Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chance: sNOw report

Hello!  It is about time..I finally get to blog again!  Didya miss me?

Newsflash: It snowed, it started yesterday in the afternoon.

Far Side said “Lets go sit outside in the snow.” So we did.  Her bench was wet..some of the snow melted..she had to go and get her towel.  She has an old ragged red towel she uses on her bench sometimes. She is not a fan of a wet butt.

She wasn’t real happy..or real warm either.  Usually the birds cheer her up.

Downy Woodpecker on the suet in the snow April 5

The snow fell on me..and it fell on Far Side too.  She mumbled a bunch of words when she got tired of the snow falling on her head and put her hood up..I think she got snow down her neck.  Well I got snow on my neck too!

Chance and snow April 5

We finally went in for our afternoon nap whilst the ground turned white.  Far Guy says we all have cabin fever..could is going to snow this weekend..maybe all weekend. 

Oh well I can always watch squirrel TV..I watch them watching me from the front step…it is anyone’s guess who will run first and fastest! :)


  1. Hi Chance, I haven't seen you blog before; I guess I'm kinda new around here. I think it's nice that you got to sit outside with Far Side and watch the snow together, but I bet you stay warmer when you're running around chasing squirrels or catching a ball. Don't worry, this Winter can't last forever. You've heard that the globe is supposed to be warming, right? I bet you can't wait!

    See ya' again some time.

  2. Morning Chance, yes, I missed you, you handsome fellow........Snowed here too, Chance will Spring ever come???? Enjoy the day, Francine

  3. We got snow too, but it was in the mountains, and we got lots of rain instead. I DID miss you, as a matter of fact. Who wouldn't miss a wonderful blogging border collie like you? :-)

  4. Duke's happy that our snow melted and the weather is trying to be spring-like. He's hoping we don't get any more snow, but he doesn't like it when it's too hot either. Black dogs don't do well in hot weather.
    Hope spring finds your neck of the woods, Chance!

    Laura @ The Sweet Simple Things

  5. We have snow predicted for Tuesday...Mom and Dad are working hard to get to a spot where (if it does snow) it won't set them back.

    Fuzzy and Boomer


  6. Winter just doesn't want to let got this year. I personally don't mind it.. since I missed most of it... but also because we can really use the moisture!

  7. I guess you must be asking yourself when will it end ? Soon I hope ! Here it has been sunny and warmer earlier but now we are to have rain . Mum & dad just got back from shopping so I just finished sniffing all the Yummy food and they got me more treats . ! Now it is time for my nap as I like to serenade the neighborhood when they are gone gets tiring that does . Have a good nap I know I will . From your blog friend Miggs

  8. Chance, I am glad that you keep a sharp eye on FarSide and FarGuy. It must be hard to be contained in the house for such a long time. Take heart, the snow will melt soon, and you will be able to take long walks, play ball in the yard, swim in the lakes, and go on road trips with FarSide and FarGuy where you can open the window to feel the wind on your face.

  9. Good to see a post from you Chance. I am hoping for warm sunny days for you that will melt all of the snow.

  10. Cabin fever is exactly right. We make it worse by staying in and waiting for better weather.I can't believe you're getting more snow. Do you have a prize for the biggest wrongest idiot on the snow prediction?

  11. This is the first time I've seen you post Chance. Did you get much snow today? I sure hope it melts soon. More fun to chase squirrels on the grass than through the snow.

  12. Well, here's to spring, when it finally decides to swing by your way...Hopefully soon.


  13. You look delightful in the snow! Poor Far Side - guess she's getting mighty fed up!

    It is supposed to snow here again too - but at the moment, it's just cold and sunny. But nice.

  14. Well Chance, just so you know, I'm praying for a massive heat wave to sweep over your yard today and melt all the snow. Knowing, or assuming is more like it, that that a regional heat wave could cause a huge mess I am making sure to pray that the heat wave is only in your yard where the stick is. But aside from my personal selfishness, I sure hope the snow goes away soon, very soon. You seem more weather resilient than Far Side but if she is happy you are happier, yes?


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