Friday, September 15, 2023

Busy week

 We had a couple of Dr appointments this past week.  The Eye Doctor is finally done with all his tests...results of the first tests are stable...knock on wood.  I have not heard about the second test yet...hopefully it will be okay.   I had Lab draws yesterday for the Rheumatologist who has taken me off of all medications and needs time to figure out what he was going to try next...  seems I have a very rare form of arthritis...nothing is ever simple.

I visited Mom one afternoon this week, there is Covid in the Nursing Home.  We had a Care Conference for her yesterday, I just went in the building as far as the conference room.  She is doing okay...someone took money out of her purse. So that made her very unhappy.

Far Guy had his normal weekly infusion.  The nurses in the Infusion Center are very good to him...I think they enjoy his sense of humor. 

We have 30 woodcarved Christmas ornaments ready to paint. So that is progress.  

I mowed our weeds and leaves one day this week.  I have brand new mulching blades to put on so I am quite excited about that! 

We went to a car show one afternoon/evening. The last  car show of the Summer.  It was very "Fall like" with wind coming off the lake.

I am getting my paper supplies for Christmas cards ready for a Craft Retreat soon.

Mornings are very cool...almost nippy!  Our furnace is on.

Far Side


Rita said...

Lovely colorful flowers!!

I hope your results are good on the second test, too. At least it sounds like your rheumatologist is thorough and a good one.

I hope your mom will stay covid free. Sad to hear she had money stolen. You don't know if it was deliberate or not in Nursing Homes. Has to feel invasive, regardless.

Nippy! We've had some mornings in the 40s but it is supposed to be more like 50s at night for a while. We might even hit the low 80s again beginning half of next week, it says. Have a good weekend. :)

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Your flowers are so pretty! Fall is just around the corner and though I am wishing for it to hurry up, I don't wish to make time going by so fast for a little heat relief. I mowed this week also, but ran out of gas and didn't get to finish. :)

Sara said...

The flowers are still so lovely. Hopefully your mom avoids Covid or the flu or any of the other things that seem to flourish in nursing homes. Hope your doctor appointments ALL yield good news.

Red said...

That was a busy week. You needed some naps in there at some time.

Jenn Jilks said...

Our furnace is on, too!

Terry and Linda said...

WOW! That photo is beautiful! I hope they can figure stuff out and make you more comfortable. My eye is still has flares, but somewhat improving. Sure is hard this 'old' stuff.

Linda Reeder said...

Leave it to you to have a rare form. :-)
I do hope the doc figures you out and comes to your rescue. Pain is no fun.

Maebeme said...

Good luck with the second test results.

My Dad had money stolen at the nursing home too. He kept his money in the drawer of this bedside table. We were able to have the office hold the funds for him, and for the first while he'd make his way there if he wanted to buy something at the commissary. Eventually he forget where the office was located, but at least the money wasn't going missing. I wonder if that is an option for your mom? I do she is able to avoid Covid there as well.

The flowers are still looking fantastic! I had to run the furnace this morning, it was a mere 65F this morning. (Yes, I use celcius for outdoor temps and fahrenheit for the indoors.)

Betsy said...

Prayers that all will be well on the second test and they get your arthritis figured out. This getting old is for the birds. Also sorry about your Mom's purse. That happened to Mom at her place once too. We've convinced her to not keep much money there.
Several people at the wedding last Saturday tested positive for covid this week. Although we've all been sick, including the bride, groom & baby J. Brad, Mandy, Piper and both of us, we've ALL tested negative thank goodness. We had a good friend in Spokae pass from complications from covid last month. Will this madness ever stop?
Take care of yourselves Connie. I think of you often.
Blessings and hugs,
Betsy said...

The flowers are beautiful. Your Mom needs to put her money in her shoe and she should give you any cards she has as in credit cards. That's terrible that people would steal from the elderly or anyone for that matter.
Far Guy does have a great sense of humor. I hope all your tests turn out good and that they get you on some good medicine to alleviate your was cold when I got up this morning but I just put a sweater on. Pretty soon I will be turning on the heat too.

L. D. said...

You did have a busy week. I am getting a new doctor soon hoping they can figure out my double kind of diabetis. I think that I shouldn't be taken one of my meds and I don't like how I have had to use the internet to understand whats wrong with me. I think I am being wrongly treated and I feel bad a lot of the days of the week. Maybe your meds can be restarted only one at a time to see what works instead of just throwing everything at you.

Val Ewing said...

So you are rare like a rare gem. I guess that doesn't help your RA but at least you know you are very unique.

My MIL didn't have $$ at all at the Nursing Home, it was kept by the staff who accounted for it and used credits for when she wanted to purchase something. It was like a renewable debit card system. We could put $ in her acct and she could purchase anything she wanted.

Sorry she had money taken.