Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Girls

Our eldest daughter and our second granddaughter have birthdays one day after the other.   They are 26 years apart..Maddie was 12 this year and our daughter is now..ahemm..38.   Uffda that makes you feel a tad old..
Maddie loves horses..this was one of her very first horse rides..she was absolutely thrilled! (Thank you Amanda and Leah!)  She talked about this horse ride for years!

Last Summer she spent a week at my sisters really learning how to ride.  Maddie would like nothing better than to have a horse..unfortunately they live in town.
Her Mother was also a horse nut, she eventually did get her own horse when we moved from the city to the country.   These photos I found recently..Farrah and Trica during a 4 H share the fun at the local county fair one year.  I don't think the horse was so thrilled with all the activity..but she survived.

Happy Birthday Girls!  I hope your dreams of horses and a place in the country come true someday.  I am sure that their almost shared birth date has something to do with their love of no one else in the family seems to be bitten by the horse bug...well..except for don't suppose I am responsible for all this dreaming and wishing about horses do you? :)


Lanny said...

Oh I do hope that their dream comes true. As often as you might find me with my face buried in a fragrant flower or tree, you would find me with my face buried in my fragrant horse! Horse manure is nearly the second most stirring fragrance for me, right behind the horse itself! Favorite sound: the squeak of saddle leather. My disease began with my dad, a farm boy who loved his childhood. Even though we lived on a city lot (mom hated her farm childhood) managed to supply me with a horse within a bike ride's distance, the bike ride was about an hour one way and ninty minutes home (hill) but well worth it! So when we moved to the farm guess what Dirt got Lanny?

Gail said...

It must be in the jeans/genes! My horse dream was late in coming true but it did. Your daughter's dream will come true too.

Rae said...

There is something almost magical about horses. They are some of God's greatest creations. I am fascinated by their distinct personalities and they are beautiful to watch in motion. I have always loved them too. Happy Birthday to your girls. 58 years ago on this date my mother tried to make this my birthday. It is my father's birthday and she wanted to give him a special gift, but me being stubborn waited another 5 days before greeting the world. Also- Please tell Far Guy I was excited and happy to see his comment on my post today - maybe we should reconsider the DeSoto :)

Leah said...

Happy Birthdays! -- Good ol' Jack gave that ride that day... I remember it like it was yesterday! The girls were all excited but especially Maddie!

Tami Weingartner said...

There is nothing else in my childhood that sparked my imagination and gave me wings like my horse! NOTHING.

That Janie Girl said...

You probably are responsible for the horse fever...but there is nothing better than the love of a girl and her horse.


gayle said...

I am sure you have something to do with it!! I have only riden 2 times in my life!! I wish it had been more!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

"If wishes were horses
Beggars would ride"

Your daughter and her horse could have entered a look-a-like contest. They even have the same 'forelock'! hehe

Happy Birthday to your girls!


DJan said...

I'm like Janie: I've been on a horse only a few times in my life. And I was born a Sagittarian, ruled by the horse, in the Chinese Year of the Horse. You would think I was born to be a rider, but no. However, I know that when that bug bites, you'd better follow it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday girls.

I love to look at horses, but I never have been a rider. Maybe I should saddle up Jack?

The pictures are great.
Have a good day.

lisa said...

The pictures are great and Happy Birthday to the birthday girls!

Emma Rose said...

Happy Birthday to the girls! I hope the day was special for both of them.

Emma Rose

RURAL said...

First, Happy Birthday to both of them.

The love of horses seems to hit most of us at some time or other. May her dreams come true.

I know that my "being a kitty guardian" wish has come true, even though some mornings at 4 am I wonder if I got exactly what I wished for.....


Pamela said...

I never got to ride horses --
what a bunch'a lucky ladies!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Beautiful gals on beautiful horses. I hope they had the best birthday and their dreams really do come true.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Merideth in Wyoming said...

The horse Maddie is learning to ride on looks a lot like a Morgan. Was it? Good choice if it was! LOL. Once you are horse crazy, it never leaves you. I've had my OWN horses since I was six years old and I've never been without one since. That's over 50 years.