Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chance: Company

Hello it’s me Chance the most handsome blogging Border Collie in Minnesota.

I had company..the beautiful Hermione (Miney) and Little Elvis.

Friends to play ball with.  I am polite and let Miney get the ball.

Miney and Elvis

I would let them use my pool..but neither of them like water as much as I do.


Miney is so beautiful, I love her so much..she and I have been friends for seven years now. IMG_0740

Little Elvis is a pain in the leg sometimes.  I was barking whilst Far Guy dug a hole..Little Elvis would nip me in the leg and I would sit down on top of him.  He is just a little guy with a big attitude.

My flag is flying again.


That is a photograph of me, my sister had it turned into a flag for Far Side.  Not every dog can be a flag:)


  1. Looks like you had fun with your friends Chance ! Lovely photos and you on that flag ? Wonderful , that's a great idea , I wonder if Miggy would like her photo to be on my flag ? Have a good day handsome boy !

  2. :) You are a handsome and gallant gent, Chance!

    I like your flag!

  3. Of course your flag has you in the water, Chance. You are definitely a water dog! Your girlfriend is sure cute, and Little Elvis better watch himself! You are the best blogging doggie in the world!

  4. Chance, you are a true gentleman! And so polite. Your girlfriend is a real beauty. Love your posts.

  5. Chance, what a treat to have your own flag! Your sister is very clever and a super gift thinker-upper, and she chose a perfect picture, too.

  6. Long may you wave, Chance!

  7. I was trying to figure your flag out, and then I enlarged it, and the light bulb came on:) You are an important dog to have your own flag!
    And I laughed at the little Elvis story.

  8. Ah Chance, you are very handsome, and yes the others are lovely as well.

    Also very well behaved.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  9. I love this post from you Chance. Your flag is very nice!

  10. I had to laugh that you sat on Little Elvis! Miney is really beautiful.

    I had to enlarge the flag, too, to see you were standing in the water. I like your flag.

    I hope FarGuy doesn't mind you barking at him while he trying to work. He's probably used to it, I suppose--LOL!

    May your pool always be filled and there be critters to chase out of the yard. Have a great summer, Chance!

  11. I love Chance's flag. That is special. I know you love the company, Chance.

  12. Well of course you should have a flag for your kingdom!

  13. Yes, dogs have their own way of socializing. funny how there' a dominant and submissive.

  14. It's so much fun to read Blog posts written by Chance. He has an interesting POV. I'm thinking that Elvis was trying to reprimand Chance for making so much noise! We babysat a Sheltie once, who figured out the 'house rules' and would get after one of our Golden Retrievers when he did something that was against the rules!
    Love the flag!

  15. I think it's funny you sit on Little Elvis! You would think that would stop him from nipping! We have to agree that Miney is very beautiful. I am so glad you have company that you enjoy so immensely. Good friends are definitely a gift from God!

  16. Haha.
    What a great day.
    Have a wonderful week! :o)

  17. You are right Chance. Miney is beautiful and not every dog has their own flag.

  18. Man, Fuzzy and I BOTH want to be on a flag!

    That is really cool!



  19. You have your very own flag - how awesome is that!


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