Monday, April 15, 2013

Snowed Out

Snow: softly falling, going sideways, fluffy, wet, mushy, icy, dry, cold, sparkly, fall, fort, storm, watch, warning, sleds, machines, blowers, plows, fence, shovels, skiff, heap, dump, bank, drift, angel, man, flake, boots and balls.. I am tired of them all.  I am snowed out.

Snow again April 14

Lets see..the first snow last Fall/ beginning of Winter fell on  October 5 2012.  HELLO that was SIX months and ten days ago.  I have been a trooper..I don’t like snow, I don’t like to be cold..the only nice thing I can say is that there are no snakes, ticks or mosquitoes the size of small birds.

Chance  at the door

Chance doesn’t even want to be outside in the snowy crap anymore..although that is probably because it was windy.

The little birds were feeding frantically.

Frantic little birds

Far Guy filled all the feeders in the morning and by late afternoon many of the feeders were empty.

The rafter of turkeys visited many times throughout the day..if Chance was inside..they were under the feeders.  The squirrels were obnoxious as usual.  They are starving to death I guess.. they are really getting bold.  This was earlier in the day when it was just spitting snow.

Squirrel and Turkeys

This squirrel could be in the circus..I watch him leap from a tree about six feet away from the feeder.. on the second try he made it.  As you can see the coffee can upside down on the feeder pole doesn’t help.  I hate to trim the tree branch but that may be the only option.  We are going to switch around some feeders and see if that makes a difference.

Oh ya, the snow stick..for all the bad guessers.  It gained again.. another two inches for sure and who knows what it will show in the morning.  I write late at night when it is quiet and I can download the days events.

Snow stick 13 inches

A blog reader from North Dakota is tired of the snow there too..he says  he lives in Snowrth Dakota…close neighbor to Minnesnowda..and the winter that just won’t end:(

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  1. I have been complaining about being cold all Winter. I live in Tacoma,WA. I Know.! There's not even a snowflake here.

    My Mom grew up in N.Dakota. My Dad in Mich. I guess I know why they decided to settle in Seattle.

    I agree... Six months of the white stuff is TOO MUCH.

    I'm snow sorry.

  2. Good grief. Rain Fog Sleet Slush Snert
    Snow Misty Cloudy Dark Salt Dreery
    Twins Septic Ground Frozen Frost Restless Dog
    Raw Windy Chilled Ice Mud Grrrr....:(

  3. Oh Boy, snowing here this morning, when will it end!!!!!........Blessings Francine.

  4. I am so confused by the weather these days. It's still snowing in the Mt. Baker wilderness but not in town. It's been cold enough a few days to snow, and now I'm in southern California, blasted by heat the first two days and freezing yesterday with no sun at all. Weird! That picture of Chance says it all...

  5. Oh man wish spring would show up for you guys this is crazy weather for you ! Here it is warm and sunny spring is here in full force. I will try to send some your way ! Have a good day !

  6. Sure hope Spring shows up one of these days. I am so tired of winter and your picture of Chance and the snow stick said it all. We have had nothing but rain for over a week with rain all this week also. My yard is so wet I can't even walk on it without sinking in up to my ankles. Of course all the rivers are overflowing their banks causing massive flooding everywhere. This surely has been one of the worst winters that I can remember - the massive amounts of snow, massive amounts of rain and no Spring in sight. Here's hoping we all get some relief soon.

  7. All I can say is OH....Connie.

    Maybe someone needs to start a intervention. "Um Mother Nature" we need to talk.


  8. Goodness. 6 months of the white stuff and I'd be insane(r).

  9. So makes me laugh, you live and have lived in Minnesnowda for quite a long time yet hate the snow and .... At least you will not burn down this summer which it appears we will.

  10. I'm so sorry I whined about not being able to mow!

    I would even welcome the ticks if I had had snow for this long.

  11. I just CAN. NOT. IMAGINE. Good thing I didn't marry a Minnesnowdian. I'm tired of snow after a couple of weeks. When the damn stuff does finally melt, you'll be straight into summer.

  12. It's snowing here right now, too - horizontal snow. I keep praying this stuff will turn to rain, but the white stuff continues to fall. It almost makes a person want to run screaming down the street.

  13. I am so very very sorry for your plight, or is that blight, white blight... I will never ever ever again be jealous of your snow. (well until next winter perhaps) I don't think even I, a snow deprived PNWer could stand it, in fact, really, truth be told, I know I could not. But when you finally get spring... boy howdy, oh and then you will have an actual summer - with mosquitoes the size of large birds! Oh wait, that could be a bad thing to be jealous of... Oh dear...

  14. We've really had our share of snow this year. some time later we have to make up for it. Maybe a long spell of pleasant weather. Our forecast is for more snow and you know it will probably go your way when it's finished with us.
    Usually by this time I have a 100 km in my bike.

  15. I just heard someone else say that the first snow was October 5th and winter has been 6 months long. No wonder we are all sick of it. We had over a foot of snow last week.

  16. If you lived at the North Pole, it couldn't be much worse. I am glad you are feeding the birds. Have you ever put out corn or other food for the squirrels? They feast at our house because we have many "nut" trees.

  17. All I can say it that I hope you get relief soon!

  18. Oh gosh - I really hope you get spring soon! I know how you feel with six months of winter - it's far too long!

  19. That's quite a group you have at the feeders there. Very talented squirrel finding a way to get to your feeders.

  20. Chance looks a lot disgusted with the snow in the second shot.

  21. And I thought Spring was late in our neck of the woods.

    Lil Bit Brit


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