Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wistful Wednesday: 1940’s

Years ago Far Guys Mother grew up on a farm. Kitty corner from that farm was the farm that I grew up on..and there was a school in between both farms.  The school was on the corner.

Linnell School 1942

This is The Linnell School in 1942.  ( the link will take you to another blog I wrote about this school)  This photo was taken way before I was born..see those trees in the background..that is where I grew up.

Evelyn Abbott  at the farm

In the art of photo detecting there are always the W’s to consider. Who, When, Where and Why.

Who=this is Far Guys Mom. When? around 1940 perhaps a few years earlier..I wish I could date it exactly but I cannot. Where=on the farm that she grew up on..note the chimney of the school in the background. Why?  It looks to be the fall of the year..was she teaching then? or was this one of the last photos that was taken before she was married in October of 1940?  That is one snazzy dress..very floral.

I was surprised that there are so many pine trees in the background. I remember some pine trees in the pasture..but nothing like what appears in this photo.  Today that farm has very few pine trees..the little pines that I can remember planting and watering in the yard are long gone, my baby brother and I each had our own tree…later so did my other baby brother and my sister..their pine trees are still there.

Over the course of many years thing change. The school is no longer there.  Trees die and make room for more open pastures and for tall grass prairie.  The people that used to live there are either dead or live elsewhere. Only the memories in the form of old family photos remain.  I try to document the who, when, where and why as I go through these old photos.

I was not sure where this photo was taken..until I noticed the distinctive chimney in the background.  So now this photo has two of it’s W’s answered..the other two will probably remain unanswered. I am happy with what I was able to learn about this photo:)  


  1. That looks like a pretty snazzy school. I love the dress;) I just love seeing the old photo's.

  2. That is really quite the old school house for the day. Ours that remain are basic white square one room schoolhouses. I tell ya she was sure stylin' in that dress!!! I always love your old photos and the stories behind them.

    Have a glorious day sweetie!!!

  3. Those waves in her hair were called marcel waves, weren't they? Or something like that. Dates the picture very well. She had a great figure in that floral dress, it looks like.

  4. Why? Because she was a senior that year. I have this photo next to her senior photo in the family album. So now only one questions remains...

  5. The caption of this page says "High School Graduation." and then I have her senior photo, but on the opposite page I also have 1939 Summer Picnic at Itasca which has Mae Curtis and Almeada in it... it looks like the same light, but the ground looks a bit different I think...

  6. Snazzy dress -and hair!

  7. Great that you recognized that chimney to figure out where. I love that dress too.

  8. She was very cute. I have no pictures of my mom in teen years, etc. They lost everything in a fire.

  9. I love these old photos, always wonder what the colors were. She looks a little nervous about having her picture taken. Thanks for all the time you put into these photos, and sharing with us.


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