Saturday, November 24, 2012


It snowed..the ground is white..but since I am in denial we won’t talk about it anymore.

The other morning we had some heavy frost.  It was lovely.  Very sparkly in the early morning light.

Frosty Sparkles

This is a Tansy that escaped Far Guy..I like is yellow.


Tansy re-seeds itself all over. It is one of those really wild flowers that thrives on drought conditions.  So it grows real well in the wild gardens.

Far Guy wants to keep it under he yanks it from the ground before it has a chance to form seeds. 

Chance and I wandered all over the yard in the frost.

Looking at what is left.

Rose Hips

Remembering warmer greener times..IMG_0191

I will wallow around in denial for at least another day..then I will put my big girl snow boots on and tromp around in the snow for the next six months:(

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  1. Beautiful frost pictures, but the roses... I agree that those roses are the prettiest reminder of warmer times. :-)

  2. I don't blame you for being in denial. I would be also. Don't like snow at all. I admit it's pretty when it's falling and the first snowfall always gets to me but I sure don't like having to go out in it. Have a good wallow. : )


  3. It is amazing through blogging, to share the weather we experience. It was near 80 degrees the last two days here. We actually have a few daylily blooms still opening.
    The tansy is very pretty and bright.

  4. You can be in denial for as long as you want. We have had snow flurries here the last 2 days but nothing on the ground. Just wish snow would be more considerate and just fall on the lawns and stay off the sidewalks, driveways and streets. Ya, like that will ever happen. Hahaha :)

  5. I think you have a LOT of company in the denial department.

  6. Knowing you from posts in past years, you are going to be very busy inside for the next few weeks anyway because you will be decorating and cooking. However, I don't blame you for not enjoying all the the thought of having to put on boots, etc just to go outside. Praying that no matter the weather, you all will be safe on the roads and healthy in the house. Was it last year that you were sick and Far Guy cut his thumb right before the holidays?

  7. Ya know 2 weeks ago we got dumped on - as in feet, within 10 days it was gone and we have nothing. In fact we got RAIN this past week. Ya just don't know.

  8. It's rather healthy to take a good look at the way things were in their prime. You also show that they are still beautiful in their dormant fall condition.
    Now I've had snow for over 4 weeks. I've never got out my big boy boots but I have cross country skied quit a bit.

  9. LOL! Yes! When it doesn't melt away by evening or the next morning you begin to believe winter is really here and it's time to get out the big girl snow boots. 18 degrees at high noon is another sign. ;)

  10. Your big girl snow boots....Love that, and it reminds me that I'd better locate mine pretty soon. We have snow on the ground and I've been hiding indoors since Thursday night! :-)

  11. Dare I say I like the snow, sorry.......enjoy the change of seasons.......You will be o.k. In your big girl boots.......I guess I' m used to it living in Winterpeg.....AKA Winnipeg, Canada.......Blessings Francine.

  12. I'm not sure I could endure snow on the ground forever... well, for several months. At least where we live the sun melts it all, almost always after every storm. Well, maybe I should say 'event' rather than storm, since to me a storm is lots and lots of snow and wind.
    Good luck getting those big girl boots on!

  13. Yes - cold - it is a shock to the system. We were away (down south) for thanksgiving and Wed. they had 60 degrees.... then brrrr turkey day arrived! Thanksgiving blessings sent your way!

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  15. We might actually get frost tonight, too. We turned on some outside faucets.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and hope the snow moves to the Midwest where they need any precipitation!

  16. Oh, lucky lucky you! I'd rather have frost and snow than this wet damp grey weather!

  17. least it does look magical when you put your camera to it.

    That first pic would make some lovely greeting cards...

    I sense this is not really making things any better for you :(

  18. We get lots of tansy here, mostly down the side of the highway or train tracks, in the dry gravelly spots. I use it in the bouquets.
    I saw some snow boots the other day that you would love. I thought of you when I saw them:) Light pink croc bottoms with tall pink legs and light coloured fleece inside.

  19. Oh, Tansy sounds like the perfect plant for me down here! Anything that will grow in bad soil and drought conditions! LOL! Maybe I should try cacti!
    I love changing seasons especially here as the Summers are awful!


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