Friday, November 20, 2009

Who Me?

Now for a WHO ME?  Somehow I got roped into making the coleslaw for a fundraiser dinner for the All School Reunion.  I distinctly recall being at a meeting..and said quote " If you are having coleslaw make sure you recruit someone that knows how to make that it is edible. "  I absolutely hate coleslaw that is a mess of watery crap that puddles all over your plate.  So much for my opinionated opinion. There was no waving of my arms hollering "Pick me, Pick me, I am a master chef and my coleslaw is to die for."  I DID NOT volunteer..something got lost in translation..yet I am making it and taking photographs..I know I didn't volunteer for that one either. I must learn that when I follow Far Guy to these meetings just to keep him company ..that I should keep my big mouth shut, and occasionally leave my camera at home. I was informed of this coleslaw situation by Lefty last Sunday, he said he looked back in the minutes and Yup sure enough my name was next to coleslaw. And maybe it was a contact person..not as the preparing person, or maybe as a person with an opinion..not even these idiots would want  a person with zero cooking ability in charge of their coleslaw..would they?    Luckily I placed a phone call to my Mother for her recipe (Coleslaw for 300) and a plan of attack was formed. There is "No cooking" involved with coleslaw..only mixing..I thought there might be lots of chopping..but the gal that ordered the food ordered shredded cabbage..yeah!  My Mother says it will be a piece of cake..and she is meeting me to give me final instructions and to oversee the slaw.  She is famous for her coleslaw, it is one of her I will be saved this time. 

I hope they have a good turn out, it is at the Legion..they will have some of their buttons for sale and some of their over priced t shirts etc.. get this ..they are selling a whole line of t shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps etc.. and the Reunion Committee gets a dollar an item as a kick back. This way they get out of ordering 100's of shirts..and investing lots of money..but still a dollar an item? They have a reunion web site, I went there to check on the items for sale..they had two different price on the order form and a totally different price in the photo one proof read it? I sent off an email pointing out their erors ..the idiots.

At least the weather will be cooperative. It has been a really nice week. Not that I have been out and about very toothache is subsiding..and the huge pocket of puss has been reduced to a pea sized problem.  The pain is tolerable now, at least it is not going kerthunk..kerthunk along with my heartbeat.  I no longer have the chills and today I will put real clothing on ..because they would probably frown upon me showing up to make coleslaw in my jammies.  Not that it would bother me..but poor Far Guy would probably be embarrassed.  And people would talk.. well they would talk more..I have a pretty good inkling that some people in town might actually call me  "a character".  Far Guy says I should not give them any more ammunition I will conform to societies expectations once again. :)  


RURAL said...

Oh MY! Beware the woman with a toothache. Connie you are a spitfire are you not?

I am glad to hear that the problem is subsiding a little.

Go Coleslaw woman, go!


Shirley H. said...

I sure agree that good cole slaw is hard to find. Most restaurant cole slaw is too mild and bland for me. I like mine made with onion juice and mayonnaise and I used to buy a cole slaw mix that went into buttermilk - and was truly to die for!

Maery Rose said...

It's nice that your Mom is able to help you. I really miss that. Although I do have my Mom's old notepads filled with recipes, mostly handwritten. They're fun to just page through. So many memories wrapped up in those meals.

You don't mention the birdfeeder in your post but I'm interested in how you like it. I bought one that with winter moving in, it's small and I have to refill constantly. I'm looking for bigger but not too big and not too expensive.

p.s. Being called a "character" is the highest form of compliment in my book. I like your attitude.

DayPhoto said...

Far Side...I love coming here. It's one of the bright sides of the blogging world!


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

How does that happen? Ya know once you take award winnin' coleslaw to feed the masses your gonna be on that coleslaw mankin' list till the cows come home or death one. Just sayin'....

Hope your feeling better and have just the best weekend!!!

God bless you. :o)

demainca said...

Better be planning on making the slaw from now on. You are "The Slaw Lady" now. If you showed up in your nite nites and hair a mess and the cold slaw tasted great, ya think they would care.
You get that darn toothache better so you can enjoy this weekend, your mom coming over will help so much, Take care of yourself!!

DJan said...

Glad your toothache is on the mend. I think good coleslaw is worth being taken advantage of. So glad your mother is there to instruct on the merits of good slaw!

Rae said...

It's like going to an auction Connie. Never ever raise your hand. They will hook you. Bought and sold! Too bad you raised your hand for the coleslaw comment, but at least the kind you prepare will be good with your mom's help and her recipe. You might be a 'character' but I think you are one fantastic character. I am glad to hear your toothache is improving.

Emma Rose said...

"One price on the order form and a totally different price on the photo list"

You know, next year your name will be next to "Website and inventory control person"

Emma Rose

PS We could use a fabulous Cole Slaw recipie :)

Mary said...

Yep, you will be the "slaw lady", if it turns out good. So goof it up or take notes so that you can do it again! lol

Unknown said...

Wow, It's a good thing you knew who to call for help. I sometimes speak before engaging my brain & have to live with the consecionses.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thank you everyone for your comments.
Maery rose, That feeder Far Guy recently purchases at a supply company called MACS in Fargo, ND was only 16.00 and it does hold lots of sunflower seed..he fills it every other day. I am not sure if you have MACS in your area of Minnesota or not..but perhaps someone else carries them too:)

The Retired One said...

I absolutely LOVE that you got stuck with the coleslaw duty. ha If you are going to criticize then you have to be part of a solution.

Now after you make it, if someone complains, then THEY get the job next time. Works every time!