Friday, October 22, 2010

Enjoying your work

This morning Chance and I got up before dawn and took off to the Hubbard Prairie.  My Dad would be finding a surprise when he got to work around 7:30 AM..did you know it is barely light at that time of the morning?

We arrived before anyone else..Chance ran around willy nilly..I think he was confused..he could catch the familiar scents of people he knows but he couldn’t find anyone.

My Dad showed up..and we took some photos Dad is smiling today  He said “Wait a minute..let me button up my coat so I don’t look quite so raggedy!”

Dads new Cat 

Today he has a climate controlled cab..I think this Cat has about every perk you can get except for possibly TV.  He will be out of the wind and the rotten is bound to rain and  snow one of these days. He told me that he would be chasing stumps all day today..I think that meant that he would be lining up stumps in windrows..

My Dad sure enjoys his work..he told me once that he would still be able to run a Cat when he was a hundred years old..he only has sixteen more years to go.  Then he not so gently reminded me that when he is a hundred..I would be seventy five.  We are not even going there..

Hunter Oct 2010

The week before last when I was out there one day, Hunter was grubbing out stumps, so naturally I took his photo..he is married to my niece Katie and they have the twin boys who are going to Kindergarten this year and Aubrey who is too little for school yet and they live next door. Hunter enjoys running a Cat too..but I wonder does he enjoy it as much as my Dad..probably not..I don’t know of anyone who enjoys his work as much as he does:)


  1. Nothing that you said, or wrote...but something about this post makes me so sad, and it shouldn't.

    I am happy for you, having family so close by, and being able to see them all the time. That's a true blessing.

    It was the comment by your Dad, that he is aging, it brought reality back to me with a big smack. We all know that we and our parents are aging, it's just so hard to acknowledge it. I guess because we only see my parents twice a year, it's even more apparent to us when we see them again, that they are that much older each time.

    I love the idea that your Dad will continue to work, and it's good for him not to slow down.

    Too many people decide that when they hit a certain age all they should do is sit in front of the TV.

    My Dad still builds the most wonderful furniture, albeit a little bit slower now, but it's still meticulously built.

    Did you catch a sunrise?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. It's great to hear of people enjoying their work.

    Don't want to worry you, but we had snow here today!

  3. Good for your Dad. My father always said the best gift of life is to die doing what you love. Hope you Dad can always and forever be working with the big stuff.


  4. I love to see people of age have drive and passion. Hubby's dad love to drive a tractor more than anyone I ever met. He'd get on it a toodle around the Ponderosa often. He was in heaven when it was time to plow, plant or harvest.

    My Dad always had a project in the works, a purpose to get out of bed and live each day. Both are gone now but they both had a great will to live life doin' what they love as you Daddy does. I think it's just fantastic!!! :o)

    Have a great weekend sweetie and hug your Daddy often!!!

  5. That is pretty darn good that your dad does the kind of work he really likes and knows he will be doing the same for a long time more.

  6. That is a GREAT picture of your dad. It is one worthy of framing and hanging in the house. Technology has tremendously improved outdoor machinery. Also, there is satisfaction in seeing what landscape looks like at the beginning and end of a job. It's not like vacuuming where you can't tell what you did in a couple of hours!

  7. It would be fun to shadow your dad for a day, but I doubt that I could keep up with him. I bet he has some wonderful stories to tell, too.

    Staying active and having a reason to get up in the morning is the real key to quality and longevity of life. I applaud your dad's zest for life.

  8. You won't be 75 for another 16 years? You ARE a youngster. And a very fortunate one to have your dad around and in such good health. I miss my parents sometimes when I read about people my own age (or almost) who still have their parents around to enjoy! I still have memories, though.

  9. Great pics of your dad- glad he's able to do what he loves doing!

  10. men esp. have a harder time stop working. it's great that your father loves what he does. your dad looked good and not raggedy. rose

  11. That is just great! He is still going! Matt, loves drilling too. He told me that he could of done the drilling they did to get those miners out!

  12. It's wonderful to see someone that still loves to go to work at your dads age and enjoy it. He looks like he's in fine shape too, raggedy or not!

  13. Great post - and yes I agree with the above - very touching. It is very special... nice to see him working and doing what he enjoys!

  14. What a great post Connie. Great pics of your dad and so wonderful that he still enjoys his tractor. Hope you have a nice weekend.

  15. I dont think anybody on the planet enjoys running dozer more than the old man does.

  16. It's wonderful when you enjoy your job. My dad always liked working on things right up until the day he died. He lived to be 89. Here's a post I did about What I Like About My Job:

  17. That is neat that he keeps doing the work. My father in law was working strong way beyond the years of most men. I am sure he really enjoys the cat work. It is a great photo of him with him not looking so raggedy.

  18. sniff sniff, jealous. you still have dad that can run a cat!!!!


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