Friday, April 5, 2013

Lake Reports

Ice out will be late this year.  Most of the time the ice goes out of area lakes about April 18th.  The ice goes out and the loons show up about the same time. Our daughter Trica’s birthday is April 18, more often than not the ice was out of area lakes by her birthday.

Not so much this year..although it could rain.. snow is forecast for the weekend..oh joy.

Straight Lake April 3 2013

The public access on Straight Lake on April 3 2013.

This year Park Rapids has the honor/headache of hosting the Governor’s Fishing Opener.  GFO for short.  That is a big deal here in Minnesota.  Along with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor comes their entourage and press and lots of free publicity for the area.

Just because I did not vote for the Governor doesn’t mean a thing.  I sent out an invitation to him for Egg Coffee and Cookies during the open house at the museum from 1-4 on the day prior to the opener.  The Museum could get some great exposure. ( Providing that I get the big mess we left it in last fall all cleaned up..remember we painted inside the museum well into October.)

Bass Lake

Bass Lake April 4 2013

I had a thought.  What if the ice is not off the lakes for opening fishing?  Will they give him waders instead of a boat?

Shell Lake two

Shell Lake April 4 2013

Of course he will not be fishing these lakes..but the Fish Hook Chain of lakes.. I bet they look just as frozen as these lakes.

An eagle landed in our yard..Far Guy thinks he/she was after a rabbit or squirrel..Chance barked and scared him off.  Good thing Little Elvis is not visiting.  I see the eagles flying back and forth to the lake..probably feeding on fish carcasses that were thrown out on the ice during the winter.  Eagles are not above snatching your cat or a small dog..everything is fair game to seems like there are more eagles this more small pets will be sacrificed:(

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  1. Morning, to funny, waders instead of a boat.....Lots of Eagles here too, have to watch my little girl, sure don`t want her to be snatched......Blessings Francine.

  2. We have very little ice left on any water. Say some flowers starting to poke their heads out so maybe Spring is finally on it's way.

  3. I remember a web cam that showed an eagle nest, and when they cleaned it out there were dozens of little collars from pets in it. Never felt quite the same about them ever since. :-)

  4. I've noticed here that the eagles are very vigilant, and most likely there are a few pets that have disappeared from around here. Or a guinnea fowl...chicken...sigh, always feathers showing up here on our lawn.

    Frozen lakes...that's a real harsh winter you have this year. I can only send warming wishes for you.


  5. The ice does make it harder for the eagles I assume. Our nesting pair that was broadcast live the past two years, decided to move to another section of the tree. They were tired of the people watching them. I see we now have an eagles nest down on Gray's Lake, downtown Des Moines. I am certain there are going to be too many of them in a few more years.
    I was never in Minnesota when the ice went out but I always heard the stories about it.

  6. I cant believe you still have snow and ice there that's so late in the season isn't it ? I hope the snow passes you by ! Our snow is done and all gone the sun shines but the winds still hold the chill in them rain is on the way for us Sunday! Lovely photos ! We see the odd Eagle here to but mostly have large Hawks that will pray on cats and small dogs in the area ! Thanks for sharing . Love your header photos ! Have a good day !

  7. Here's hoping you get a big crowd of willing workers to volunteer to help clean up the mess after the last big crowd of volunteers ;)

  8. Wow can't believe how frozen you still are and yet I look up at our mountains to the south and already see bare patches which on normal years we don't see till July.

  9. Our snow is all gone now and the temperature is starting to moderate. I think spring has arrived in central Illinois. I hope your ice and snow is gone soon.

  10. We'll have ice out a little before you. Happy to say most of the snow disappeared from our lawn yesterday. May we all be seeing spring very, very soon now!

  11. WAY TO GO CHANCE!!!!

    I bark at owls!


    I bark at everything!



  12. Ice could be out late this year. However, I am a hopeless optimistic. One good hot spell and it's gone. Our river broke up last week.

  13. Sad about the small animals. We always worried about Harriet and Kaboodle being outside at the old house.
    We had a very cold/windy/rainy day Thurs. but our weather is improving.
    Take care and have a good weekend.
    I'll be anxious to hear about the Governor!

  14. Lake drivin' and fishin' has always amazed me. Like, how do you know it's safe and when it's not anymore.

    I had an eagle fly over today when I was cleanin' out some flower beds.

    Hopin' spring flies your way soon.

    Have a blessed weekend sweetie!

  15. Oh, I'd love to see an eagle in the wild!

    I walked on our lake yesterday... Still, the sun is shining and the birds singing, so it feels as if it's going in the right direction. I expect spring will get here in May this year.

  16. Pet cats, barn cats, favorite ducks, best looking drakes, sweet little garden chickens, and even fuzzy darling lambs in the pasture, eagles are not picky. One even flew right at Dirt in a very menacing manner, crazy. Because of the ducks and lambs being such easy targets here at the farm, we have never lost a dog, but we worry about Miss Brighty, she loves to run after the big birds. One of her jobs is to keep the Canada geese from eating the entire pasture and so she thinks running after the hated eagles is also her job.

    You are waiting for ice out, I'm waiting for water out. Our spring has arrived. We were having summer there for a while, I was in mud free heaven. But real spring, (PNW spring is really three more months of our winter so we still could get snow) has arrived with a vengeance this last week and especially yesterday. So it is out to knock a hole in the beaver dam lest they succeed in flooding the highway and the housing developments and wiping people off their land. I would help them in their endeavor, but I think I'm one of the people they would like to float on outta here.

    Hope the Governor makes it to the museum and brings you much press!


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