Saturday, September 22, 2018

High Bush Cranberries

The High Bush Cranberries are ready.  (Viburnum trilobum)

High Bush Cranberry fruit 

I really don’t have time to make jelly but I sure would like to. You can make jelly, jam or sauce from the berries.

Leaf identification; three lobed leaves with veins that are well defined.


The fruit is tart and tastes much like the true cranberries.

This one bush in our driveway may yield one jar of jam…maybe….jam is faster than jelly!  I would need to scout out more to make a batch.

I need more hours in my day…and it gets dark earlier everyday.  Welcome Fall I guess, but I am not quite ready for you.   The lawn was mulched for the second time yesterday 5-8 more times and then it will snow.

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Sam I Am...... said...

Yes, Happy Fall! I have been counting the days as Summer here is miserable...ahhh.
It is 54 this morning with a high of 62 and it! The girls were sniffing the air this morning (they go out through the garage as then they can come in out of the rain when they want.) They knew something had changed for sure!
It's too bad we can't 'tele-transport' like on Startrek.....that would be so nice to visit blog friends and get out of nasty weather or go into it depending on your preferences. Enjoy your Fall and if I was there we could go off looking for highbush cranberries and make jam together. Enjoy your first day of Fall!

DJan said...

Yes, finally our days and nights are of equal length. And the sun will rise due east and set due west all over the world. I find that fascinating. :-)

Val Ewing said...

Ahhh that is right! It is the first day of fall. And today it feels like it. I don't know this plant very well. I have photographed this plant in the winter along Lake Michigan while it was ice covered.

Lynda said...

It is darker a bit earlier here, too. What I dislike more is it is soooo dark in the morning when I have to get up at 6:45 to go and get our grandson.. Sunrise isn't until almost 7:30.

Bonnie said...

Busy days and before we know it we'll be looking at Christmas! For once the weather here has looked at the calendar and it is suddenly cooler today!

Granny Marigold said...

I'm ready for Fall and I hope it sticks around for at least 2 months before dreary winter sets in. Our trees and shrubs are dropping brown leaves but it's due more to the drought all summer than true Fall colour.

Red said...

Hey, I'm sending snow your way! We got 5 in of snow last night.

Linda Reeder said...

The berries are beautiful. The birds can eat them for you - less work.
I'm never quite ready to welcome fall either.

Jacqi Stevens said...

Fall really snuck up on me...the temperature did an "oh no, you don't, either!" turn on me and headed back up into the nineties here. I'm with you, Far Side: I still need more hours in my day. And I'm not ready to give up my fresh tomatoes for another year quite yet.

L. D. said...

Maybe next year you can do the berry thing. We don’t use as much jelly a we use to. I am ignoring the apples at the old place as they are small this year.