was raining off and on and cold.  There were freeze warnings for last night and tonight.  Anyone that forgets their hanging baskets outside will have to buy new ones.

For now the birds are entertaining.


A Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.  He is very handsome.

AND now for his female counterpart who is very shy…I stalked her for a long time.

Female  Rose Breasted Grosbeak

Here she is …she got the short end of the stick…and is fairly dowdy compared to her mate.  She is sitting on the branch that holds our outdoor sensor for the thermometer.

A Harris’ Sparrow stopped by to rest and recoup.

Harris' sparrow

I love his black head, I have not seen this Sparrow in our yard before..we must be lucky this year.

Harris' Sparrow two

Side view of Mr. Harris’ Sparrow  he will head on North for the summer…way North!

While in town I bought a new feeder for the Orioles and they are sharing sometimes not so happily with the Yellow-Rumped Warblers.


Busy feeders

This feeder hold an orange, and has a container for sugar water…Far Guy mixed 2 cups of water and 1/3 cup sugar boiled it, cooled it and filled the bottom part of the feeder.  This feeder also has little dishes that hold grape jelly.  Emphasis on they don’t hold much jelly.  I have another feeder out there that has larger containers for jelly and a spot for two oranges. 

The Yellow Rumped Warblers like the suet feeders.


Goldfinch and Warblers

Here the little Goldfinch is giving them the business.  Yes, we have a safety pin..that discourages the Ravens from opening the suet cage…they haven’t figured out how to undo a safety pin…yet.

Update on Far Guy:  He was started on a different antibiotic.  He has acute bronchitis. If it is bacterial he should respond soon, if it is viral it could take weeks.  He is resting mostly because he is exhausted from coughing, I goad him into moving around some and using one of those deep breathing thingys and he is using the nebulizer.  Short of hospitalization…I am doing what I can to help him get better one day at a time.

Many people in the area have had this whatever..starts with a tickly throat, then a cough and then a head/chest cold with a temperature and body aches.  Far Guy had it and was over it and relapsed.  So far I have avoided it.

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  1. Morning, heats turned up, cold here too, yuk!!! Love the pictures of the birds at the feeders, still not many here yet, to fricken cold I guess, Blessings Francine.

  2. I've never seen a Harris Sparrow. They must live further north. Better photo of the female rose-breasted grosbeak than most people get. I feel lucky just to get a glimpse of one with my eyes.

  3. Far Guy has what my husband had. It took a long time for the cough to go away. The Ravens figured out how to latch on to the side of my suet feeder and eat the suet inside. I finally bought a log with round indents on the under side in which I could put suet tubes. The Ravens could not stand on the top of the log and reach under. But then they figured out how to launch themselves off the ground and grab a little. Oh well, birds will be birds.

  4. Rainy and cold here too. The furnace has been running all week/1
    Great photos!

  5. It is wonderful to have all our birds return isn't it ? It is rainy here today for a change but humid , I hope Far Guy gets better soon and you don't get it ! Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Ravens and crows are very smart birds! I love your pretty sparrows and finches. Glad to know FG is being well taken care of, at least. :-)

  7. That's the same oriole feeder that I have, and the coons found it last night. ;(

  8. HI:
    So Far Guy has acute bronchitis! That is what I warned you about! The anti biotic should help. The coughing might hang on for a long time - mine did. All that coughing is very tiring and also hard with the Trigeminal Neuralgia since anything that involves the head can cause TN pain. (You may recall that I have TN but had surgery which took away the terrible pains but left me with Anesthesia Dolorosa.) Please keep a very good eye on Far Guy and take him in if things seem to be worsening.

    Shirley H.

  9. Hope Far Guy recovers quickly. You sure get a variety of birds passing through your area, I enjoy seeing all the different ones.
    We are enjoying a stretch of summer at the moment, hope you get it soon.

  10. It must be fun to see all the different birds in your yard - I enjoy seeing your photos. Glad that you are taking such good care of Far Guy. Keep up the good work!

  11. Good healing wishes coming your way for Far Guy. It's tough having a sick guy - they aren't supposed to get sick!
    I hope you get some nice warm, sunny weather. Then... make him go sit in the sunshine and soak up the rays! It's always good for what ails ya

  12. I may try to feed the orioles. I don't want to steal them from my neighbor but she isn't feeding them. They are eating at here fruited seed. I have been seeing hummers right now too so I need to get on it. It is so darn cold I don't feel like getting out there.

  13. Oh poor Far Guy - I suspect I had the viral (nothing they would do for me) I had the cough and hardly a voice for 3-4 weeks :( Get well over there! Ugh to the weather and here I thought it was going to be warm and lovely most of the week. I like the oriole feeder with the orange - that is the one I had last year and it lasted one or two nights before the bear kindly dismantled and broke it.... Happy bird watching!

  14. Cooler here today. Many people are having problems with all the pollen and mold. Our youngest boy who is living with us as been fighting something.
    Glad to hear Far Guy is doing better. Will pray that it continues.
    I love all your birds. Hubby is not comfortable putting out feeders yet. Feed is expensive.
    Hoping you stay well. *hugs* ♥

  15. Love the bird info. It's nice to be able to be feeding and watching them rather than you all freezing just looking outside.
    PRAYING you stay healthy. My husband I I overlapped at least 3 days with that same sickness and it was a dreary time for sure. Poor Far Guy. It is bad enough having that virus once in 50 years but to relapse and have it twice back-to-back - - - is a BIG bummer! Praise God you are keeping him motivated without him getting over-tired. Do you have a sun porch? If not, maybe it will get pretty enough outside for him to sit in the sun soon - - if you don't have much pollen. My grandmother was a big believer in the healing power of the sun for respiratory infections. I WILL be praying for him to show improvement soon. It's obvious though you are extremely diligent and will have him back at the doctor if necessary. Last question - - - will he eat chicken soup?

    1. I made him Chicken and dumplings last night:)

    2. I'm glad it was chicken and not Orioles... or even Raven!

  16. Oh, I hope you don't get it, Far Side! That cough sounds miserable. Let's hope it's of the bacterial kind and gets snuffed out in a hurry!

  17. Love all your little visitors! We are not suppose to feed the birds in the summer, it is a big bear draw.
    You should consider moving to Alaska...74 degrees and sunny. Baskets are up and blooming, trees are green again...I think summer is here!

  18. I hope he gets better soon- I hate having a cough that won't quit- it really tires one out. I hope you get some warmer temps soon too!

  19. Magic thoughts for wellness!!! It is always worse for Far Guy...I sure feel bad for him. His head and face have to really be in misery!


  20. All pics are fabulous.

    Speedy recovery to Far Guy. Although, I heard that antibiotics don't work on viruses. Cheers!!

  21. You have a haven for migrants. They pass through and give you a visit.

  22. Gorgeous bird shots. And such a shame about the weather. It's been cool and wet here too for most of the time.

    Tell Far Guy to take it easy and I really hope he gets better soon. Acute bronchitis is no fun!

  23. All the birds know where their suet is buttered, I tell you! What fun to see them all passing through. Sorry about FarGuy, though. If it's viral you just have to struggle through it. I hope it's bacterial.


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