Monday, November 23, 2009

The Red Bridge

When Far Guy was growing up..there was a bridge in town called the Red Bridge. Since I didn't grow up in town I was not privy to the "townies" secret language. The old red bridge just exists in his mind..because it was all messed up in the name of progress..and is just a whole bunch of culverts now.

This is a Red Bridge which has nothing to do with the old Red Bridge. They are just in the same town.

Oh and yes..this is The Red Bridge Inn..which isn't red either but pink. I wonder if that is another "Townies" secret that us country people are not privy too.

I didn't have much time, I was waiting for Far Guy, he was running an errand. I took these photos a week ago on November 16Th when it was sunny and warm. We have had a lovely November..Indian Summer at it's finest. Today not so much..we are back to dreary rainy weather.

I have to make a trip to town today to get the last of the supplies for the feast on Thursday. I am in charge of two pies, a lemon and a pumpkin, pumpkin bread, dinner rolls and a loaf of bread from the bread machine. I may have to cave and send Far Guy to the store on Wednesday..I am scheduled for a root canal on Wednesday morning. So let me tell you I am starting off the holiday season in fine style this year. I have no intention of doing any shopping on Friday..I am not an idiot..I am not a shopper..I am not a cook..and I am certainly not a wonder I dislike the holidays so much.

Is there something I am missing.. is it like the "townies" and their secret about the bridges? What could it be? There must be some big ole joyful holiday secret that I am missing?  Some people just LOVE "The Holidays"..  me..not so much:(


Rae said...

Oh I hear you and second your opinion. I am not a holiday person either. It's a lot of work and money spent to end up with family arguments over some trivial issue. Happens every year and I dread it. That is a beautiful picture with the water reflection of the red bridge. Hope all goes well with the root canal. Take care.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I love your header mosaic. Secondly, your photos of the water are so pretty; all the bodies of water in GA are red with mud! Thirdly, I sure am sorry about the root canal - I've had a few myself!
I have fond memories of holidays from childhood but I avoid the shopping madness myself these days and I like to bake, but it's just the two of us now. As for Christmas, I love the season but not the decorating. It would break my heart to unwrap all of mama's pretty decorations now. So, in my heart, I will celebrate the meaning of the Thanksgiving & Christmas seasons and thank God for allowing me to have met so many interesting, caring people thru blogging - something I can do from the comfort of my easy chair! Wishing you and yours blessings throughout the holidays Connie. Give Chance a treat from me!

Maery Rose said...

Beautiful photos! I love the reflections in the water, especially the bridge one. I'm kind of a bah humbug kind of gal, especially this year.

LadyFi said...

Lovely shots of red bridges!

demainca said...

The red bridges is beautiful. The reflection is breath taking. In small towns not every is in on all the secrets but sometimes we can catch bits and pieces of it.
I myself have the things I bake and am very good at and other I am a failure at. But my husband is so good at that and he is in charge of those things. I get the blahs now that there isn't really anyone around to help me do things.My husband likes all the things but doesn't want to help decorate so what is the point etc. Where the fun and the sharing of memories and traditions. I get it.

What a great way to start your holidays! Although the last root canal I had didn't even bother me, maybe you'll be as lucky!

DJan said...

Oh Connie, not a root canal on Thanksgiving Eve! That really sounds painful. But if you're like I was, I could hardly wait to get in there to have the pain subside. I don't envy you all that baking, but maybe they'll give you enough pain medication that you will actually have FUN! I also love your banner header for Thanksgiving. You done good, girl.

RURAL said...

See our Thanksgiving is in October, and we don't have that huge shopping day right after it, so I guess the excitement doesn't build for us.

BTW, I hate retail Christmas, I am tired of the cranky shoppers, the screaming kids, and the nasty hours. There did that help take your mind off of the root canal for even one second? I know, and you thought I was all for it.

As for baking, what about premade? Go to the store one day and stock up. Tell them you slaved all day in the kitchen.

Hope that all goes well on Wednesday.


Becca's Dirt said...

How terrible - a root canal day before turkey feast. Yuk. Hope you have a good day anyway.

Debbie said...

Hello my friend! I am STILL having trouble getting my comments to you and I have no clue why?? Somedays it's ok and others not! I can't bug hubby right now as he is busy. Now...what the heck are you doing having a root canal the day before turkey day?? Did I get that right?? Maybe I am wrong about that? How are you going to eat? Can't you reschedule it?? I am also with Muddy Boot the pies and everything else all made!! There are some great frozen ones too! I always use packaged pie crusts! They are better than any I can make! I must say I am not like you when it comes to the holidays...I love them but my hubby does not! Stesses during this time of year and can't wait til they are over! I hope you have a great turkey day despite your root canal and thanks for stopping by. You have such a wonderful blog and you write so well! I also love your headings that you make for your page...very clever...and that Chancey is always in there!! Yay!

DayPhoto said...

I love your header! Chance is just plain beautiful!

I never shop on the Black Friday...therefore my purchases don't count for the PoLiTiCaL garbage of sales talk.

I can't stand all the crowds nor can I stand looking at lots of stuff.



Gail said...

The holidays have too much commercialism(did I spell that right?) and not enough love.

Gail said...

I forgot to say, I love the photos.

L. D. said...

I really feel badly that you have to have a root canal, no matter what holiday that it is. That is the pits. I am still messed up with this new crown, but it is finally feels like my mouth is going to let it fit in.
That is a very difficult bridge to build. That is a highly technical one. I guess that is why it holds up. I really like it and that it is red. Take care, and demand service from all of your family.

Andrea said...

I really know what you mean about the holidays...even shared the same feeling with my psychologist/nurse brother...he agrees, and he thinks it's about how people seem to have this idealistic dream of how everything will all be grand, and the holiday realities always disappoint.

I have had one Thanksgiving which really ended up being wonderful: my then-almost-fiancee and I, both kind of left out by our families & circumstances, had a simple, quiet feast by ourselves, by candlelight. I made only the sides we really wanted, a small turkey, and our choice desserts. It was QUIET. We talked about how many blessings we had been given. We had time to reflect on the preceeding year and really give thanks. Someday, we hope to do it again.

Leah said...

I know the not-so red bridge too! Silly isn't it! Root canal - no problem... First one I had in 1989 was interesting but all that I have had since have been a breeze -- technology is wonderful! --the last ones I even went shopping afterwards... hope it goes well for you! (bad I've had more than one!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jinglebob said...

I have never been crazy about the holidays either,until the last few years. My children are getting scattered a bit and this is a time when I know I will get to spend time with them and my grandchildren. And I love my family and enjoy them more each year. All those years of being a hard assed father are paying dividends now. I am proud of my sons and what they have grown into being. Spending time with them and their spouses and children is about as good as it gets!

Also I have found if I get "Gro light" that is used to help plants grow in the winter months, helps me also. I am less depressed and grumpy. I need my sunshine! Maybe you do too!

Pamela said...

hoping your root canal is a success.
and why cook when you can buy it already made for cheaper and less hassle.

(Okay - I do a bit of cooking -- but in protest)