Friday, September 28, 2012

Free at last

Free, free at more alarm clocks, makeup and being sugary sweet when I answer the phone.  Ha!

I am looking forward to some jammie mornings out on the patio watching the birds before it gets so cold I need a parka.

I took some photos in town last night.  It was a pretty evening after a warmish day of 72 F.

Foot Bridge two 

The foot bridge.  It is not called the Red Bridge except by the “newbies” who don’t know a thing.  I noticed one of the newbies put up a sign that said “Red Bride Park”..we are not even going there.  Far Guy has threatened to begin a campaign to paint it blue or orange or yellow any color but red.  To the tried and true kids from Park Rapids..there is only one Red Bridge and this is not it.  “Our” Red Bridge is only a memory.

Fishook River along the north East shore

The North East shore of the river..all decked out in it’s autumnal finery.


The old railroad can hardly tell where the train went through town anymore..but this old bridge tells the story of those old tracks.

Fishook River

Looking north along the Fish Hook River.  It is that time of year when the evening light fades fast.

I am looking forward to some serious camera time in the next few weeks:)

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  1. Very happy for you and your "jammy mornings". I know how you feel about answering the phone. After all the years of being nice on the phone I love to now just hang up on certain phone calls :) Your Fall pictures are beautiful - enjoy.

  2. You made it! Enjoy.

  3. Nice picture of the foot bridge, reflecting the in water. Congratulations on being Free At Last! :-)

  4. The pictures are AMAZING and hope you enjoy your jammie mornings!

  5. What gorgeous shots - so peaceful and utterly amazing.

  6. I am looking forward to seeing what you see in your camera! Nice shots in town!

  7. Yay!!!!! Can I call you on the phone just to hear your not-sugary sweet voice? Would you please answer with a, "Ya, wadda ya want?"! I would love it.

    Your photos are delightful, I'm so glad all the color hung in there for you, and it looks like you should get many more photo shoots of color in before it is all done.

  8. Yay!!!! Free at last to go shopping for more old photos!! :)

  9. Beautiful photos!! Enjoy your time away!!

  10. Gorgeous photographs. And lovely bridges.

  11. Wahooooooooooo you're free to be you!! Great shots, and I just know we will be able to enjoy the Minnesota fall with you!!! Have a great weekend!

  12. Nothing like coffee on the deck in the morning. I hope you have several days to unwind and enjoy before colder temperatures require a parka.

  13. I tried to post this... this morning at 6:53 but it wouldn't let me. This IS the Red Bridge...and I am 37. Or is this the same argument that the Mill pond is?

    1. It is the foot bridge painted red. It is not the real "Red Bridge of the 1960's. it was wooden and not red and in a different location..down on the river by Crocus Hill:)

  14. What beautiful photos! You live in a fairy-tale world!


  15. Whatever you call it, the color of that bridge sure adds a kick to the photo. Enjoy your jammie days!

  16. You have already had some serious camera time! These photos are just beautiful...looking forward to more.

  17. Yay for 'retirement'!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

  18. Awesome evening pictures!
    You'll miss all the action of the museum!

  19. Ta da! Welcome to October!

    I'm with alwaysbackroads: I don't care what you call it, that red br--oops--thing makes a great picture.

  20. God bless jammy mornings...even if you have to throw on a parka--LOL! Shouldn't be too bad for a few days, anyways. Has warmed up a bit...just for you and Chance to bird watch. ;)
    Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Love your photos!!

  21. Hooray for you as you celebrate freedom! I love the photos, especially the footbridge. I see a new greeting card in your future, perhaps. Do enjoy those leisurely mornings and your camera time.

  22. So were the last few moments as awesome as you thought they might be? Finally free, it's a good thing, a good feeling.

    I love the shots that you took, the reflection in the water, the way the color of the trees glows....

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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