Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Return To Swan Pond

One day this fall ( November 08)  we were driving by Swan Pond..the Swans are gathering. I noticed a distinct separation of the Swans.  A bunch of large adults were along one of the islands.

Another group was swimming with their now grown babies.. this years cygnets are sporting a dirty grey color and pinkish colored beaks.. next year they will be all pretty and white. The cygnets stay within the family group for about a year. So the other group with no cygnets must have been the Swans that did not hatch any young this summer. I viewed it as a bunch of gossipy old Aunts.."Look at that show off..they had five cygnets this summer. Tsk..Tsk..bet they have their beaks full."

We watched the Swans for quite some time..they are beautiful creatures.  They must gather up here and then migrate out together..going to warmer climates for the winter.   You could learn something from a Swan.

The other night I was listening to my father and my brother discussing the upcoming winter.  The muskrat houses are low, the beaver houses are high.  The squirrels are not gathering acorns like they should.. their consensus was extreme cold.   Well isn't that just wonderful.. I am looking forward to that with great anticipation:)


  1. I have never seen a swan in my life, except for books, so seeing these is just wonderful.


  2. Swans really are majestic. It's wonderful that you have a place to observe them in their natural habitat.

    The cold winter coming does not sound like any fun to me. :(

    Kisses for Chance!
    Emma Rose

  3. We have swans up here in the Pacific Northwest, but I've not seen any yet. I belong to a bird listserv and one person today said he saw some tundra swans flying south! I would love to have seen that myself. I don't get the observation that the squirrels not gathering acorns means a cold winter. That sounds counterintuitive. Plus I'll never watch a weather forecast given by a squirrel, I'm sure! :-)

  4. I too would think that if the coming winter is to be cold, the squirrels would be storing up more acorns!

  5. I know their prediction sounded strange..but that was their opinion. Lots of times those two with there predictions make no sense to me either:)

  6. Your swans are beautiful. We have them around here at times; I'm not as connected to the wild world as I once was when I lived with my ex (an avid hunter) but I still see them occasionally--a flock in the air, about 10-12 on a nearby pond. They are really beautiful.

    About this colder than normal winter: Boo! Hiss!

  7. Beautiful swans a swimmin'. I sure hope the prediction is wrong for your sake.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

  8. Swans are so gorgeous and graceful. I love watching them. Your description of the two clans is funny. Sounds like a group of jealous old broads. I hope your father's predictions are wrong, but I would rather have a much colder season than a really snowy one.

  9. What a wonderful bird to see. I have only seen them in captivity.

    I hope the beaver, muskrats and the squirrels are wrong.

  10. The swans are beautiful and their young are too! Weather predictions - you never know they might be better than the weatherman (but I hope not!)

    Zoey came home tonight - guess I had to post about it for good luck!

  11. Great shots of the swans... I love the idea of the gossiping Aunts!

    And surely squirrels would be gathering MORE nuts if it really was going to be very cold?

  12. you'd think the squirrels would be busier...
    but what do I know.

    I never seen swans around close - but I've seen them further west on the columbia river. so beautiful and white

  13. Another cold winter, well if that don't just beat all......

    But, at least you got to see some swans. They are magnificent grey or white.



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