Sunday, September 2, 2012

Painting with light

Jen, Andy and the boys are here.  Jen is learning all kinds of things about her new camera.


Far Guy made these two hearts for me..all together now ahhh isn’t that sweet!  The exposure time is 25 seconds so he made one heart then stepped over and made another.

All four of us got involved. We used plain old flashlights.  The camera is set on manual and manual focus and on a tripod.


Andy, me, Far Guy and Jen

As you can see I have much to learn..I was holding my flashlight in the air pointing upward.  Far Guy was trying to make a cross. The ghostly figures toward our feet are the dogs moving around.

I got one shot of the blue moon…since it was one day it still a blue moon?


I am still practicing with the new camera..Jen and I are going to escape in October and take some private photography lessons up on the North Shore.  I am sure I will need an extra battery..and  more UV filters.   I had one UV filter that I was using with all my lenses..switching it back and forth ..and managed to lose it someplace.  I am still reading the manual:)


  1. Now that's cool! I love the pretty hearts painted with light. There's a lot to learn with any new technology.

  2. I cracked up at the dogs. Of course, they have to be part of it, too, right?!
    If your camera manual is anything like our manual for the TV on the motor home.... good luck! Hmm, maybe if I read the Spanish part of the manual it would make more sense!

  3. What a fun technique.

    Love the tag "new old lady camera" at the bottom of your post-- what a hoot!

  4. This is great that you are enjoying your new camera. I think camera lessons would be worthwhile.

  5. Neat photos and I love the doggie ghosts! That will be fun to attend the classes.

  6. I had a famous Irish photographer (Dave McKane) tell us: Don't read the manual straight through. Just look up what you want to know at that moment.
    Most manuals not written by native English speakers. marlu

    1. I thought I was the only person who just looked in the manual for what I needed.

  7. It can be a blue moon any time you want it to be a blue moon. You'll have fun at camera camp. Your light show was fun. Manuals and me rarely speak the same language; & when I do...I forget it! Had to stop my new car the other day because I couldn't find the cruise control.

  8. Great fun to take shots like these. You learn a whole lot doing things like this. I'll bet there wa a lot of laughter when posing for these.

  9. Those look like fun! You will have so much fun at the classes, can't wait to see what you learn!

  10. Good for you, experimenting like this and getting everyone in on it. That's what makes the manual come alive.

  11. Very cool. And it looks like a fun hobby!

  12. What a fancy camera! I love the hearts---awwww!
    Your moon shot is gorgeous! I say it counts.
    The classes sound like an adventure! Take pictures with your fancy camera while you are there. ;)

  13. Interesting photography concept for sure. I really enjoyed you previous post. What a find! Lucky you and the museum

  14. Now go and break down, and get filters for all of those expensive lens. Filters in the end are so much cheaper then buying a new lens...believe me.

    I love the painting light shots, have to give that a try someday.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  15. Awwww - love those hearts!

  16. I'm going to show Tom your flashlight photos. They are special. Neither of us ever thought about doing such a thing. So glad I found your blog.


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