Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chance: Long Lake and The Smelly Fisherman

A few days ago Far Side and I visited Long Lake early in the morning. IMG_8670

There are 91 different Long Lakes in Minnesota. We were at the Long Lake in Hubbard County at the Hubbard Public Access which is on the southern most side of the lake.

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes. However there are 11,842 lakes that are ten acres or more..and there might be as many as 15,000 lakes just depends on your definition of a lake. There are about 250 lakes in the county we live in..and 160 in Hubbard County next door.

Far Side and I will be showing you a few lakes in the next few that the flowers are frozen and the leaves have fallen..there isn’t much else to photograph..unless you are interested in barns or deer stands..Far Side is interested in both.  She is weird like that sometimes..


We met  “The Smelly Fisherman” at the public access.  He is the reason that I was on leash.  Sometimes I cannot  leave the car without my collar and leash on! Far Side decides for me. Not everyone likes dogs and I tend to be really friendly!

IMG_8663 Dawn on Long Lake

We spoke with “The Smelly Fisherman”..he has had that nickname since he was ten years old.  He was born in Iowa, but used to live on Long Lake.   He was fishing for Northern and Walleye. ( Fall is the best time to fish for them.)   He said:

“ From the time I could hold a fishing rod I could catch fish.  It was funny, a bunch of us would be in a boat, and I would be the only one catching fish. I would bait someone else’s hook and then they would catch fish..I guess the fish liked my smell.”

I thought he smelled ok, nothing special.  Perhaps his cigar was disguising his special fish aroma:)


Emma Rose said...

Good Morning Chance!

Your lake looks wonderful. Do you swim in it during the summertime? That grassy place looks like a fine picnic area overlooking the water.
I think it's awfully nice of you to take Far Side for an early morning ride so she can take pictures! But then, you are an awfully nice guy :) And did I mention handsome?? :)

Emma Rose

Country Gal said...

I love the look of lakes and the peasefullness of them. I also love the sound of the Loon on or around the lakes. Great photos and post ! Have a good weekend!

DJan said...

Chance, you are just about the most accomplished border collie in Blogland, and I think it's wonderful that you write to keep me apprised of your antics, and how Far Side is doing. That water sure looks calm.

Patsy said...

I hope you are having a fun week-end !

Linda said...

Looks like a most peaceful place. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love these early morning excursions of yours! And I adore lakes! That dawn photo is wonderful!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh Chance ya are one lucky dog to be surrounded by so many beautiful lakes and ya get to live with Far Side too. Life just doesn't get any better does it???

Great picture of your handsome self, I sure wish I could look that good right outta bed! Heeehehe!

Tell your people to have a wonderful weekend!!!

Pearl said...

The Smelly Fisherman is a fish whisperer!!

Best wishes from a fellow Minnesota blogger,


Lynda said...

As well as handsome, you are one very brilliant canine - - - knowing all those facts about how many lakes are in your area and state. You go on so many adventures, whenever do you have time to do all that research? And you are friendly on top of all your other assets. If you were human, the women would be trying very hard to catch you for keeps!

RURAL said...

When we went to the States, we used to make sure to pickup some Land of Lakes butter, since it was simply the best.

I wonder if that's where they got the name from?

How absolutely wonderful to have so many bodies of water everywhere. Just think, you could live on waterfront property, and it wouldn't cost a fortune.... not like here.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

gayle said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love barn pics too!!

The Retired One said...

Loved that dawn photo! I am going to be reading many of your back blogposts..I have one heck of a summer/fall, so I want to get caught up on many of my fav will take me forever, but I want to read all the ones I have missed! BTW, LOVE your header pictures!! xxoo

Andrea said...

Sophie would love to surrounded by lakes (and smelly fishermen too) like Chance! Great photos...I've enjoyed getting caught up on your blog. :)