Sunday, July 31, 2016

Evening Ride

Chance is a creature of habit, he likes his nightly walk and then a ride.  If he goes for his walk and then doesn’t get to go for a ride…he pouts and sighs.

This is what we saw last night.

Twins in the clover field

A doe with a pair of fawns in the clover field.

Following their Mom

They followed their Mom to safety.

Donnies field

One of Donnie’s fields is ready to harvest…it is some kind of small grain.  He cuts a pretty straight swath.

Harvesting Peas

The corporate farmer was harvesting peas.

We never go too far and often end up at the neighbors.  It was a beautiful night to sit outside, at their place the skeeters were tolerable compared to ours.  Our dogs all get along real good together.  Chance loves stopping there.

We spent the afternoon woodcarving.  Progress is being made, five Christmas ornaments are completely done!  I need to order boxes for them.  We hope to do five or more every week in the next month or three.

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  1. I am a creature of habit, too. I also pout and sigh when I don't get my walks in. We're alike that way. :-)

  2. It sounds like a peaceful, satisfying routine! I love the pictures of your surroundings!

  3. Ending up at the neighbors for a dog visit was the real Chance treat. ;)

  4. Lovely photos . It is amazing how our dogs get into routines and if that routine is interrupted they show their disapproval don't they ? Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  5. Hi to Chance! Theo loves to ride, also and yes, he has learned to pout!
    When I took Theo out to potty, we saw a doe and fawn here. Theo was quiet, which surprised me. Good for you on the Christmas wood carvings. This spring/summer seem to have gone by fast. Hope you all are feeling well.

  6. We have large herds of deer north of town. It is bluff like and a lot of timber and it is seldom hunted. It may be why a mountain lion was sighted near hear in the past couple of months. The herds live off of the crops and farmers spilled corn. Ounce a few years back a dozen or more were seen in the picked cornfield in early evening. I only see them when I drive through in the winter. Barney's only rides are to the vet. He is due for some shots. Button is barely hanging in there now. Dogs should not get old.

  7. Dogs are much smarter than we think! Especially Chance.

  8. Evening, love the deer pictures and dogs sure know their stuff.Blessings Francine.

  9. I think maybe Chance is not the only one who enjoys those walks and rides.

  10. You guys are definitely busy and how lovely to just wander over and spend time with neighbors. Not much of that happens anymore.

  11. Dogs get into a routine pretty quickly. Thea already knows where I am going when, and gets there before I do- chore time especially.

  12. Lots of rain here this summer but few if any mosquitoes. I'll have to ask Mr. Science how this works...:) I do love the liatris though.


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