Monday, September 24, 2012

The Last Week

Far Guy had another injection last week.  The anesthetist takes a needle and injects a local anesthetic and a steroid into his face, just under his ear.  The injection is to calm the Trigeminal Nerve which in turn halts the false pain signals that the nerve transmits.

Here is my record of the injections so far.

May 14, 2012  Injection: the pain was held at bay for 7 days.

June 28, 2012  Injection: The pain became worse.

July 5, 2012  Injection:  Pain free for six weeks.

September 20, 2012 Injection:  So far so good. 

We are hopeful that this time it last for months…or years.  This is the only procedure that the Neurologist would advise for the Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia that Far Guy has endured for almost four years.


The Gaillardia is still blooming and the big old bees are sluggish.  It has turned cold..and the Fireplace is on to warm us up in the morning.

We spent Sunday afternoon with good friends.  We had a lovely salad and steak lunch at their lake place…it was delicious! It was too cold and windy to go out on the lake..but the view was great! It was so good to get away and just download for a little while.

Mike and Susans

This is my (our) last week at the museum. It closes September 29. The building has no heat and this is Minnesota. Our program this week is “Our Take On Antiques Roadshow.” I have a volunteer recognition luncheon this week and two Boy Scout groups coming after school for tours. It will be a busy week.  Five days and counting:)

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I am praying that this latest injection will keep Far Guy's pain away. I know it has been a difficult journey for you both.
Steak and a salad with friends by the lake sounds good to me. The photo is so pretty. All the best this last week at the museum. Love to you both and so happy to hear this update on Far Guy.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping for a long period free of pain for Far Guy.

It's cold here too!

Muffy's Marks said...

Here's hoping this injection does the trick. Enjoy the beautiful fall days...and your soon to be retirement!

linda m said...

I sure hope this injection works for Far Guy. I live with daily pain and so speaking from experience - it isn't any fun. I will keep him in my prayers and send healing energy his way.

DJan said...

I am joining the chorus of those hoping Far Guy will stay pain free for a long period of time. It's awful being in pain, and he is such a trooper, never letting it get him down. Of course he has a good support system (you). :-)

MTWaggin said...

You DO have a busy week! Bet you are relieved it is coming to an end? I can't wait to see all the fun stuff you do when you aren't tied to the museum. Hope the shot works well for Far Guy, that has to be miserable and once again I am thankful for the health I have.

Nancy said...

Here's to a good week and an extended pain-free time for FarGuy.

Muffie said...

Hope that Far Guy gets some relief! Glad your time at work is winding down, and you'll have some time to relax. Enjoy the beautiful fall landscapes.

Lynda said...

Hooray for only five days left!!!
Praying that Far Guy has long-lasting relief.
Don't you just love the brilliant blue clarity of the skies at this time of year?!!

Tattered and Lost said...
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Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I hope Far Guy has a whole lot of pain relief for a good long time, and that you sail through this last week at the museum.

Jacqi Stevens said...

Well, if I were in Far Guy's situation, I'd be ordering the multi-year injection, too! But if they don't give any of those, stick with the July 5 injection. Those others didn't sound too impressive ;)

Red said...

Funny how these jobs take ownership of us. I'll bet you're back next year.

RURAL said...

I so hope that this is the lucky break for Far Guy, and this shot lasts, and lasts.

What a beautiful shot of the bee, and the gallardia. Reminds me to get some for next year, they must be hardy if they grow at your place.

We are still very warm here, high upper 20's....ahem, so how's the snow fall coming

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Rita said...

I hope this shot works for a really long time--for life! :)
So glad this is your last week. It must be so cold in there in the mornings when it's down in the 30s at night!!! Time to close it up! ;)