Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wistful Wednesday: 1951

On November 22, 1951 my Maternal Grandmother gave birth to twins, a boy and  a girl.

They are two months and two days younger than me so they never seemed like an Aunt and Uncle.  I didn’t get along with my Aunt..she was terribly spoiled and a brat.  I was great friends with my Uncle and still am.

Karen and Kenneth jpeg

My Aunt Karen would do something bad and blame it on me and my Uncle Kenny.  We would be punished..unfairly and plot our revenge. Yes, I was an evil child..well maybe not evil but there is that old saying and eye for an eye..My Mother would remind me to “Turn the other cheek” which to me seemed impossible and quite stupid…why would I want to do that?

Karen and Kenneth #1 (2)

We were all raised together in the same house for that first winter of our lives in 1952.   My Dad was in Korea and my Mother lived with her parents until he came back in the spring.   It must have been like having triplets.   Can you imagine the diapers? 

I would see my Aunt and Uncle at least once a week throughout my growing up years, usually on Sunday as that was the day that we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house..after church..for dinner. ..every Sunday:)

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  1. That would be a full time job, just washing, drying and folding those diapers. And way back then, wringer washer and line drying. Lots and lots of work. Bet they worked on potty training really young!!!

  2. Great photos and a fun story. OK, not always fun, but a good family story!

  3. Is Karen still around? Maybe all that old enmity can be healed if she is. But then again, you've got Kenny right now. :-)

    1. I have not seen her in years..I did say "hello" the last time I saw her at her sisters funeral. She has had a hard life..might have something to do with her spoiled upbringing. I am not sure what I would have in common with her. Her brother is the total opposite of her..kind, gentle, honest..:)

  4. Wonderful photos, like to see family children pictures.......always a mean old Aunt in the family and a warm and wonderful Uncle.......Blessings Francine.

  5. Love the photo of the twins. Boy, that was a lot of laundry and no automatic washer and dryer either. It was a shame Karen was so awful to you. Have you ever "made up"?

  6. Lovely photos . WOW ! I can imagine what work it must of been with all those people in the house a full time job and more . Have a good day !

  7. I can't imagine having 3 little ones in the same house like that. Something to be said for the reaches of extended family back then!

  8. I have an uncle who is 5 days younger than me and another who is a 1-1/2 years younger. We were holy terrors when we were little. We didn't live in the same house but we, too, went to Grandma's every Sunday for dinner. It's too bad your Aunt Karen was so difficult. She missed a real oppotunity to have a great friend.

  9. It always cracks me up when I read your blog and you say something less than nice about a relative....and I wonder if that person reads your blog:) You have guts, woman! I thought all 'Karens' were lovely people, ha ha!

    Like having triplets is right, mustn't have been a lot of peace in that household.
    And daily diaper washes for sure, wow.

  10. Diapers, diapers, diapers! Wouldn't it be fun to have a photo of them hanging on the clothesline?

  11. Skewed generations can have their surprises. My Dad had some great grandchildren who were older than some of his grandchildren.

  12. I had a friend who had a Aunt that was younger then her, we as children were

    But I had a cousin like your Aunt, not the nicest of people.


  13. Man, could you imagine the diapers! WHEW!


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  14. For a couple of years, my mom had three little boys in diapers. (And that was before disposable diapers, of course.)

  15. Oh my, they are adorable! Too bad your aunt lost her charm because as children, they look incredibly sweet. :) I think about having twins in times without epidurals and such and wonder how anyone made it into this world. We are spoiled these days...well, in some places. I know not all have these luxuries. No matter, life is precious. :)

  16. Oh goodness - they look so adorable - as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

  17. I hope you plotted some excellent revenge schemes!! I watched my niece do that to my nephew all the time. Get him into to trouble when he hadn't done a thing. Some people deserve revenge--LOL! ;)

  18. Whoa's amazing they had time to get pregnant back in those days with all the work they'd think they would be fast asleep when they hit the pillow! LOL! Maybe they were and that's why they didn't know how it happened back then! LOL!
    Just kidding!
    I had 2 cousins that would do that to me and the adults always believed them and not me and I don't know why because they were liars and I wasn't ever a liar but I was a little "lippy" as they called it. I was just speaking my mind and ranting about the injustice of it all!


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