Friday, February 13, 2009

Backing Up

Do you ever have recurring dreams? ( For now I won't call them nightmares ) I have one where the road is icy and I cannot keep the car on the road, another where the brakes on my vehicle do not work, or they work so poorly that I hit other matter how carefully I drive. One night I was driving a vehicle that would move only in reverse. What do you suppose these dreams mean? That I feel that my life is out of control, that I can't help but injure something? That I need to help out a friend in the Auto Body business? That I want a new car? That I secretly have some deep burning need to drive in a Demolition Derby? That I want to backup, and do life in reverse for awhile? I suppose the possibilities are endless. Maybe they are just crazy dreams, by a crazy old woman.

Years ago when Far Guy and I were first married and both College students, we worked for his Father and Mother during the summer. One of my jobs was to drive a big old black 1964 Imperial and a trailer. Far Guys Dad gave me one on one instruction on how to use the trailer brake, how to turn wide..he was a good teacher. Then he attempted to teach me how to back up a trailer. We spent an entire afternoon with him directing me, he had his cigar firmly planted in his mouth, he cussed, he made faces, he finally gave up. I was unbackupable with a trailer..yes I realized that you have to turn the opposite direction that you want your trailer to was still all backwards in my brain and in the mirrors. Far Guy then tried, he wanted me to learn, I could back up straight for a few feet but when I had to turn..I would jack-knife the was hopeless. Far Guys Dad finally just said, "OK.. I will try to never get you into a situation where you have to back up. I drove for him for three summers..he was true to his word, I followed him down the road and never had to back up. Forward..I am great at forward.

When I was a member of the Local Fire Department, during a Fire I would drive the Ambulance. I never backed it back into the hall until Far Guy finally put down some Aircraft lane marking tape. I would get that sited in my left mirror and back in straight every time. I need some of that tape in my garage..I cannot back my car into the garage straight, it always ends up crooked. I suck at backwards.

Backing up your photos! I have finally backed all mine up to disc. WAHOO! It was on my list of things to do. I had lots of pictures files to go through, deleting the bad shots and doing some cropping. Finally they were all acceptable and I got them all done. I really should back up my photo files every month.

Friday the thirteenth: I don't put much stock in superstition. Friday the thirteenth happens every once in awhile. Today is a birthday day in our family, we have two nieces that have birthdays today! So Happy Birthday Katie and Bethany! They are 27 and 28 today. Born one year apart, one on my side of the family and one on Far Guys side. Both births much awaited and celebrated! Early valentine gifts! :)


  1. I love reversing in cars - especially if they are small. I walk most places these days so am out of practice now.

    Happy birthday to your nieces!

  2. hahaha You are such a hoot.
    Happy birthdays to your nieces. I bet they get a kick out of their crazy Aunt Connie.

  3. The backing up is what is keeping my from trading my motorhome for a 5th wheel. I can do okay at home with no one watching, but I'm sure some one would watch me sometime, somplace. Do you remember having to back up a hill on icy roads in the old days when all cars were rear wheel drive? I've heard people talk about it, but don't recall doing it myself. I guess it depends on what our "old days" are.

  4. Oh, dear. I'm running way behind this week, and I just caught up on your posts, and now I can't remember what this one covered. So we'll leave it at "Hi, Connie, glad to be back with you!"

  5. I've backed the boat down into the water -- which in some marinas is a wild ride. But I sure get nervous if any men are watching. They are so critical. Like a bunch of old hens, they are.

  6. I met my husband on a Friday the 13th. That should have told me something!

  7. Im no good at backing either! I love your stories. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day and happy birthday to your nieces.

  8. I have dreams where the brakes NEVER work! And I am lousy at backing up. Norm discovered one of my problems this summer when I couldn't look over my left shoulder cause I couldn't SEE out of my left eye. He has done most of the backing up in our family. My son-in-law will back me out of his loooong driveway if it's night time but makes me do it in the daytime!

    Happy birthday to your family chil'ens!!

  9. This is the kind of post which has the atmosphere of a fable. It is as intantible as a dream and I know I shall keep coming back to it in my mind.

    In the end, I expect I will start thinking I dreamed this dream myself.

    I know I won't do it . . . but, if I had the time, it has suddenly struck me it would be good to publish a hard-back book with a collection of really readable posts - and I'd put this one in it.

    Mary Sharpe


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