Friday, April 12, 2013

Chance: Looking outside

Hiya!  My turn, my turn!   I get to blog again is pretty boring around here. Far Guy works on his trains all day..Far Side either cleans like a mad woman or works on “Museum stuff.” I don’t like to be left alone downstairs and I hate her museum printer upstairs..I hid under the train table, until Far Guy decided he wanted to play ball.

The big excitement yesterday was a trip to town for supplies that Far Side needed.  Usually she is more organized..but this last museum project kinda snuck up on her. 


It snowed.  Some of the roads were icy.  It was a gray day…no sun..and it was cold.

Back at home.

I wish I was taller..


I can see out the window.

Many squirrels

There is a squirrel up in that feeder on the right..Far Side missed the great photo opportunity.  That squirrel leapt from the tree where the other two are all the way to that feeder.  Later in the day one ran right up the feeder pole.  Far Guy is going to have to come up with some kind of squirrel baffle.  Right now he just opens up the window and hollers or lets me out to patrol.

Turkeys arrive

The turkeys came by to scratch around under the feeders.  We have several groups that come through, a group of eight, a group of thee and if you can call him a solitary skinny turkey that would hardly make a sandwich.

I am not supposed to chase/herd the turkeys.  Surprising them is not the same as chasing..and herding.. well they are difficult to herd because they can fly.

The snow stick gained an inch and a half..seems we are going backwards toward winter again:( Snowsticked gain an inch and a half

Chance April 2 2013


  1. I thought of you all up there in Minnasnowta when I heard the national weather news - more snow! Will winter never end for you?
    It got cold and rainy here again too. Those tulips are slowing down and Tom's new grass seed is rotting instead of sprouting.
    Chance, you make sure those keepers of yours have some fun now and then.

  2. Morning Chance, you are such a lucky boy to have so many creatures out in the yard to watch.....Busy boy, now if only the snow would melt..... Hugs Francine.

  3. Hi Chance ! Miggs here .Oh when will it ever end for you guys ! We have had a few days of spring rains and thunderstorms Country Gals gardens and Papa's lawn are loving it ! I am bored on rainy days and miss my walk . I like chasing critters to . Oh there's one right now gota go watch it , laters !

  4. It's just plain sad. This never ending white stuff. The boss took me hiking a couple time last week. Now forget it. I know he doesn't like ice and snow and we got lots of that again.
    Your friend Baron

  5. Hi Chance, great post. Sure hope it stops snowing for you very soon. We have had a solid week of rain with more expected through next week Wednesday. We are under water and you are under snow. Sure has been a crazy weather year so far. I think Far Guy needs to build you a step so you can see out the window better.

  6. Great post Chance!! Enjoy being out in the snow although I know mom wishes it was all gone. ;-)

  7. It is always nice to hear things from Chance's point of view. Tucker is suggesting that you guys put in a glass French door for Chance - that way he can see and you can forever after clean the nose prints off the glass!

  8. I'm so sorry, your snow looks like it will be around as long as my mud. I only fell once in the mud yesterday and I didn't even have a rat terrier to blame, my boot got stuck. We don't have squirrels, well, that we see, in the summer I hear them but they don't seem to make it to the feeders or any visible spots on the farm. I think they would be fun to watch if not annoying. Good to hear everyone is staying busy in spite of the continual winter weather.

  9. Ooh, maybe I'm not out of the running on the snow game! Sorry... ;-).

  10. This is one nasty April...hopefully things will return to a normal spring for you soon.


  11. Yes, I don't understand why they don't put a chair next to the counter so you can get up on the counter to look out. It is you job, security chief and you would think they wouldn't limit you access to the outside view. Barney has been getting mud and leaves in between his toes right now and his mom and dad just wash up the floor each time. Some of us around here got snow last night but we didn't get much more than the cold wind. I am glad we don't have the turkey problem but we now have a raccoon problem at night. It isn't bad but I don't want him to scratch anybody's face. I hope warm weather comes your way soon.

  12. They need to investigate "pet doors" and a new (to me anyway) "pet windows"... I mean, hey, you should be able to look outside too!

    That turkey looks pretty scrawny.. must be (I'd say 'been' but its not over yet) a tough winter on it too.

  13. Hi Chance, Tell Far Guy we solved squirrels climbing our pole by putting a plastic pipe (the white kind used for drains or something...ours is probably 3-6" in diameter) over the pole. The squirrels cannot climb because they can't get their paws to grab it. Now, the down side, we learned that squirrels will "pee"..can you imagine?...on the pole an eventually it becomes sticky and up they go. The answer...ta da WD40.

  14. Chance, you are my favorite. Blogging dogs are not on every street corner, ya know. :-)

  15. Funny post. The snow just makes me say "Uff da!" Also, it makes me drive slower. Sigh. Summer will be a welcome sight.

    Play off the Page

  16. I think my cat would love you! He herds turkeys, gets into trouble, just chased his sister-cat as he was bored. We've had freezing rain all day and he is a grumpy boy.
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  17. Won't be long and you will be out playing in the nice weather and the snow wil be gone. Won't be no more looking from the inside out!

  18. I think you could give my three dogs some lessons on blogging.
    Can't believe that snow of yours. Miserable, cold and wet here today.

  19. That is a very OLD turkey...see how long his beard is! WOW!~



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