Friday, February 20, 2009


Have you ever wondered how it was to ride in a wagon on a buckboard seat? I admired a buckboard seat in an Antique Shop one day, decided that I needed it, when I went back to make the purchase it was gone. Snooze and you lose. It remained on my list of needs for a really long time, I never found another one. Then one day I admired the one that my Uncle Otto had on his back porch. He said that he had seen one in pieces at an Antique Shop way up north, the next time he went up there he would check it out for us. He bought it and sold it to us, Far Guy used the hardware and all the rotten boards for a pattern and made me my very own buckboard. We mounted it on a stand, and I stained it red my favorite color. It is upstairs, it is not very comfortable, those pioneer woman must have had buns of steel.

For years Far Guy and I wanted wooden wagon wheels, oh my, they were expensive. In an Antique Shop in Baker, Montana we found a half of a wagon wheel, so we were happy and it has a place out in the yard. One day we were visiting our daughter in Nebraska, every time we visited her, we admired the neighbors wooden wagon wheel. It was a fine specimen, well wouldn't you know it, they wanted to get rid of it and just GAVE it to us.

Good things come to those who wait. Patience... I once told a Pastor that I prayed for patience. He said " If you pray for patience, the good Lord may give you something to be patient about." I don't pray for patience anymore.

Far Guy had some patience, his old medication must have given him some. He has completed the first phase of the medication switch, the fog that filled his head is lifting and his patience has left with the fog. Today we embark on phase two of the different medication schedule. Yesterday as he spoke with the Nurse Practitioner on the phone, he used a lot of "sign" language while speaking. He didn't lose any words, I tried my best to follow the conversation so I could fill in words for him as needed, when he talks to his friends on the phone I just don't give a rats ass what words he has lost. Does anyone out there realize how difficult it is to fill in words for someone on the phone when you can only hear half of the conversation? Most of the time the Nurse just asks to speak with me, not yesterday, luckily she emailed us the revised medication schedule. Far Guys patience has left, but he has sign language now and he isn't afraid to use it. I thought about praying for patience again only briefly. Far Guy and I will go toe to toe, it is good to have him back.. I think? Was he really this impatient back in 2007 before he got the Trigeminal Neuralgia? He must have been, funny how you forget. His humor is returning also, that is a good is one of the things that I love most about him. The pain has NOT improved, this next phase may or may not help with the pain. WE have to be patient and see...I will be patient..Far Guy says "That's easy for you to say, you don't have the freaking pain." That's true..I don't have the pain..and he has NO patience whatsoever..and I AM NOT praying for him to get any either:)


  1. You and Far Guy are in my thoughts ... I hope his new meds help him (and you)!! Otherwise, you might need tons of patience.

    That buckwagon seat thingy might be more comfy with some cushions perhaps? I do like it though - bare.

  2. I'm glad the fog is lifting for farguy, and as far as I'm concerned, patience is way over rated. That might be because I have none:) Glad his humor is returning, too. I always thought that was way under-rated. That is something that is definitely needed, and it seems that both of you have an abundance of it.

  3. You are a brave woman, and more patient than you probably think...

  4. From the Duchess-
    I will keep you and Far Guy in my prayers daily.

  5. I was taught that if you pray for patience then you will bring on tribulation. I'm not sure if there is scripture to back that up or not.

    I will be praying for Far Guys pain, that he adjusts well to his new meds, and that he'll keep his sense of humor.;D

  6. You and Far Guy are in my thoughts. It's sounds like you both have more patience than I do! I'm glad his humor is returning. :)

  7. G,Day Have you heard the rhyme ?
    patience is a virtue
    posses it if you can
    always in a woman
    never in a man.

    Seem right for your situation,

  8. Old Dog tells a story of praying for more patience and having God introduce a man he calls "Squirrel" into his life. His Squirrel stories rival my "Tim and Tom" sagas, only Squirrel was a druggie, and a biker, and had a lech for young girls (don't know that it was ever acted upon, but Old Dog has 4 daughters). O.D. says he learned NEVER to pray for patience again.

    Silliness aside, I know how difficult this must be for both of you. Nothing dissolves one's patience like chronic pain, and standing helplessly by as people we love suffer is no picnic either. God be with you both.

  9. I love your wagon wheel photo, very cool! :) Patience CAN be hard to come by, esp when dealing with medical situations. Very difficult as you deal with the myriad of confusing, paper-dropping, miscommunicating medical personnel one must deal with on a continuing basis. My thoughts are with you both, esp Far Guy in dealing with the pain...

  10. I've heard stories from my mom about riding on the buckboard when she was a kid.

    So that is how it looks.

    Hoping the pain is soon something of the past for Far Guy.


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