Saturday, July 23, 2016


It is still hot here with the heat index into the 90s near 100.

I mowed the lawn, it was like being in a sauna.  We woodcarved out on the patio and chased the shade around. Progress is slow on the Christmas Ornaments,  the good news is …I picked out the 2017 ornament already and will do a test carve one day soon.

The darn squirrels ate my pretty red Salvia.

Squirrel damage

They left the stalk and the remnants.  The buggers anyway.

We went for a ride just before dark.

Deer July 22

We saw six deer.  These two ran right in front of us…followed by a spotted fawn who we cheered on to run across the road with the herd. Chance thought it was real exciting.

Corn Field July 22

Steve’s corn is all tasseled out and making ears.

The movie for the day was Abandoned a 2015 movie about the aftermath of a rouge wave in the South Pacific.  I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

If it is warm where you are stay cool!  I hear that Itasca State Park is closed due to trees down in this weeks storms and many people North and East of us are without electricity.

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  1. I think that it's hot everywhere this summer.

  2. Fun shot of the deer running across the road. Thanks for the movie info. I hadn't heard of it, but 4 of 5 stars sounds like worth a try. Hope you're doing ok in the heat!

  3. I put that quilt movie in my queue and will watch it this week. I think it's hot almost everywhere. We are in the 70s and see more heat in our near future. I'll stay inside if it gets bad! :-)

  4. Very hot here too! I went out at 6:30 to water...I went out last night but it was thundering and the wind had picked up so I went back in but it never rained here. It was all around us but not a drop for us. Could it have something to do with the lake? Anyway, it's supposed to be 97 or 98 but they lie because yesterday the bank said 104!~not counting the heat index which I don't want to know!
    So sad about your salvia....darn squirrel, can't he go find a nut tree in those woods? I put that movie on my list to watch. You are so ahead of the game...2017 ornament already? When do we get to see the 2016? A preview? Stay cool as It has been really hot in the midwest too. Give me cold any day...I can always put on more clothes but I can only take off so many before I get arrested! LOL!

  5. Wonderful shot of the deer crossing the road. How often does it happen that one can catch this? I wish I could have seen the spotted fawn too.

    Shirley H.

  6. It's hot here, too. We have a heat advisory. Jeanne and I went walking anyway. Prairie flowers are blooming at Charleston Falls. Beautiful.

  7. Sorry the squirrels ate your flowers. :(
    That is a fantastic action shot of the deer! Wow!
    I have that movie on my list! Glad to hear it's a pretty good one.
    I can't believe you were out mowing in that heat! But then it looks like rain today. Was so dark this morning Karma and I both thought it was still night so she didn't wake me up for her food and I slept in really late--LOL! Still dark, hot, and muggy. I hope it does rain so maybe it will thin out the air--LOL! :)

  8. Loved your pictures. Those darn squirrels! So much fun to watch but can be as destructive as deer. I loved your shot of the deer. It is really hot here in Kansas too!

  9. Around here, it's squirrels and the deer eating everything. Deer are eating plants they've never bothered before. And HOT, my goodness. I can't see how to do anything because of the sweat running into my eyes. It is miserable in weather this hot and humid.

  10. I can imagine Chance thought those deer running was exciting. He was probably glued to the window watching. You were sure quick with the camera too.

  11. Bad squirrels! Flowers are too precious for them to waste.
    It seems like we here in the PNW are about the only ones to have moderate temps and weather. Take care, everyone.


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