Saturday, April 17, 2010

The King

We have been Grandsitting up north. The boys are in school during the the animals entertain us. 
Little Elvis is the "King"..he is about 5 months old now.  He is terribly spoiled.  Far Guy calls him a terrorist one is safe from his advances.  He is fearless.  He is a tri color Shetland Sheepdog.
He is king of the couch.
 He is king of the coffee table.

He keeps up with the pack during a game of ball.  He is easily distracted by the wagging tails..and often grabs them.  He also nips at heels and back legs.  Miney responds by growling at him, yesterday she head butted would have thought she was going to kill the high pitch squeal that escaped from the little devil.  Chance also growls and makes throaty noises ..subtile communications continue..the three of them make quite a pack.

Chance always yields during ball play..he is a gentleman.  He is running and playing much better than he was last week..I don't know if it is the added stimulation of Miney and Little Elvis, but he seems to be feeling better..thank you for all your comments and concerns, he has lots of friends out there!  He would play ball with Y'all anytime! :)


  1. Glad the medicine is working! Miss you guys! Is Elvis worse than Odda! Poor Miney and Chance. Especially Chance! Hope you're having fun!

  2. Who needs entertainment when you have three dogs available. They are a party. Elvis is really growing. He is feeling his oats and testing the waters to see how much he can get away with. Miney is going to have to reel him in before he takes over completely. I am so glad to hear that Chance is better. I would gladly play ball with him any day. Yes he certainly has a lot of friends and a big following and I am one of his greatest fans.

  3. What good news about Chance. And I agree with Rae that you have a built in party with those three. What fun, to run and jump and play. It's a dog's life.

  4. What a little brat, reminds me of a cousin ;) Glad to hear Chance is on the mend. Enjoy your Grandsitting.

  5. What a pack!!! They are all so handsome. So glad Chance is feeling better.

  6. Yes our border collie can get himself so mess up from being so intense. They really are so high strung that the change could affect him.

  7. I'm so glad he is doing better. It's fun to have playmates, but those youngsters can really be a pain in the neck. Higgins is like that. Bossy little brat! Just be glad you will get to go home to some peace and quiet :)

    Emma Rose

  8. Sounds as if Elvis needs some good old obedience training...

    So glad to hear that Chance is feeling much much better.

  9. Ya just can't beat live entertainment can ya???

    God bless and have a super day!!!

  10. Hey, Pal! Glad you are up and about and feel'n better. Nothing beats catching balls, esp. is they are squeaky balls.

    Hope you keep recovering!



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