Saturday, September 1, 2012

Great Minds Think Alike

I am still pinching myself.  I was so lucky.  One day at the Museum I was so busy getting ready for the garage sale..marking “stuff”..and polishing silver.  I barely heard the two enter the museum.

You might know how it is, a feeling that someone or something pleasant is about to happen.  The old gentleman walked with a walking stick, along with him was his grandson..a lanky towheaded youngster.  I welcomed them and in turn I was greeted warmly..

You all know how much I respect and admire the writings of Aldo Leopold.  I have always said it is too bad he died before I was born..because he is one man that I would have enjoyed meeting. 

I am not sure..but I think that if I had met Leopold before I read him..that I would have liked him as a person first and then as a writer.  He would have been one of those friends who you could glean information from by osmosis.  He would just ooze conservation ethics and love for the land.

Jim is the older man with the cane.  A kindred spirit. His eyes sparkled when I mentioned Aldo Leopold.  He said “There are few men who I believe are real Saints and Leopold is one.”  I knew right then and there that we were going to be friends.

We have talked.  We had a formal meeting of the minds.  He is my newest member and my newest volunteer.  He is going to help me with the newsletter.  He is going to write a newspaper column for the Historical Museum twice a month!  He is going to help me label all the firearms..he is a certified weapons appraiser.   We discussed volunteerism, membership and my vision for the museum.  He is a “Go Getter.”

He is an author and he gave me a signed copy of his book.  Kayaking A Moonbeam  .. Up North Balm For the Modern Overloaded Mind. I have not yet read it all..but from what I have read..he could be related to Aldo Leopold.

I still cannot believe it.  One of the local newspaper reporters will interview him next week and do a feature article on him before his first column runs.  He will write mainly history articles for the museum.  He is an expert on the Minnesota Fur Trade.  This is just exactly the shot in the arm I needed to perk me up..someone to take on a project..someone to bring the museum to the attention of a different readership.

Jim and his wife have just recently moved from Becker County to Hubbard County, he was very active in The Big Sugar Bush Lake Association and is a Friend of Tamarac Wildlife Refuge.  He is not a grant writer..but he indicated that perhaps he would know of some different places to look for funding.  I am pleased as punch:)Bennett Typewriter

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  1. How very exciting, Connie. This all sounds wonderful for both you and the museum!

  2. Oh wow, your's and the museum's lucky day,. Sounds like a win-win situation.

  3. WaHoo, I knew eventually the right person to help you would walk through that door! The two of you are going to be a force to be reckoned with, and the museum board won't know what hit them. Keep up the good work, Connie.

  4. Good for all your hard work and the people of your county.

  5. Ahh, good things come to those who wait!
    I can feel the excitement right along with you:)

  6. I so wish I lived nearer to you -- I'd love being a part of all you're doing!! Pure serendipity finding Jim!!

  7. What a great find! Your whole program will be energized, I expect.

  8. It is so great to meet people who you know are going to be good friends. What an asset to you history world with his knowledge of many things.

  9. This is such wonderfully great news! I am happy for you and the museum.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Yes, you are right: sounds like just the "shot in the arm" you needed! Looking forward to hearing more as this all unfolds!

  11. How wonderful for both you and the museum! People like him (and you, of course) are a treasure!

  12. There are moments, and there are those who we are meant to have in our it what you like, it was meant to be.

    Sounds like a new breath of fresh air is coming in on the Fall leaves, along with your effort, this is great news.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  13. Some days we get lucky! These people c an make you look good. I find thee guys just fascinating to listen to. This guy seems to be talented in several areas.

  14. Now that is just proof that what you put out to the universe comes back to you. Sweet!!

    What an awesome typewriter!! I am intrigued! :)

    20 days and not counting as loud. ;)

  15. This sounds very promising! And anything that makes you so glad makes ME happy, too! :-)

  16. How nice that Jim has come into your life!!!! This will make going to work more enjoyable for you! When was this little (portable) typedwrite in use? The keyboard is different!


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