Friday, July 8, 2016

Much Needed Rain

It started to rain on Thursday afternoon.  We got about 2 and1/4 inches before supper.  Not sure what we got after our evening walk…the storms keep coming through.  There was hail and strong winds elsewhere but not at our house.


The pretty daisies…the rain was too much for them.


The chokecherries bushes are full of berries.


Chance loves drinking from the mud puddle, if this puddle stays through tomorrow the birds will have a bath in it…they love the puddles too.

That first spring when Chance was a puppy he loved mud puddles, one night they froze over and he couldn’t quite figure it out…what happened to his water…he had a blast hopping around breaking the ice and drinking the water underneath.

We walked Chance between storms, he doesn’t like thunder.  He retreats to the bathroom or hides under the steps…any safe place to den up.

The rain is good for the dry land  farmers, the corn was starting to stress.  Good for our lawn which was starting to go dormant and good for the wildflowers.

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  1. Glad you got some much needed rain. Chance seems to really enjoy drinking from the puddles. We had some yesterday also. Weather was very bad just north of us. Have a great weekend.

  2. We had a hike that was mostly in the rain yesterday, but we hardly ever get those amounts, just nice steady misty rain. Everything here has already started to brown up, but by this time last year we had been dry for way too long! I like the rain, but I don't drink out of puddles like Chance. :-)

  3. I thought about you when I saw the storm areas on the news yesterday. We had less rain yesterday than earlier in the week, but the lawn needed it. I can only imagine a puppy's surprise at a frozen puddle. We had dogs at our house when I was growing up, but none were puppies when I was old enough to remember.

  4. Glad you're alright...there were some heavy duty storms up your way although they sensationalize the weather just like the news nowadays. They been predicting storms here for a week and we got a sprinkle the other day. I's do better with the Farmer's Almanac! LOL!

  5. No rain here, SE Ontario. We're in a drought. I'm happy you have water! We're on a well!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  6. That's a good dump of rain in a short period of time. When it's needed badly you'll take all you can get.

  7. Blistering sun here - add that to 95F and the lawns are going brown overnight...

    Smiles at Chance and his puddle experiences. :)

  8. We had some rain here but it didn't seem like the deluge that you guys got--and no hail that I heard here, either. Some of the grass by the walkway is turning brown. I'm glad I started to put out water for the critters. The ground squirrels, especially, seem to love it.

    I've had dogs that hated thunder, too. Or fireworks--even worse for them! Karma hates sirens and alarms going off. Hates them! Glad we got some rain, though. :)

  9. We are needing rain here badly! I love your land! It's georgous!


  10. I am happy you finally got some rain! We need it to stop here for a bit and let us dry out some!!

  11. Glad you got some rain. We have a wet forecast for this weekend here in Oregon and I'm totally fine with that.

  12. I could see lawns in town that were cut very short that were going dormant. We keep getting rains at night and really am seeing buckets filled up. I still am watering tomatoes. Our thunderstorms are really loud this summer compared to not having very many the past few years. The rains seem to flatten my one variety of lily and the phlox.

  13. Poor Chance! He has plenty of sympathy from our four footed friends, as well. Thunder is not their favorite, either.

    How did Chance do with the fireworks the other day? Those aren't favorites around here, either...

  14. That's a lot of rain in a short amount of time. We seldom get heavy rain like that. We usually have slow rain. We are in a showery mode right now.
    Glad you got a good soaking when it was needed.


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