Saturday, April 20, 2013

Life at the river

We went for a ride shortly before sunset last night.  Chance is ever vigilant looking out his window..for him one last game of ball after supper and a ride cap off a perfect day.

It didn’t snow yesterday!!

Dead Beaver area is just about two miles from our house and it is a favorite area of ours.  I named it Dead Beaver Area the year that we saw a beaver struggling and then dying in a trap.

The beavers are alive and well this year..

Beavers work area

This is their work area.

Ducks taking off

These ducks took off.

Ducks in the air

Not perfect photographs..but at least they are not total blurs.


Some kind of water fowl taking off and a Bufflehead Duck in the lower right corner.

As you can see we still have plenty of snow.  The sun was out all day long but it looked warmer than it was. My parents came out for lunch.  I worked on some wood carvings, Far Guy made a couple of woodcarving knives.  We just putzed the whole day away.

Swans on the river

A pair of Swans came down the river.  We drove around some of the back roads and came home just as the sun was setting.  It sets way North now..since we still have snow it doesn’t seem right..but it is what it is. 


No field work being done yet.  I am sure the farmers are just as anxious as everyone else to have spring.  I hope you have spring where you live..enjoy it for me too! :)

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  1. It WILL come, I promise. It certainly is taking its sweet time in your part of the country, though. It's mid-April, for heaven's sake!

  2. It should arrive any day now!
    We reached 76 on Thursday here. Today it will stay in the 30s. What a cruel joke.

  3. No spring here yet. Cold and a hard freeze over night.

  4. Morning, how sad for the beaver and how you came up with the name......But beautiful river with the ducks and Swans ......great to see living and breathing wildlife.......Slowly warming up here too, Blessings Francine.

  5. I keep thinking that maybe the weather will suddenly turn, and make up for this extended stay.


  6. Spring hasn't arrived here yet, but the snow in the the valley has mostly melted.

  7. We have some lovely sunny weather coming this week. I'll be thinking of you and melting snow.

  8. I guess very cold and green is better that what you are having. I noticed daffodils taking a big hit from the freezing last night. I saw them at school all bloomed out and now drooped to the grown looking hopeless. We will have nothing falling from the sky today and maybe 51 degrees in the city.

  9. I'm not a big fan of spring. Our springs have never really amounted to much, I always say things like, "oh looky, spring is here, same weather as winter but ten times the work". But oh dear, you have it bad!

    Poor beaver. I must admit to conflicted feelings when our place gets over populated and the Fish and Wildlife rangers come out and trap the extras. For the water flooding issue I'm willing to just battle back and forth with them, like a silly feud between neighbors, but then they just get so destructive, there isn't enough chainlink fence chunks to wrap around tree trunks.

    The swans are beautiful.

  10. I'm sure the farmers are nervous and anxious...the growing season is just so long and it requires time to get things in the ground first (as you well know). What a year this has been. :(


  11. Most of our snow is gone so I hope yours goes this week too. we had a nice week, but we have a long way to go. Things will warm up quickly. You had a very productive evening for photos.

  12. Sheesh, now they're worried about ice on the lakes for the fishing opener. (Not sure how serious they are, but it has come up.) What did we do to deserve this?

  13. We went to the A&W drive in for lunch today. That's gotta be a sign of spring...:)

  14. We still have ice on our lake, but it's mainly disappeared from the ground although we have a small heap in our garden.

    Seems strange to see your lovely light over the snow. Sending you spring soon, I hope!


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