Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Just a reminder to vote today. It probably won’t make a difference..but I am not voting for any of the incumbents. They are not doing a very good job..in my opinion.

Here in Minnesota we have non choices for Governor so I will write my own name in.  Take that. The State would be lucky to get a non millionaire that knows how to balance something.


Politics and World News used to be one of my favorite subjects. Now I find that the news just tends to make me crabby, especially political news..so I watch the watered down news of The Today Show. The only slightly interesting political news in my opinion is California’s Proposition 19..will that State be going to pot or not?

Political commercials that poison our airwaves with back stabbing and false innuendo that always end with “I am so and so and I approve this message” really make my blood boil.

I hate that the phone rings off the hook with polls and reminders to vote..they even sent me emails for the first time ever..some low life must have sold my email address to them.  If I could catch that dirty bugger I would tell him or her a thing or two.

I also shudder when I shred the political garbage mail when I think of all the paper that could have been saved..but I do gain some strange euphoric feeling from the power I have over the mail.. go vote:)


  1. Very well said!! HEAR! HEAR! TWO THUMBS UP!


  2. Great Post..!!!
    I was a SNOB today and voted to SendNoOneBack...!! I loved it...!!


  3. I will be voting later this afternoon. I have voted in every election since I was eligible to vote. My older sister, on the other hand, has never voted which is something that I will never understand.

  4. Shred baby shred. We voted by mail this year along with thousands of others. I will say not more but I did vote well and I think with the majority.

  5. I always vote if at all possible! I figure that if you don't vote then keep your mouth shut about how things are run!

  6. Been there and done that first thing in fact!

    No matter how much I may not like my choices I always vote. Men and women have shed blood and given their life so I can have the opportunity.

    It will be so good not to have all the phone calls though!

    God bless ya and have a super great day!!! :o)

  7. Well said. I always vote, whether my candidates will prevail or not. I love the USA and it is my privilege to vote.

  8. I voted early - - - so much easier. The only consolation I have about the ones who are in office is they will stand before the same Jesus one day as I will. If they don't answer here on earth for their lack of integrity or their wrong votes in legislation, they will answer for eternity. The politicians who have stood up for all the wrongdoing in our government are heroes in my book.

  9. I used to be hooked on the news and politics as well... Now it leaves me cold most times. If politicians can't play nice, then how can we expect the coming generations to?

  10. I always seem to vote for the losers...if you can call them that...losing saves them from being called a politician...maybe they are the winners?

  11. all my calls were recordings. Another blogging friend got a live call and the person got really abusive so she turned them in.

    How long do you think before it starts up again? I'm going to write to the local "parties" and tell them that next year I won't vote FOR ANYONE WHO CALLS MY HOUSE

  12. I should have written your name in for Gov too! My man didn't win :( Oregon is nuts. Wish we could afford to move :)

    The Duchess


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