Friday, July 22, 2016

Flowers and other “stuff”

I had an nice garden surprise. 

Double Rudbeckia

A Double Rudbeckia

With all the rain we have had recently the wild gardens are doing well.

Red Magic

Daylily ‘Red Magic’ put on quite a show this year.

Yesterdays Infusion went almost perfectly, the port worked as it should.  Far Guy reported back to his Doctor as requested.  Go figure what changed…although he drank more water and didn’t get a blood return until he leaned way back. One more week behind us. Every week seems to be a medical adventure. 

My “radical thought for the day”…Remember back when Sarah Palin said the Death Squads would take over?  Everyone dismissed her as a wacko??   Now we hear that there are no transplants for those over seventy.  Ever wonder how much it costs Medicare to take care of all of us older folks?? …each one of us that dies is money not spent and more that they can send to some overseas country that supports terrorism.

I finished the book I was reading by Barbara Leaming Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis The Untold Story. I give it a two out of five stars.  I watched How To Make an American Quilt on Netflix I gave it five out of five stars…I really enjoyed it, in fact I might watch it again.  The Bachlorette is nearing the end…will Jo Jo find love?  I like Luke.  Big Brother has been more interesting than usual…I like Pauli, James and Natalie and the weirdo Paul is growing on me.  Yes I might be a reality TV junkie.  Nothing better than a Naked and Afraid marathon or several episodes of Shark Tank to keep me entertained…anything is better than the news programs about who shot who today.

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  1. Love the flower pictures. Happy to hear Far Guy's "port" worked yesterday. I have found that as more people are getting health insurance the elderly are being denied more and more procedures - go figure. Death Squads are alive and well!!! I have become a junky for all the detective series- NCIS, NCIS-Los Angeles, Law and Order, CSI, Diagnosis Murder, etc. My hubby thinks I've lost my mind. Have a great weekend.

  2. I too love the flowers and wonder about the state of the world. I'll watch that Netflix movie, it sounds like fun! So glad to hear that you got one more port infusion to work. :-)

  3. Lovely photos and flowers . We are Netflix junkies especially as we now have a new 50" smart 4K TV with Netflix built into it and regular TV and movies with this TV makes you feel like you are there it is awesome we love it when it is to hot to be out side or in the winters cold that's where you will find us lol ! I hear you about the news always soo depressing . Glad all is going well with Far Guy . I think the way both countries treat our elderly is disgusting . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  4. I just had the Medicare mandated wellness visit with the doctor. I felt like you, Connie. The government would like to have us old folks disappear and quit costing them money. I know "they" would dispute that. All I know is how the visit made me feel...and I even like the nurse and doctor I deal with.

  5. I am glad to hear that the port procedure went better. Hope this keeps up.

    Yes, I often feel that we older persons are in everyone's way. Asian cultures treasure their elderly. We could learn from them.

    Shirley H.

  6. Glad things went better with FarGuy's port this time. I love the flowers!
    I saw that movie about making the quilt years ago and remember it was good. I might have to peek at it again if it's on streaming. ;) Be a nice change from all my murder and detective shows--LOL!
    I did think of the death squad thing when you mentioned the no surgery over 70 years old. Good grief! They don't let you retire until you're 67 now. I guess that gives you three years? LOL!

  7. Glad Far Guy did well, did you watch Trumps speech? What he said is almost to much
    to hope for. God be with us if he is wrong. Obamacare gone--hope will be on
    the way.

  8. I'm so glad the port procedure went better. Sarah Palin was right...and oh how it sucks.


  9. Yep death panels are real. If you are on medical Obama stuff there is an age drop off for chemo for cancer. If you are too old and get cancer, take the blue pill and die. I am sure when the infusion isn't consistent it has to make you worry every single time. Our friend who took chemo last summer would go into a panic attack midway through the administration. They finally decided to give her a relaxer sat a certain time into the drip so she wouldn't go with the panic.

  10. Happy to hear the port worked better!! YAY! I am a reality TV person too. I don't watch Bachlorette however. Big Brother...YES! I like James too! And Nat seems so darn sweet. Whack Paul isn't growing on me yet. He is so annoying with the way he talks..."your boy". I am not a big fan of Paulie either!! And Frank I hope is evicted next!! Can't wait to see who wins Battle Back! I don't think it should be an age cut-off for transplants. Maybe more a lifestyle one!! I get really ticked off when they give an alcoholic a new liver!! What a waste.

  11. I have been almost ashamed to admit to people that I watch Big Brother. But then, they are in their 18th season. Someone besides me has to be watching. I would have liked to see Da leave instead of Tiffany. It will be interesting to see who comes back. I just hope it isn't Jozea.

    I did chemo 12 years ago. There was a woman there that would get upset and act out every single time. One time, I'd had enough of it and said "Oh, for the love of God! Get over it!" She didn't hear me, but my nurse did. They changed my schedule after that so I wouldn't be there when she was. I was 46 years old then and had an 11 year old daughter to finish raising. I don't think that I'd agree to chemo again. It isn't like an antibiotic that is gone when you finish. Chemo changes your DNA and damages everything in your body. When I see really frail old people in my oncologists office, I wonder why they decided to do it.

  12. The over seventy rule seems a bit severe. Many of the elderly are people who need such procedures and will live long enough to make good use of it.

  13. Do you have a PBS station? You might love the Great British Baking Show. It's hard to describe the appeal, but people are falling in love with it. Not for the baking, I think, but for the real-people-trying-their-best-under-pressure stories.


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