Friday, September 21, 2012

Snow Daze

It will snow one of these days.

Would you like to guess when it will snow in North Central Minnesota?  Would you like to guess when it will snow in the Okanagan area of British Columbia?  Do you like notecards? ( Mostly with flowers on them?)
If so leave me a guess.. the date ..and then morning, afternoon, evening or overnight. The person with the closest correct guess without going over will win!!
Then head on over to Jen’s  Muddy Boot Dreams.  Jen moved to the Okanagan last December.  She is anxiously awaiting that first snowfall…so enter a guess at her place too!  Take it from me a trip by her place is a treat for your eyes..she takes beautiful photographs!
Chance January 21 2011
Here in Minnesota we are not so anxiously waiting.  I wonder who will have the first snowfall?  I hope it is Jen…I wish her lots and lots of snow:)
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Guesses so far:
Oct 11 Rita
Oct 13 Morning Blissed Out Grandma
Oct 14 to 15 Overnight Geri W. (my cousin)
Oct 19 to 20 Overnight Mo and Steve
Oct 21 5 PM  mary s @ momandad00
Oct 22 Geraldine
Oct 25  Afternoon Karen
Oct 25 Evening Muffys Marks
Oct 27  7:45 AM Muffie
October 27 Evening Lisa from Area Voices Blog
Oct 28 to 29 Overnight Shirley
Oct 30 Muddy Boot Dreams
Oct 30 Country Gal
Oct 31 linda m
Oct 31 evening MJM from Area Voices Blog
Nov 1 to 2 Overnight DJan
Nov 3 Crafty Gardener
Nov 4 to 5 Overnight Judy Area Voices Blog
Nov 6 Afternoon Stephanie
Nov 7 Ann Area Voices Blog
Nov 7 to 8 Overnight Lanny
Nov 8 early afternoon marlu
Nov 9 to 10 overnight Cathy Monroe
Nov 15 Nancy
Nov 17 Kathy
Nov 17 Maple Lane
Nov 21 evening Susan R. Area Voices Blog


  1. My guess would be November 9, overnight. Then, I hope you send it east.

  2. October 19th overnight into October 20th :)
    Lovely photo's!

  3. I would guess October 30th for a sprinkle of snow ! In BC could be anytime as I live in Canada and our snow can fly any time ! All though parts of BC right now are still having a hot summer ! Have a good day !

  4. Hmmm. Well, I guess it might be November 2, waking up to a nice dusting of snow that fell during the night of November 1.

  5. I am hoping the snow holds off for a while. But with the way the weather has been lately I'll say October 31.

  6. Over nighton the 14 to 15th of Oct. Geri W.

  7. Well, thank you Far Side, lol, and hey I wish you lots, and lots of snow too. Giggle.

    Love that photo of Chance, he's so handsome.

    And I am wishing you many opportunities to get those photos of Chance in the snow this winter, maybe starting oh around October 30th.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. Now I'm not sure if you are talking about the first snow to stick, or just fall out of the sky. I'm predicting Oct 25th, afternoon.
    Even here we've had snow come down before Halloween, but not for a lot of years now.
    I think Jen at MBD lives in a wetter part of the Okanagan than where we are possibly retiring to.

    1. Just the first snow to fall out of the sky..long enough to get a photo! :)

  9. November 15th

    I am praying for snow to douse the forest fires in the area. I am so over the smoke that hangs in the air and making everything smell like a campfire.

  10. I say overnight on October the 28th, just in time for the full moon! Don't you love how clean border collies look in the winter (sighs and looks at muddy Tess!)

  11. I guess Nov. 17. And I can't believe Georgia was not included in this game!!!!!!! ha
    Such a gorgeous photo of Chance at the end of your post.
    You guys have a nice weekend.

  12. October 13, morning. I can practically feel it now!

  13. I think I'll beat you with the snow. That's all I'll predict!

  14. Oh my, I just put out my pumpkins, and you want me to guess the first snowfall. Well, I'm in!!! October 25th in the evening,. P.S. I missed your birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday a day late, hope it was a good one!!!

  15. I am with you on that "not so anxiously" waiting for snow! I'm so out of touch with what it is like to have a first snowfall that I'll defer to all the experts above. :D

  16. Oct 21st at about 5 whee, Okanagon about Oct 15, 4 whee from mary s. at - we are to get a lot I can feel it with summer hanging on we will be buried and no power for a while, it always happens that way, people are forced to be inside with no power, I am already ready, lots of food ready to eat, some water, drinks and cat food, lots of warm blankets, warm layers for heat, gloves, hats and scarves..I don't mind I have nice lamps that will cast a light, we are gearing up, snow we don't get that much when it does drop, the ice follows, power goes out and we live like many did coming to the pacific northwest hundreds of years ago and they never complained, their fireplaces sustained them with whatever fuel they used they were not unhappy...just saying mary s. from!!!

  17. I'm thinking we'll have visible flakes on October 11th. Nothing will stay on the ground, though...I hope. ;)
    Chance looks so handsome against the snowbanks! :)

  18. I'm guessing Oct. 22nd.

    Nice blog you have!

    Happy Week, G

  19. October 27th @ 7:45 A.M.
    P.S. Keep it out there whenever it arrives!!

  20. November 21 Susan R. believes measurable snow of at least a inch. in the evening.

  21. Okay, I'm taking this serious. So knowing that in the PNW we are going to be effected by El Nino and it will be dry and warm, I wondered what if any the effect in Minnesota is from El Nino. You are supposed to also be warmer and dryer than normal, except in past El Nino events you run fairly normal. But I personally am hoping to really be effected by El Nino and last year not during an El Nino event you had less snow than normal at least at the beginning right? But then you are just asking for first snow, not necessarily the snow that stays or dumps a lot.

    Well here goes, oh and I see I am weighing in very late on this, not many spots left and of course none of the dates I was aiming for soooo...... November 7-8 overnight.


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