Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slaw Report

We will probably be known as the "slaw people" for awhile. The coleslaw was a hit. My Mother was the general, Far Guy was the gofer and I was the took about an hour and fifteen minutes to mix up goop and incorporate it into thirty pounds of shredded cabbage with a little shredded red cabbage and a few carrots.  Small batches were mixed one at a time.  The bowls were covered and refrigerated immediately. The goop is miracle whip, powdered sugar, celery seed, pepper and vinegar. As for the proportions..your guess is as good as my Mother just dumps, mixes and tastes. I told her I would really like some coleslaw with apples and raisins in it..that is the way my Mothers Mother made it. So there you have it the slaw report.

The fundraising dinner was a success, with 312 people being served. I am kind of a nut when it comes to food handling..and I noticed that many people there could have used a lesson or two. I will probably go to the next reunion committee meeting and give them my view ..well maybe not. I could give them some tips that would make their serving and clean up less germy.

The menu was real meat meatballs, fake mashed potatoes, fake gravy, real corn, real coleslaw, and Finnish flat bread. For dessert volunteers baked and donated bars and cakes. Nothing like bringing germs from thirty different kitchens into one area...and who doesn't like dessert? The solution is SO SIMPLE...fine you don't want to spend your food dollars on dessert..have your volunteers donate vanilla ice cream, and toppings..caramel, strawberry and chocolate. Viola..dessert...or is that voile..vola..whatever..

One way to burn people out or totally exhaust them is to put them in charge of clearing tables..and watch all the heavy sedentary office type workers clear tables one plate and cup at a time.. I finally grabbed a tray and heaped it full and cleared some tables.  No one was disinfecting tables after they were vacated either.. uffda..germ city..

I just don't know ( Insert sound of an old lady clicking her tongue here) what the younger people now a days are thinking. Just because you can't see germs..they aren't there? They are everywhere..yes, I am one of those people that stands with disinfectant wipes disinfecting my grocery cart before I put my groceries in it. And yes, Far Guy does it to. There is a reason that most of the new shopping carts are black..filth..that is the reason.

If you don't wash your hands at least ten times a day, more if you are working with or handling food deserve to be sick with food borne vomiting and diarrhea illnesses that could possibly kill you...but no one else needs to die just because you are too stupid to wash your hands.  Just my humble opinion:)


esully said...

Dear Far Side, You have give me my first good laugh today . There is nothing I love more than another cranky old 50 something woman, being a sometimes cranky 50 somthing woman myself. Dining out is a contant source of annoyance/anxiety. Is there anything more disgusting than a sloppily cleared table, sticky menu,greasy salt shakers etc. Another germ fest is available at your local Borders bookstore. Try looking up a book with their computers, white keyboards with keys black with dirt YUCK !!! Sometimes I yearn for the days when I was oblivious to noticing all the germy surfaces around me. I am not OCD about it...YET !

Rae said...

Well at least the ordeal is over and done with for awhile. I understand your germ concern. I guess I am more on alert because of being a nurse, but some people are dangerous with their lack of cleanliness. I carry hand sanitizer in my car to use after a trip to the grocery or handling coins. I hate buffets because I don't like to handle community serving spoons. I don't trust that everyone washes their hands. Yuck!!

Gail said...

Dear Mrs. Slaw,

A very humourous and entertaining story.

Emma Rose said...

I was going to leave a comment but I'm off to wash my paws instead!

Emma Rose

DJan said...

Connie, I wash my hands every time I come home from riding the bus or shopping anywhere. I also carry a hand sanitizer spray in my left pocket to dig out and surreptitiously spray on my hands if I see something especially awful. I also use the wipes before touching grocery carts. As I've gotten older I've gotten more careful about doorknobs, etc.

Liz in PA said...

Oh Connie~ You hit the nail on the head today!
What's the saying: "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" <---something like that!! :-) rings true every time!
And I am with you on the Questionable Dessert preparations from 30 different kitchens!!
Your answer is PERFECT!

Now......could your Mom supply the recipe for:

FINNISH FLAT BREAD....Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

The slaw sounds delicious. I, too, am a nut when it comes to germs. Daddy's leukemia treatment years ago completely did away with his immune system. The habits I developed then are still with me, thankfully. One thing that truly amazes me is grocery store cashiers who are handling money, raw meat etc. who eat chips while working!!!

Patsy said...

The Bennie has a immune system thing and we use sanitizer. This h1n1 has us on edge. We were told he was to old to get the shot. The cut of in Arkansas is 64 no matter what you have.Well here we go.

L. D. said...

What drives me crazy is standing around waiting to be seated with a lot of people, and when you head to the restroom early, you see seven or eight tables out there, not cleared, not being used and people standing around waiting. I could clear and scrub a table in less than two minutes, and dry it off too while the young people are picking up one item at a time.
Clean the table and the seat too.

LadyFi said...

Glad to hear that the fundraiser and slaw were a bit hit!

As for germs - we need them to build up our immune system. I'm not a believer of disinfectant wipes as I'm scared of helping create these superbugs that are resistant to everything! On the other hand, I'm a very frequent washer of hands as are the rest of the family (Oscar excepted)!

Connie Peterson said...

That coleslaw sounds yummy. I have some cabbage in the fridge and will try it. Never thought of POWDERED sugar! I usually leave out celery seed because our family has a celery allergy and I never know who it's going to hit next, so I leave it out of everything for everyone (except for me and Norm ... we don't count).

Germy places to eat are not appetizing for mind OR body! You would think that people would be more careful with the flu scare!

RURAL said...

Connie, I so hear you about the germs. Ugghh where do we start? My Mom and Dad won't even go to the building functions where they live, she is convinced they are all going to get Salmonella. And sad to say, she is probably right.

I hate it when they don't wash the veggies before making salads, especially the lettuce. And I am not talking about prepared veggies.

Working retail, I see WAY TO MANY people exiting the washroom, and I know that they don't wash their hands.

Then I have to accept their dirty filthy money, after they wipe their noses, and lick their fingers to grab the bills out of their wallets. Does that gross you out? It does to me. Yuck!!

I am so glad that you ranted, maybe, just maybe this will encourage someone to wash their hands. Oh please yes.



RURAL said...

And sad to say, I see mistakes in both comments I have just left you. I hang my head in shame...

But at least I wash my hands many times a day.


Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

I hear ya about germs. My kinda of gal!!! I would wiped down everything in the classroom. With Special Ed there was never a lack of snot or drool. Lysol is my friend.

The slaw sounded great and glad ya'll had a great turnout. Have a great day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh.....I understand completely. Makes me like my isolated existence even more;)

DayPhoto said...

Although I work in an office and truely am one of those "heavy sedentary office type workers"

I can't stand the idea of germs from around the world on my watch. I never go to pot-lucks. Can't do it. Can't do public bathrooms either. Give me a bush before a public bathroom.


Pamela said...

I'm a cart disinfect er, too.
But I worry more about my theater seat.
Should I wipe down the arms?
Should i spray something on the back of the seat in case there are lice?

oh my -- don't think, just enjoy the movie, Pamela. sigh.