Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snow Stick Contest 2014

Yes, I am all set for the snow stick contest!  You can enter by guessing the date and morning or afternoon that the snow will be totally gone from the snow stick.
17  1half Inches at the snowstick March 4 2014
There are 17 1/2 inches of snow at the snow stick.  When will it melt?  Here are previous melt dates.
2011 April 8
2012 March 13
2013 April 30 
As you can see we have about a six week window.  So guess away…guess the date and morning or evening.
The winners..there might be more than one will get a bark carving.
Three latest carvings
These are my last three creations, none of mine ever look alike, they are all one of a kind.  These three are Linda in Colorado Johnson’s Cottonwood bark.  It is a lighter bark than we have here in Minnesota. It carves beautifully!
They have joined the rest of my carvings in an old shoe box awaiting homes.  I give some away, and occasionally I sell a few.  They can sit on shelves or they can be fitted with an eyehook for a ribbon and become a Christmas ornament.
Pen shows the size of the carvings
These are not huge carvings…the pen is for a reference.  I like carving them as they fit comfortably in my arthritic hands.
I have a few more in the works…so you never can tell which carving you might get.  I carve at least one afternoon a week.  Sometimes more…Minnesota winters…ya you betcha nothing better than an afternoon spent with sharp knives. 
This is one of my favorite bark carvings.
I will probably keep this one for myself as it has a very fragile back…bark is what it is and I like the tree that the bark told me was there.
Guess away.  I will add the guesses to the bottom of this post.  Guessing closes Sunday night March 9 at 9PM.  Those of you that are bashful can email me with your guess, my email can be found by clicking on the yellow flower on the left sidebar.
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March 29 Evening Kathy
March 30 AM Linda P.
April 3 AM Muffie
April 5 Susan in Glyndon
April 7 Terri @Backward B Ranch
April 12 PM Nancy Wyoming Breezes
April 13 L.D.
April 13 PM Elaine Sanders
April 14 PM Terry and Linda
April 15 AM Iggy
April 15 PM Kathy b
April 16 Am Alvina M.
April 16 PM Deanna Fort Worth
April 17 AM DJan
April 17 PM Red
April 18 PM Marlys H. Seattle
April 19 Pm Lisa J. Bemidji MN
April 20 Leah
April 21 PM Shirley
April 22 PM Barb B. Hoople ND
April 23 PM Furry Gnome
April 24 PM Jess Noling
April 25 PM LindaG
April 26 PM Phyllis Pritchard
April 27 PM Kay Lloyd   Kansas City area
April 27 PM Sandy B. Ada MN
April 28 PM Karen Wyndson Farm
April 29 PM Wendy Danielson
April 30 PM Country Gal
April 30 PM Linda M
April 30 PM Francine Primitive Stars
May 1 ladyfi
May 1 Grandma Barbs This and That
May 1 PM Linda Reeder
May 2 Ryker
May 3 AM Mildred Blackberry Lane
May 3 Karen M. Wisconsin
May 7 PM Rita
May 10 PM Cathy Monroe
May 13 Judith Bell ( It better be gone by the time she returns to Tamarac or she will be unhappy)
May 14 Evening Robin
June 1 Cynthia ( a fellow pessimistic Minnesota gal)


Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Oh wow- I can hardly fathom 17 ad 1/2 inches of snow...goodness! I will guess April 7th. I feel a warming trend coming on here, so I will just draft that right on over to your house!!

Intense Guy said...

I think I'll go with Tax Day morning.. April 15th - AM.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, ok, I won last year, love my house carving......Think I am sticking to April 30, evening, Good Luck to me, Francine.

Kathy said...

And such a beautiful flower it is.....The lady slipper is one of my favorite flowers. Your carvings are also beautiful! I've guessed March 29th, evening, for the last couple of years so I think I'll just stay with that date even tho there is so much snow. Who knows, maybe we have a fast warm up in our near future here in Minnesota! (wishful thinking)

linda m said...

Since there is so much snow this year I am going to go with April 30 PM. Love the carvings; they are so delicate looking.

The Furry Gnome said...

Apr. 23, afternoon. But only 17+"? We've got 30, and it just stubbornly stays there!

DJan said...

I'll try April 17 AM. That's not an awful lot of snow and that's awhile away. I don't think it will be early, though. :-)

Nancy said...

What fun carvings! Thanks for the opportunity to win one of them. I'm guessing April 12 PM.

Travels with Emma said...

I just hope it's all gone before I get there around May 13!

Anonymous said...

I like that last carving. I guess the snow will disappear 1 May.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Love your little carvings! I'm going to guess May 1st.

Unknown said...

Your carvings are so lovely! I'm guessing April 24th in the afternoon.

Cynthia said...

I love the bark carvings. June 1, afternoon. I'm a pessimist this year.

Karen said...

April 28th pm. That's my sister's birthday. I remember the first year I entered, I thought there was no way the snow would stay until the end of April..... It would be fun to have one of those nice little carvings to go with your Christmas ornament:)

Phyllis Pritchard said...

My guess is April 26th, pm. I like the carvings.

Muffie said...

I was going to say June, but I'm being facetious. I'll go with April 3rd morning.

Anonymous said...

May 3, morning.
I love your little houses. As a kid, I loved looking at holes in the tree trunks and imagining little folks living in there. Your little houses bring back those memories.
Wow...that is a lot of snow. We have never had frost after Apr 17 here.

kathy b said...

April 15th afternoon! I LOVE your carvings. WOW. They are so lovely

L. D. said...

April 13 has not been taken so I will take. For your sakes I hope it is late March and you can see the ground. I guess I am waiting to see if the warming trend will really start and stay put for a while. We will be warm next week compared to what we have been feeling. Your carvings are great.

Ryker said...

May 2nd
Your carvings are very cute!

Linda Reeder said...

May 1, PM. What wonderful little carvings!

Leah said...

Oh gosh... Oh dear I saw a June date (hee hee)... The guys snowmobiled last in the fields last year on April 13th - I think we have more snow this year (and such a strange year) -- I am going to say April 20th :)

Country Gal said...

Beautiful carvings ! I guess Afternoon of April 30th . But for your sake hope it is earlier . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

Red said...

Great carvings. My guess is April 17 in the evening. I will be sending some warm air your way about April 16.

Robin said...

I'm putting my guess in at May 14th evening! I do hope it's gone before then though!

LindaG said...

You could make a good living if you wanted to sell those. :-)
I'm going to guess April 25, afternoon.

Good luck, everyone!

I actually hope you warm up quicker, though, Connie. Have a good weekend!

Terry and Linda said...

I say April 14th afternoon!


Jacqi Stevens said...

I'm no guesser...but I predict there will be more snow before there will be less of it ;)

Shirley said...

April 21 PM although I hope it's gone long before then!

LynneFtWorth said...

April 16 PM

Deanna M. Fort Worth, TX

Wendy said...

April 29 PM. Hope it is gone before that though.

Moms Musings said...

I'd guess May 10 in the afternoon.

Rita said...

May 7th PM.
If I win I would love a touch of red on mine if you have one left.
Don't I sound confident--ROFL! Ha! I probably should have picked June--LOL!

Linda said...

Just catching up and I missed this......AM on March 30! I love my carving that you gave me so I'm hoping whoever wins is earlier in's been a long winter, too long ;)