Friday, November 16, 2012


When Trica was little she always wanted to hide in her Aunt’s suitcase and go to Looleevill.  She would pitch a fit until her Aunt was on the plane alone..then she would just sob..because she was always left behind..while her Aunt went off to that wondrous place that was difficult to pronounce. 


Far Guys sister lives in Indiana..right across the river from Louisville, Kentucky.  She has lived there 44 years.

We drove downtown one day to The Frazier Museum.  They have wonderful exhibits. I got some great ideas..and I loved seeing how things were displayed when money is NO object.  We spoke at length with several of the Interpreters..they are all actors..and love their jobs..and you can tell.  We even spoke to the buyer for the gift shop..everyone there was very friendly. 

Their collection is heavy on weapons..guns and such..and a collection of knives/swords that was stunning.


They allowed non flash photography. We asked at the front desk.

I didn’t see a speck of dust in the entire place..everything was gleaming..

Colt exhibit

The exhibits were lifelike.

It was almost like you were there…watching the battle.


We spent most of the afternoon walking around and attended several interpretations.

It was a fun day..I have never seen so many weapons in one building in my entire life.

They had several hands on displays that I could incorporate into our museum setting.  A trunk filled with dress up clothing for children and a place where you could do rubbings..both activities that we do not have…yet.  ( Wheels are can I fund this latest idea ?)

If you are ever in Louisville..The Frazier is worth a visit!  Chance did not go..he kept Ernie company and serenaded the neighborhood:)

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Jan said...

Hey there. Just stopping by to say hello. Sounds like an interesting place.

Jan said...

I commented but my profile was not showing who I was so that you would remember me. This is the real me!

Gail said...

I would be in my element there. I could just swim in history all the time.

I hear your wheels and know you will find a way.

DJan said...

Chance missed you! He was just making sure you knew your way back home. :-)

Muffy's Marks said...

How fun, and I can just feel your excitement of how to incorporate some of those great ideas. Look out volunteers, They're going to be busy next summer.

L. D. said...

Your daughter's saying of Louisville is like the neighbor girl who call Barnabus, Barn Bus. We called Barney that for a while. The museum looks fascinating. The Antiques Roadshow sometimes shows side places and I think they hit that on during the Louisville Roadshow. It is fun to get new ideas.

Red said...

All the more interesting to tour a museum if you have a special interest. My interest is in the gift shops and what sells and what doesn't sell.

Anonymous said...

That's quite a museum!

Karen said...

I can hear the wheels turning from here:) Looks like a great museum, and you will be busy trying to incorporate a few of those ideas into 'yours'.

RURAL said...

Now that looks like a museum that has come to life. And there's a real life like kind of guy watching the battle, wow does he look realistic, lol.

Great ideas, can't wait to see you incorporate them into your museum.


Terry and Linda said...

I would love to visit there! History back east and even in the real west is so much older than ours...and of course I love history!


Jacqi Stevens said...

Don't know whether visiting such a great place is helpful...or depressing. Yes, it is so fine when money is no object. If only...

Hey, I didn't know Chance was into opera singing!

Karmyn R said...

I have never been to Kentucky but if I ever do.... I'll think about visiting the museum. All those weapons might wear me out.

Dreaming said...

Thanks for the tip. Now that we will be traveling in the RV, this just might be an option!
Isn't it fun to get ideas that you can incorporate? That used to make teaching exciting for me.

Country Gal said...

Thanks for taking us along ! I have never been to Kentucky one day we will ! Glad you had a fun day looks like fun that's for sure ! Miggs serenades the neighbors as well when we go out and leave her at home ! Have a good weekend !

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. When you are from there, you pronounce it Loo-ih-vuhl. The people who live across the Ohio River in southern Indiana (New Albany, Clarksville, and Jeffersonville) jokingly say they live on the sunny side of Loo-in-vuhl. I moved away almost 24 years ago. We (hubby and I) would go back and visit yearly but have not been able to the last 4 years for health reasons. The Frazier Museum opened after I moved away. I remember (and visited) the science and natural history museum. There are several museums in Louisville - Louisville Slugger(Hillerich and Bradsby baseball bats), Churchill Downs Museum (all about the Derby), Speed Art Museum, the Science museum, and Farmington home of the Speed family who were friends of Abraham Lincoln. It's a very interesting city with a lot of history. Kathy R. Monzon

thecrazysheeplady said...

I wasn't aware of the Frazier museum. Neat! Lou-a-vul is a fun town :-).

Shirley said...

That museum sounds a lot like the Military Museum in Calgary,they have a lot of weapons and lifelike battle scenes too.
Chance couldn't have been singing opera... he's in Kentucky... so he must have been singing bluegrass!

Rita said...

Oh wow! That would be a place brimming with ideas for you, I can tell.
I love when they have re-enactors! They're the best!!
You are a smarter woman than I. At least you immediately think--how can I fun this or that. When I worked places I often spent my own money--duh!