Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chance: Trica Transferred

It is I,  Chance, giving an update on my sister Trica.  I had to stay home all by myself today..well Jo came to take care of me..but I was alone for a little while, then I went with Jo to visit Hooch and Odda!   Then Far Guy and Far Side came back and they were too tired to play ball.

My sister is now in a different hospital, with different doctors and different tests..and it is further away.  It is in Fargo, North Dakota..that is a different state than we live in. Far Guy said “Someone is finally getting their shit together..she should have been transferred last Sunday or Monday at the latest.”

It was a warm day here today..too warm for me to wait in the car safely.  Far Side said “The dog is not going in the car today.” What a relief..I have been in and out of that car so much in the past three days.

There is not much to report, my sister has a bad infection ..but they are not sure which strain yet.  Her Echo Cardiogram today was much better than the one they did on has been three days.  She had a chest x-ray and another MRI results from them yet and she is scheduled for a PET scan in the morning. I wonder if they use a dog or a cat..or a bird..they are all pets..ha ha..that’s a funny! 


Far Side does have a post for you tomorrow..Lord willing and the crick don’t rise..or if she doesn’t sleep half the day..or if the phone doesn’t ring :)


  1. Great post Chance - Ya know, I should have taken pictures of you and Odda and Hooch playing today. What was the matter with me!?!
    Hope that Tricia improves daily.

  2. Glad to hear progress and thanks for posting Chance....

  3. hope your sister gets better.rose

  4. Hey Chance, funny joke, it reminded me of the one where this doctor that works out of his home charges a huge sum to all his patients. Finally one asks why. And he tells them it is all the new fancy stuff he is doin'. "What fancy stuff?" the patient askes.
    "Well when you come my dog Ralph always gives you a Lab test and the momma cat always scans you."

    But then that's an old joke and your a sharp dog so I'm sure you've heard it before.

  5. Chance, I hope this hospital is bigger and better so your sister will get better faster. Medical care for people and for dogs can be so different from one doctor to another. Maybe there will be specialists to help her. Take care buddy and encourage yout folks for me. I hope they get all the stuff straightened out too.

  6. Praying that this hospital and the tests they are running will give you the answers you need.

    Chance, that's a pretty photo with you in the Autumn leaves.

    Lots of love to each of you.

  7. Hi Chance:
    Thanks for your great update on Trica. We have been waiting to hear how things are going. We hope that Fargo hospital staff will find out what the problem is and identifies the cause of that infection. Please keep us posted on how Trica is doing.

  8. Chance I am so glad you posted something about your sister. I waited all day for an update from Far Side and was concerned when I she hadn't written anything here. It is good to know that Trish is in Fargo now. I hope they get some answers soon. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

  9. Healing thoughts sent to your sister.

  10. Love the last photo of Chance behind those beautifully colored leaves. Still praying for Trica. Take care of yourselves too.

  11. Chance, Fargo has great medical facilities, so I know the doctors there will find out what is going on with Trica in a few days.

  12. Chance your the most hansome & articulate dog.
    Please be patient with your people. Like I emailed Gene it is one thing to have parents, siblings, or other relatives ill , but children that is just to hard.
    You are so photogenic Chance. Thanks for letting us know. I too check back here often to see how Trica is doing.

  13. A great report Chance.....take care of things at home eh!

  14. Hey, Chance! You look really good with the red leaves!

    Thanks for the report! I'll let Mom know she has been really worried about your Mom and your sister.


  15. Chance - - The autumn foliage is pretty but with you in the picture for contrast, it becomes beautiful which only enhances your handsomeness! I am so glad they are beginning to find out what is wrong with your sister. You are helping in that healing process by living a flexible lifestyle. We will do our part and keep praying.


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