Sunday, July 10, 2016

Assistant Wedding Photographer

Yesterday I helped our daughter Jen take photos at a wedding.  The Bride is a friend of Jens.  Jen usually only does photos of babies and graduation photos…weddings are a bit more stressful, you only get one chance to capture the moments during a wedding.

I was photographer number 2 …the assistant.  Having photographed several weddings with Jen before…we know that each of us sees things differently.

The ceremony took place on a hill near the Red Lake River.  There was a bit of a breeze and it was partly sunny and 80 degrees. Guests were asked to bring their lawn chairs.

Wedding bouquet

These Orchids surrounded huge Calla Lilies in the bridal bouquet.The bride

The bride was beautiful.  The ceremony was short and sweet and to the point, it was also very musical…with trombones, a flute and even a violin.

Thumbs up or hitchhiking

Thumbs up! Yes for sure… she was looking for her new husband to give her a ride back to the reception.  They hosted the wedding guests at their new home just down the road from the site of the ceremony. Shortly after their arrival they donned aprons and served their guests a wedding meal.

Here is my best shot of the day…the flower girl.

Flower girl

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time with the right light.

It was a fun day…the newlyweds presented their guests with butterflies to release.

One of the bridesmaids with a butterly

Not sure what kind of butterfly…a Skipper of some sort maybe.  It was fun to watch them fly away.

I wouldn’t want to be a wedding photographer…but I enjoyed being an assistant!

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  1. To be a good wedding photographer you need to have the energy of a sports photographer. Which I don't have.

  2. You're right. The flower girl photo is just gorgeous.
    Love the butterfly part of it.

  3. You were able to catch the excitement and happiness of the moment. this must have been a laid back happy occasion.

  4. We knew you'd capture the flowers! ;) Wonderful pics you were able to share with us without exposing identities. The flower girl shot--priceless! :)

  5. That shot of the flower girl is timeless.

  6. What a sweet little flower girl! And such a good idea, to release butterflies for your wedding. :-)

  7. The little flower girl is a beautiful photo.

  8. You took an awesome photo of the flower girl. Love the idea of releasing butterflies.

  9. The picture of the flower girl is of professional quality. Hope you are planning to process it and frame it!

  10. Yes, I'd say your best shot of the day was a great one. Serendipity! And a good eye ;)

  11. Your shots are AMAZING! You are an ace assistant (and I am sure a perfectly lovely head photog too).

  12. Oh no...I wouldn't want to be one either...brides nowadays want the world or some do anyway. They seemed like a very sensible couple...who ever heard of a bride and groom serving their guests at their own home. I like them already! I wish them the healthiest and happiest of marriages and you took some great photos....they will love them!

  13. Oh my goodness, the picture of the flower girl is just beautiful. Wouldn't that make beautiful greeting cards!

  14. Marek Kocan

    On your wedding definitely not miss a professional wedding photographer SNV. Why actually invest in professional wedding photographer and wedding photographer hired a layman that is certainly cheaper. The difference between the wedding photographer certainly is not great, but the details that separate them can care about most.

  15. Beautiful pictures - I love the dark deep blue color!

  16. I do hope you printed off the flower girl photo, it is wonderful! I like that the new couple served their guests- that's pretty special.

  17. At our wedding 31 years ago our young photographer had her batteries go dead. It was at the end of the day and missed pictures of running to the car. Otherwise we had good photos. Tell your daughter and the helper too that spare batteries are a must. Great photo of the little girl.


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