Sunday, April 14, 2013


We took the day off yesterday and headed for a train show.


South of us the snow is not as deep..or piled as high.


It was a good train show..I bought a that is not a train..and I bought some signs for Far Guys Train Set.  Far Guy bought a bunch of “stuff”..he says he might qualify as a train hoarder.  We stopped at a few antique shops on the way home to feed my old photograph addiction.  Chance is a good traveller..he likes all the activity and looks out the window most of the time.

He got to play ball when we got home.

Chance is still happy with the snow

Some of the snow melted while we were gone.  We have one inch less than Friday!  Making progress!!  At this rate in 11 days the snow will be gone!!

Eleven inches of snow April 13 at 6 PM

I think a bunny or a squirrel has been out there running around mashing down the snow.

I am certain that I am going just a little snow crazy..I emailed a friend in North Dakota where they are due to get 16 inches of snow and said:

“I just heard you will get 16 inches of snow..I laughed..sorry:)  C”

What are friends for anyway? 

We will honker down for the duration (again) ..sounds like this storm is sticking around for a little while, we are supposed to get 6 plus inches of snow and possibly some freezing rain:(

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lisa said...

I watched the weather report yesterday and heard that west was supposed to get around a foot of snow. The hubbies favorite subject, trains. He has been facebooking alot of trains lately. The hubby has some trains that are packed away.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, what fun, train show and antiquing, great......Love the picture of Chance in the snow, oh no!!! Not more. Hope it misses us, Francine.

Country Gal said...

Oh when will the winter ever stop for you guys ?. Then I wont tell you we have green grass and flowers growing , sunshine and warm spring temps , oops I just did lol sorry ! Hope spring gets there soon . Nice photos . Sounds like a fun time at the train show . Have a good day !

Gail said...

Oh, my, I don't think I could handle the snow and cold. If I ever complain about our small amounts...remind me!

Mary Aalgaard said...

I think my sock puppet Willie Cottonpoly would love this event!
Boo for the snow. This is the longest Winter and the slowest Spring.

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linda m said...

Woke up this morning to a dusting of snow. WE are expecting rain /thunder storms today and tonight . All this followed by rain predicted through Thursday. We are under a flood watch/sever weather also. This bad wether is really starting to get me down. I NEED some sunshine.

Red said...

And the good news is...we had 6 in of snow this week end. this is a lot for us. And you know where it goes after it leaves us. Hang on! You may decide after all to go south next year.

RURAL said...

There was a train show in Kamloops and the first thing I thought of was, I need to tell you, but I guess it would be a bit of a drive.

So sorry about the snow, if it makes you feel any better, we had flurries this morning, and now it's sunny and beautiful...and no, none of it on the ground.


MTWaggin said...

Yeah, making comments like "11 more days and it will be gone" is tempting fate and I'd bet you will indeed get some of this storm or 2 going through!

Lynda said...

I am glad you got to go to the train show. It helps you all get a break from the weather!

Rita said...

Ha! You laugh! I can hardly see out the windows here in Fargo. Surely some of this is headed your way. *she laughs*

Good thing you got out and about before the current storm hit. Tell FarGuy he is not a hoarder. He's a collector. ;)

Should be more snow on the snow stick by Monday night. Stay warm! :)

LindaG said...

Crazy for snow so late, isn't it? They got some lake effect snow in Michigan, too.
Hope you don't get too much snow. Stay warm!

Karen said...

I laughed at you 'honkering' down:)
We've got a few train cars here, a couple in the original boxes I think. I wonder if Far Guy would be interested:) That's quite a price I see on that poultry car!

Lanny said...

hoarding.... How do I politely ask...Is this an older guy thing? I'm very concerned... Dirt is beginning to hoard baler parts and mowers, even looking on Craig's List. Not content with the one he has. It's like an obsession already. We might need a new barn. or two. Unless there is a treatment?