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Wistful Wednesday : April 17, 1998

Our middle granddaughter was born on this day in 1998, on a Friday.  You know what they say about Friday’s child..loving and giving.  Yes, she is most certainly that!

I didn’t remember it as a Friday. She was labored and delivered in ICU because her Mom had a previous C section and the Doc wanted her there.  Birthing a baby in ICU caused quite a bit of excitement for the patients that were aware..they we all asking about the baby.  She was perfect, I got to cut her umbilical cord and followed her after she was born to the NICU because her Mom could not.

She recently asked me if she could have been switched at birth.  I explained to her that there was no way that could have happened because I was with her when she was away from her Mother and I knew exactly what she looked like.

Maddie Fall of 1998  She had the cutest had a mind of it’s own and stood straight up.  She was such a good baby, and an even better baby when her Mother stopped nursing her…she has some immature tummy problems…that were solved with formula.  She liked to cuddle but when she was ready to go to sleep she liked to be put in her crib and covered with her blankie with the satin edge.  When you would put her down and cover her up she would reward you with a huge smile and swiftly she would be off to sleep.  No fussing..unless she was hungry…when she started to eat real food she loved cooked vegetables..carrots and green beans were her favorite she would stuff them in her mouth with both hands..she still likes her veggies.

Four generations Me, Trica, Savannah and Maddie and Madeline 1998  A four generation photo.  Me, Trica, Savannah holding Madison in one arm and a stuffed animal in the other and my Mother Madeline.  Madison was just a couple of weeks old in this photo. The photo was taken at my parents home on the lake.

Fifteen..just like that she is fifteen. Hard to believe how fast time flies!

She is all caught up with her homework after missing several weeks of school with Mono..she says she feels much better now.  Happy Birthday Maddie!

This is birthday week at their house Trica’s birthday is tomorrow.  When she was laboring with Maddie I suggested that she hold off for another twenty - four hours so she could share her birthday. I think she said “MOTHER are you nuts?”:)

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  1. Happy Birthday to all this week ! Yes they grow fast don't they ? Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. Happy birthday, Madison! Wow, she was really an adorable baby! I love that smiling baby picture. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to Madison and your daughter!

  4. Madison's hair was cute as can be in the baby photo. Happy Birthday to her! Hope your daughter has a lovely birthday tomorrow.

  5. Love the hair! My second, born in '86 had that hair, we even dipped it with a ruler like a snow stick. It stood straight up for two inches before it began to bend over at the very tips. Dirt got in trouble once, not everyone thought it was cute. We put a hat on her in public places to avoid issues. But while entering the store one warm summer day, Dirt felt sorry for her being so hot, so he took her hat off. Even after wearing stocking hats, her hair would still spring right up, thick and dark brown. This time was no exception. Within minutes Dirt was accosted by some old lady, about the age I am now I suppose, "I don't know why you young people insist on doing things like that to your children's hair!" Dirt tried to explain, but the woman would have none of it, she scolded Dirt something fierce and marched off. When I came up to them he nearly through Michelle at me and mumbled something about never carrying her in public again!

    Good to hear the birthday girl is feeling better, mono is no fun! Say happy birthday to the vegetable lover from me.

    1. Tha hair is so cute! My daughter's hair would stand up like that after her bath and I just loved the way it looked.

  6. My comment starts exactly like Lanny's:) Except my second born was a boy, but the year was the same. We called him 'spit-up Spike', the spike part being the hair.
    Happy birthday to cute Madison!

  7. Maddie was a cute baby- Happy Birthday to all!

  8. Happy Birthday to Madison. Such a cute baby! ViMae's hair stood up like that for quite a while, too. I called it "standy-uppy hair."

  9. Happy birthday to Madison. She is beautiful!

  10. Are those teenaged howls of protest I hear? You didn't just post that picture, did you?! ;)

    Madison sounds like she was the perfect baby. And her big sis Savannah looks like she played the role of doting sister quite well, too.

  11. My second daughter (and third child) had hair like that and it was orange on top of it...she was my happiest baby and a Momma's girl. Happy Birthday Madison!


  12. Happy birthday to Madison. I really like the name Madison. Yes they do grow up in a hurry. Quite the story of her birth.
    I wish my Mom had told us more about my birth. I know some really sketchy things but that's all.

  13. That second photograph just shouts out all the things that are good about families - the shared history, the uncompromising love. Lovely.

  14. Ah four generations. That is a special picture...:)


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