Tuesday, April 23, 2013

For the birds

Ya..the weather is still for the birds..but it didn’t snow yesterday…practically a miracle..but then the sun did not shine either.

The Junco’s have arrived.

Juncos are here

In my opinion they come with the spring snow storms.  They are ground feeders and clean up under the feeders.  They are working their way north.

I was out playing ball with you know who..

Who was hiding behind a snow bank.

Chance waiting for me to throw the ball

Silly boy.

I have been stalking a male Red-Bellied Woodpecker who is very camera shy.  Yesterday a female flew in ..a hungry female.

Red Bellied Woodpecker a female

She has a spot of red above her beak and her red hood doesn’t come all the way up her head.


She is a pretty little thing..the male is larger.  Maybe they will stick around and have babies!  They are a bit north of their year round area.  I am pleased as punch to see a pair.

Far Guy moved the turkey feeding area further down along the driveway.  They were starting to come closer to the house and peck on the windows and leave presents on the patio.

One of Chance’s acquaintances a chipmunk returned and took up residence in the woodpile.  Which provides said Border Collie with hours of recreation:)

Snow Stick Report:

Almost 13 inches of snow April 22

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Meggie said...

What a delightful photo of Chance. Woodpeckers are fascinating to watch. I once had a very shy one, too! Every time I had an opportunity to catch him in the camera, he would move to the other side of the tree....

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, how funny, I saw a Junco here yesterday, was so happy to see them back......Love the picture of the female Woodpecker, very nice........Oh that Chance, peeking over the snow bank is to cute.......Blessings Francine.

Gail said...

But I did see some brown ground so there is hope! Hang in there. Just think how moisture fed the ground will be.

Nothing helps does it? It is still too much snow, too darn late in the year!

linda m said...

Such a cute photo of Chance hiding behind the snow bank. I have a male red-bellied woodpecker that comes to my feeder but don't think I've ever seen a female. I know she must be around , just never see her. No rain yesterday - just some sun and temps in the 60's. Today it is raining AGAIN. Have a nice day.

DJan said...

I love that picture of Chance. If he only knew how much he sticks out when surrounded by white! Here's hoping your woodpeckers decide to make their home there. She's a cutie all right. :-)

Country Gal said...

Hope there is no more snow for you guys and what you have there melts ! Lovely photos ! Have a good day !

MTWaggin said...

Slowly but surely the critters are coming back out. I hope your new woodpecker stays too that would be amazing!

Anonymous said...

For some reason, we haven't been getting as many bird visitors to our feeders lately. Maybe a neighbor is putting out better stuff for them.
Hoping your snow starts melting any time now!

Beth said...

I love the pic of Chance peeking his head out of the snow. It is time for the snow to be gone!!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Great shot of Chance :-D. Can't believe all your snow!

L. D. said...

We would take Button with us to Grand Marais and he loved to spend all his time cornering them in the bushes. It was great fun. I hope today is a better day. We are going to freeze again tonight. The woodpeckers are beautiful. I hope they stick around.

Red said...

You have a very attractive wood pecker. I had a Junco the beginning of March as the odd one stays here. The returnees haven't shown up yet.

Pearl said...

Six inches of snow here in Minneapolis yesterday!

Now where is that spring?!


Terry and Linda said...


Fuzzy and I LOVE all sorts of those types of treats. Mom not so much. BUT GOOD FOR CHANCE!!!



Jacqi Stevens said...

Looking pretty bleak and hopeless for that snow stick.

I can't even begin to imagine life still filled with snow, at this late point in the spring! We are almost into air conditioning season...

Linda Reeder said...

The juncos seem to have found a patch of earth to scratch in, but that snow stick is still stuck in snow.

Lanny said...

So when we get to the last date on this year's snow stick guess, are you going to hold a second contest? Just sayin', did anyone pick July?

Anonymous said...

Oh no, that is too much snow for this time of year!!

Love that shot of Chance. And nice bird photos too.