Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chance: Snow

I like the snow.  As much as Far Side hates it..I love it.  Nothing better than playing a good game of ball and then flopping down in the yard to rest.  Far Side throws the ball for me until I am tired..then she takes photos of birds until she gets cold and needs a nap.

Chance and his ball November 28

I have a great vantage point to view the back driveway.

Favorite person drove by

One of my favorite people drove by and didn’t even wave.  Oh well..

Licking snow off his nose

Far Side thought I might be sticking my tongue out at that favorite person..but I was actually licking snow off my nose.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

Far Guy  and I put the snow stick up.  Far Side ripped the last one out of the ground and broke it we have a new one:)

Snow Stick  November 28


  1. Have fun licking the snow, Chance! I remember the snow will be interesting to see what kind of winter we are in store for.

  2. Miggy loves the snow and to play fetch in it to . We had a dusting of snow on Sunday but now it has gone. Nice photos. Have a good day !

  3. You stick to your story!!!!! to funny........Great pictures of beautiful Chance in the snow.......Blessings Francine.

  4. Glad to see the snow stick up for the season, Chance. You sure do have a lot of fun, no matter what the weather. :-)

  5. Have a great day Chance - snow? when is it coming? I like your snowman feeder so much that I am searching for one or two.... think I have a trail to some :)

    1. L and M Supply! I suppose this isn't enough for the snow machine people:)

  6. Chance, I don't blame you for sticking to your story. Better that than you were sticking your tongue out at someone. Glad to see the snow stick is up and ready. Enjoy the snow.

  7. Chance, do you think we should get Far Side some "snow-therapy"? LOL Sterling is with you he LOVES the snow!

  8. hey Chance I love snow too. It makes those pesky squirrel easier to catch cause they get slowed down in it. Is that your stick? I love to chase em. No snow here yet Send some my way.
    your friend,

  9. Not too much snow for you yet, but enough for dogs to have fun in!

  10. We don't have any snow yet! I love the snow, Boomer not so much! I hate the heat, Boomer loves it. Guess we are half and half dogs!!!

    Fuzzy (and Boomer)


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  11. With Chance you can't get away with anything. Chance tells everything.

  12. How rude of your favorite person not to wave. I'd stick my tongue out, too.

  13. How much snow will the snow stick get? ;o)

    Have a great weekend, Chance!

  14. Karma loves to lick snow, too, but she doesn't like to lie in it. She'd rather walk gingerly across it, track snow on the carpet and turn around and eat her footprints. Snow has many interesting qualities. I like it, too, Chance. ;)

    I wonder if there will actually be much snow this winter after last winter? Keep an eye on that snow stick. :)

  15. Chance - - what you didn't tell us is if Far Side broke the stick by accident or was it intentional because of her dislike of the snow? It's good she has you around to balance her view of the weather - - - but I'm a bit on her side - - - if we were taking a vote!

  16. Lovely photographs. I must admit I am not familiar with the idea of "snow sticks", but it is a beautifully descriptive term and makes it easy to imagine their use. I will watch out for posts recording the depth of snow over the coming season.

  17. Wonderful photos of your beautiful dog!!

  18. Hi Chance...Nitty and Annie here and Mom got a new kitten too...Grace...oh we go again. That little stinker hides behind the curtains and then zaps you with her claws when you walk by and Mom thinks she's cute! Geez!
    I love the snow and miss it like Mom does. I was born in the North but Annie was born in the South and hates the cold and the snow and yet loved this Summer which was so blasted hot we could barely, Annie loves the heat. She's going to be really surprised when we move North! She has no idea what cold is! Mom's promised her she'll get her sweaters to wear up there but how is she going to get through the drifts with 1 inch legs? She'll have to dig tunnels, I guess. I think Dachsunds can do that.
    Are you sure you weren't sticking your tongue out? We won't tell! Do you know what you're getting for Christmas? TTYL! Merry Christmas in case we don't get a "Chance" before the big day...get it? Chance? Woof! Woof! Rolling on the ground laughing!


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