Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is over in our area. Nine days is not nearly enough to thin out the herd. The deer are now just nuts..and they will be that way until the weather changes and they head for the swamps to honker down. I have nearly hit two in the past few days, with the car. Last evening on my way out to the Sauna something with hooves thundered through the yard..Chance was very angry.

I got my deer. She was very cooperative and stood reasonably still for me for quite some time. I had a great time hunting with my camera!

Our Granddaughter Maddie was here with us to hunt with my Dad, her Great Grandpa. Maddie is eleven, she is the only one of our grands to show an interest in learning how to hunt. This is the third year that she has hunted with her Great Grandpa.

I loved having her visit..we did girl "stuff" ..we went to watch Joe's horses in the field and went to visit Odda, the neighbor dog to see how much she had grown. She wanted to see what photographs I had taken recently.. not exactly the typical "girl stuff" .. I visited her and my Dad in the Deer Stand.

She didn't see a thing while in the deer stand for a day and a half. "What did you see Maddie?" "Not a blasted thing Grandma..not even any squirrels." Shortly after we left to take her back home my Dad saw and bagged his deer. If she had stayed just one more hour..

This is my Dads Deer Stand..I love that it has steps instead of a ladder. He has windows that he can open, and he has a Propane Heater that takes the chill off..and a computer chair that is pretty comfortable. He was talking about insulating it..some years it is terribly cold during deer season.. I recall one November when it was twenty below zero..that was sometime back in the late 1970's. This year deer season weather was almost too warm..but there were a few days that it rained..and one morning it snowed.

There is talk of Maddie taking the Gun Safety Class..and there is talk about building a deer stand that could double as a telescope observation deck..and there was talk about the type of gun she needs..something not to heavy..something a little "girly." :)


Anonymous said...

What a delightful young lady Maddie is. How wonderful that she and your dad share a love for hunting. I love your dad's deer stand.

Pamela said...

it needs a computer & desk to go with the chair -- you could go wait with your camera and still have time to blog!

RURAL said...

Yes, I think that if I had a deer stand, I might convert it to a adult tea house. Couldn't you imagine having a few hours in the summer day to relax, and read a good book?

Maddie is gorgeous, and good for her to take the gun safety course. Have you checked out those stores called Cabella's, they are online. And I am pretty sure that they have "girly" guns, and everything.


Maery Rose said...

That's quite the deer stand condo! I'm glad you got some time with your granddaughter and it's nice that she hunts with her great grandpa. One of my nieces hunts with her Dad. They went elk hunting but didn't get anything except for a lot of beautiful photos. She's a wonderful photographer! I think the main thing is having that father - daughter time.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Maddie is just gorgeous. Makes ya proud to be a grandma doesn't it? It was hot here for deer season but I had the biggest doe standing right in front of my kitchen window. I only hunt with a camera but she bolted before I got the shot.

Ya'll have a wonderful day!!!

Gail said...

That beautiful girl needs a 223.

Rae said...

What a beautiful young lady. She has a gorgeous smile. I bet she enjoyed her "girl" time with grandma. It's nice that you were able to share special time with her. Too bad she missed out on that deer. Maybe next year.

LadyFi said...

Great shot of the deer. That deer hut needs a computer and a coffee maker!

Leah said...

What a trooper Maddie - somebody needs to keep those guys in line (and be the girl that gets the deer) - good luck next year!

threecollie said...

Now that is a deer stand!

DayPhoto said...

I like to hunt with my camera also!