Friday, July 29, 2016

Purple Joins Yellow

First of all the skeeters are horrid, all the rain we had and the water standing in the fields have bred skeeters big as birds…well not quite but when you step outside they are in your eyes, ears, nose and if you open it your mouth.

Goldenrod and Spotted Knapweed

Canada Goldenrod or Solidago canadensis a native plant is the yellow and Spotted Knapweed  or Centaurea stobe spp. micranthus a Noxious Weed is the purple. The County/Townships almost had this noxious weed under control a few years ago and now it has resurfaced.

Purple joins the yellow

The Liatris is blooming in the wild gardens, this particular one is Liatris spicata or Gayfeather and I planted it long ago.  It blooms from the top down.

We have more purple but the skeeters were eating me alive.  I hope we get gale force winds tomorrow so some of the skeeters impale themselves on trees.

I know it is wrong to pray for a frost…but I am tempted.

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  1. The flowers are very pretty. But, if you can't be outside to enjoy them what the heck. So far we have been lucky in the skeeter department - not enough standing water. I do however remember the years when they were as bad as you have it right now. i don't blame you in wanting to pray for a frost. Have a great weekend.

  2. I was attacked by biting flies yesterday, but I'll take them any day over mosquitos big enough to carry small critters away. YIkes! But I do love your pretty flowers, except for the noxious weeds. :-)

  3. Yikes! No frost yet. Yesterday was already the check-in day for the Vikings training camp! That signals fall to me. That's why you posted the purple and yellow flowers, isn't it? ;-)

    1. How is that for a wild coincidence! :) I had no idea since we don't follow football happenings:)

  4. I LOVE that thought of impaled skeeters on trees!!!


  5. You almost need one of those beekeeper suits!
    Rest assured, you are not the only one thinking about a frost. ;)

  6. I always look forward the gold and purple of goldenrod and asters.

  7. I like the yellow and purple, I had Gayfeather in my garden for about two years
    then it disappeared.

  8. Giant fans sucking them in and chopping them up would be great. Our town has sprayed well in the past because of the virus thing but they seemed to have had a lapse in their schedule as I can't water tomatoes and swat bugs at the same time.

  9. Those noxious weeds have the prettiest flowers!
    I think is is because we water here in our yard and nobody else around here does, bur we are plagued with mosquitoes. I got four bites just sitting in the shade for an hour yesterday afternoon. I want them dead too!

  10. A nice breeze to disperse the bugs and then enjoy the flowers...nice photos

  11. So glad we don't have many skeeters because they love me and I react to the bites terribly.

  12. Our Goldenrod doesn't bloom here in southwestern Ontario till the middle of August . Lovely photos . I am surprised with all the humidity we are having we don't have more skitters then we do but I am thankful that we don't and we live near a river and a marsh to . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  13. Lol at the skeeters impaling themselves! We have been fortunate here, very few of the li'l bloodsuckers.

  14. Each species of mosquito don't last long. It's just the species keeps coming all summer.


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